20 Beautiful Nature Photos That Will Leave You Speechless

This post was last updated on June 1, 2020.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand once said that “The Earth is art, the photographer is only a witness.” There’s no denying the breathtaking beauty of our planet. From the lowest beaches to the highest peaks, every part of it is unique and worth celebrating.

Whether you’re looking for the motivation to expand your photography website or are simply trying to take a break from the busy reality of everyday life, these beautiful nature photos will surely help you feel inspired and at peace.

Silhouettes of the savanna, by Mario Moreno

There’s no lion present in Mario Moreno’s photos, yet is it hard not to think about The Lion King’s opening scenes when looking at them. He has spent nearly two decades roaming Africa in search of what he calls the perfect moment: the moment at which everything comes together and a forever lasting scene is captured.

And that’s exactly what his portfolio feels like - a collection of unique images taken at the right moment. The Milky Way over the Okavango Delta in Botswana. A storm on Mara North Conservancy. Wild animal silhouettes at sunset in Kenya. The sun shining through a forest in Cape Town. Every single shot perfectly captures the unique beauty of this magnificent continent.

pack of elephants walking towards the sun as the sunset reaches the horizon

reflection of a blue and orange sunset on the savannah with trees and giraffe silhouette

Delicate beauty, by Harald Wittig

Flowers might be the most common element in nature, not in absolute numbers, but in the variety of locations they are found. Valleys, forest, mountain peaks… even in your living room! Because they are so popular, they are also one of the hardest elements to photograph. How do you capture such a well-known subject in a way that will feel new and fresh?

Harald Wittig has mastered this skill to capture images that will make you feel as if you are seeing flowers for the first time. He achieves this through a flawless bokeh control that transforms trees into a painting-like background. The combination of this technique with an amazing color treatment results in beautiful, eye-catching images.

small white and pink flowers on a bokeh blue background

small white flowers with bokeh background

Saltwater cures everything, by Michelle Drevlow

Based in Maui, over 4,000km from the mainland, Michelle Drevlow’s work revolves around the sea. Whether she is shooting a wedding, family portraits or landscapes, sea water always finds a way into her photoshoots. The other main characteristic of her work is the treatment of light. She describes herself as a natural light photographer, and so the scene’s atmosphere is directly determined by time and weather.

On top of her work as a wedding and portrait photographer, Michelle dedicates most of her portfolio to underwater photography. Fish, turtles, people and waves all become subjects of her beautiful compositions. The unique treatment of natural light immerses the viewer, allowing them to become part of the scene.

underwater photo from under a sea wave

sea wave splashing on a rock as the sunset falls on the horizon

On top of the world, by Nico Rinaldi

The outstanding work of Nico Rinaldi will make you feel as if you are the king of the world. Unlike DiCaprio’s icebergs, however, the beauty depicted in these nature photos is one hundred percent real. His portfolio revolves primarily around mountainous landscapes, from the golden hour in the Dolomites to astrophotography compositions over the coast of California.

Rinaldi’s masterful use of light and photography composition skills result in jaw-dropping images that seem almost otherworldly. Looking at his portfolio will make you feel both on top of the world and infinitely small, as you marvel at his awe-inspiring shots.

beautiful nature photo aurora borealis over mountains and beach

nature photography fog over forest and rock formations

Spirit animal, by Robert Irwin

Few people in the world know animals better than Robert Irwin. Son of the legendary “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, Robert has spent his whole life surrounded by wildlife. Thus, it’s no wonder that his wildlife portraits seem to reflect the animals’ personalities, rather than just their looks.

Robert uses his photography talent to contribute to his family’s wildlife conservation efforts. From spiders and snakes to crocodiles, whales, birds and felines, all species have a place in his work. Despite his young age, Robert has already won several photography contests. On top of that, his photos have been featured in many galleries and publications.

black and white lion profile portrait on white background

sea turtle portrait underwater