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15 Charming Family Portrait Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Family Portrait Ideas

When it comes to families, there simply isn’t a ‘one size fits all.’ Historically, family was the name given to a group of people related either by blood or marriage. Nowadays, we see love as the binding knot of families, regardless of their heritage or lawful connections. Each family is unique in their own way - a trait that should be applied to their own portraits.

Whether you’re looking for pose examples before an upcoming photoshoot, or aiming to explore new horizons on your photography website, these family portrait ideas will serve as inspiration to capture outstanding, heartwarming scenes.

Share the love

Behind all family portraits ideas there is one universal theme: capturing the love you feel for one another. And what better expression of love than a tender kiss? As you can see in Beatriz Arronte’s work, natural elements are a wonderful addition to these type of portraits.

parents holding son and kissing him in the forest

Focus on experiences

Few things are as precious as spending quality time with your family. Hold on to these memories forever by making them the center of your family portraits. This photo by Dominique Lamontagne shows how incredible the results can be.

children and dad looking into an aquarium exhibit

Embrace your lifestyle

Each family is extraordinary in their own way, and this uniqueness should be present in your family portraits. This shot by Tomasz Solinski, taken in the family’s home, perfectly represents their lifestyle and philosophy.

alternative living family portrait

Include your four-legged companions

Pets are family, as any pet owner will tell you so. On top of that, their cuteness should simply not be limited to pet photography. One look at this beautiful photo by Tina Swain will convince you to never take a humans-only family portrait.

family portait with pet dogs

Go monochrome

There’s something magical about black and white pictures. The lack of colorful distractions encourages viewers to pay closer attention to the subjects’ emotions and body language. For example, one can feel this family’s lovely connection in this picture by Tali Dovrat.

black and white family portrait at the beach

Capture candid scenes

Much like the saying “dance like nobody's watching,” many believe that candid portraits are the best way to truly capture the pure bond between family members. Looking at this beautiful family portrait by Laura Wood, we cannot help but agree.

mother reading a book to infant child

Invite the whole family

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Follow Stitch’s wise words and invite any family member to join your photoshoot. This shot by Catia Price perfectly reflects just how fun this can be.

family jumping group shot on the beach

Open your home

This heartwarming scene captured by Giedre Gomes portrays the importance of feeling comfortable in front of a camera. Having a photoshoot at home can help you feel at ease, which in return will result in more natural and lovely family portraits.

portrait of parents laying on bed with baby child

Find new perspectives

Every family is different, and so are their family portrait ideas. Just like Prismatic Studio, don’t be afraid to try new angles and locations in your photoshoots. Explore different setups until you find the one that better represents your family’s uniqueness.

family portrait looking up to the camera

Ignore the camera

This one might be easier said than done, but the results will be worth the effort. During the photoshoot, focus on your loved ones and act as natural as possible. Ignoring the camera pointed at you can result in incredibly beautiful images. Don’t believe us? Check this beautiful family portrait by Melodie Roulaud.

mother hugging baby

Wear matching outfits

There’s a reason this is one of the most common family portrait ideas. Whether you’re wearing the exact same outfit or simply matching colors like the family in this cute picture by Leslie Nicole, the result will be simply adorable.

family with matching outfits on forest bridge

Be vulnerable

Few things are as pure as family love. Allow yourself so be vulnerable in front of the camera and capture the raw beauty of your bond. This photo by Olga Simakova perfectly conveys the connection between a father and his infant through skin-to-skin contact.

shirtless dad holding baby and kissing their head

Have fun

The first rule of family portraits: you will have fun during family portraits. Having your photograph taken by a professional photographer should be an exciting and memorable experience. The best way to do so? Follow Sevan Photography’s example and make sure all family members enjoy themselves during the photoshoot.

family playing in a field

Get fancy

What better time to dress up than a professional photoshoot? From proud grandparents to homesick children, family portraits are likely the most shared photos. Make sure to look your best, following the example of this picture by Daria Kondratyeva.

luxurious family portrait

Explore creative horizons

Some creatives simply take portrait photography to the next level. If your goal is to have a family portrait unlike any other you’ve ever seen before, find a photographer with incredible technical and creative skills, such as Sam Auger-FoRves.

composite family portrait

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