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Get Inspired with These 21 Stunning Aerial Photography Images

We’re soaring, flying, there’s not a view on Earth that we can’t reach. It’s hard to imagine a better way to break free from everything than seeing the world from hundreds of meters above the ground. Whether you’re on a helicopter, browsing your favorite creator’s photography website, or piloting your very own drone, there’s a whole new world waiting for you.

Over the last few years, aerial photography has skyrocketed as one of the hottest trends in the field. Rapidly evolving technologies and accessible equipment now allow photographers to capture scenes previously reserved to a few chosen ones. As the entry barrier becomes lower, the range genres and styles shot from the air grows exponentially. These seven Wix photographers perfectly represent how artists are using aerial photography to expand the horizons of their work while maintaining their individual style.

Boldly be a pop of color

Max Loew is a self-taught photographer who started developing his work just two years ago. However, he has reached such an incredible level of creativity you’ll find it hard to believe he hasn’t been shooting pictures for decades.

Max is also a great example of how a photographer can partner with brands. He manages to seamlessly feature products such as smartphones and watches on his images without clashing with the overall style and feel of his portfolio.

san francisco sunset aerial view

lake and island aerial view

city sunset aerial view

There’s many sides to every story

There’s a famous quote by Horace which reads: “Nothing’s beautiful from every point of view.” However, one may argue that it is possible to find beauty in every scene. David Maxey’s photos of Lake Ontario prove exactly that. He has captured this lake in diverse occasions, with each image offering a brand new perspective of the same subject.

David uses the Wix Art Store as the main gallery of his photography website, which allows him to showcase his work at the same time he offers visitors the option to get digital or printed copies of his work.

aerial view of people walking on lake ontario

lake ontario shore aerial view

lake ontario piers aerial view

Good composition is like a suspension bridge

Leica photographer Nikk La captures outstanding urban compositions that will make you realize just how small we are. In order to shoot in no-fly zones, where drones are not allowed, Nikk takes many of his photos from helicopters. This enables him to create unique images that have led him to become one of the best photographers of Instagram.

His talent hasn’t gone unnoticed outside the online world. Nikk has worked with numerous renowned brands such as Apple, Netflix, Disney, and DJI.

san francisco golden gate bridge aerial view

highway aerial view

aerial view of hollywood sign from helicopter with feet

You can always do more

Why not make the most of your time in the air? Dmitry Tkachenko shows it’s possible to do multiple things at once – and do all of them perfectly. As he flies his drone over forests, seas, and cities, Dmitry captures both static images and video footage. Doing so allows him to create beautiful aerial photography, as well as stunning videos.

When both his feet and his camera are on the ground, Dmitry focuses on capturing architecture – whether it is through pictures, time-lapses, or 360° photography.

pine tree forest aerial view

road over the sea aerial view

city sunset aerial view

The world worships the original

Few photographers have created a body of work so unique it can be immediately associated with their name within a first look. One of these rare individuals is Joshua Jensen-Nagle, whose aerial beaches have become an inspiration for photographers and travelers alike.

In addition to fuelling your dreams of living in paradise, the beautiful tones of Joshua’s work are an amazing source of inspiration for choosing a color scheme for your photography website.

person on the sea aerial view

white sand beach aerial view

colorful beach aerial view

Enjoy every moment as it comes

Aerial photography is a key part of Santino Martinez’s portfolio. This travel photographer uses a drone to capture jaw-dropping views of his destinations. He also combines aerial and hand-held footage to create outstanding travel videos of his adventures.

Santino’s online presence is heavily focused on social media, where he shares his experiences with tens of thousands of people. One way he does this is through the vertical video section of his website, which can easily be shared on Instagram Stories and Instagram TV.

aerial view of people swimming on the sea with boats and floaties

aerial view of boats on the port

aerial view of cruise pool

Life is a matter of perspective

Arthur Janin’s work proves you only need a change of perspective to transform outwardly boring scenes into beautiful landscape photos. He brings light, color, and shapes together to create striking compositions. In his own words: “the light transforms the banal into magic.”

Arthur found his passion for photography over a decade ago, and over time has taught himself how to excel in nearly every photographic genre. Portraits, landscape, street, sports, urban… you name it, and Arthur probably has a gallery for it.

lake construction aerial view

snowed sky resort and forest aerial view

cows on green field aerial view

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