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20 Outstanding Photography Portfolios to Inspire You

Get Inspired by These 20 Outstanding Photography Portfolios

There is a single thing all photographers have in common, regardless of their age, genre, or background: feeling comfortable behind a camera. For many, this contentment extends to sitting in front of a computer doing editing work. Yet, taken out of these two scenarios, most photographers can feel like a fish out of water. Facing tasks that don’t feel applicable to one’s expertise can feel really daunting. It’s for this reason that so many photographers face a creative block when it’s time to design their own photography website.

The most common rationale behind this frustration is the fear of not doing justice to their work. After all, no one wants to spend a lifetime mastering a skill just to feel like they cannot properly share it with the world. The best way to go around this is simply taking a look at other photography portfolios and seeing how they’ve tackled similar issues. Let the work of others inspire you the same way a beautiful landscape at golden hour or a model at a perfectly lit studio would.

Ready to take the next step in your online presence journey? Travel through these outstanding Wix photography portfolios and get your creativity flowing. In case your ready to start a photography business of your own, use a photography name generator to get inspiration and ideas for what to name your brand.

20 Photography Portfolios

01. Nois7

Robert Jahns is one of the world’s best known modern digital artists and photographers. His main online presence is on Instagram, where he has over one million followers. Robert uses his website primarily as an online store, offering custom prints for a wide selection of his best work through Wix Art Store.

Having a website allows Robert’s audience to know him better, both in a personal and in a professional way. His About Me page includes a short bio, a video explaining his creative process, and a list of brands which he’s collaborated with.

digital artist online portfolio

This website is the perfect example of how to balance two main work paths. Gryst’s work is divided between weddings and portrait photography. In order to make sure his audience finds the type of content they’re looking for, he encourages them to pick one of them on the homepage. If they change their mind or want to explore other areas of Gryst’s work, they can easily do so using a fixed menu on top of the site.

Inside the actual website, Gryst showcases his best work on each category and offers the option to see the full extension of each photoshoot or event via individual galleries.

wedding and portrait photography portfolio

If you want to make sure no one ever forgets your website, follow Alicia’s steps. This wedding photographer’s website has been personalized to the very last detail. From handwritten fonts and watercolor illustrations to extensive descriptions and elaborate contact forms, Alicia’s photography portfolio is one of a kind.

Alicia’s photography logo stands proud at the top center of the site, surrounded by the menu items which lead to the different sections of the site. The home page acts as a one page photography website that contains the primary information potential customers need to know, from Alicia’s personality and examples of her work to examples of her wedding portfolio and customer reviews.

Pro tip: Make sure you have a logo that represents your brand and attracts new customers. Use a Photography Logo Maker to give you inspiration and create your own.

wedding photographer online photography portfolio

Photographers working in certain types of photography, such as advertising, commonly find themselves wondering how to display the highlights of each campaign or photoshoot without adding an excessive amount of images to their galleries. Max Montgomery found the perfect solution to this challenge: Display his work in a gallery of galleries. This allows him to display the best example of each assignment on his homepage, while giving visitors the option to easily view more photos of the same session.

Max has photographed celebrities of all kinds for numerous magazines and online platforms. In addition to his commercial work, he has created diverse behind-the-scenes and travel photography series.

commercial photographer online portfolio

Louise’s photos capture the world from a very minimalist perspective, a character that extends to her online photography portfolio. Her work is divided into individual galleries for each location and season, making sure every display has a homogenic feel. A general view of her style can be seen in the online store, where she sells digital copies of only select images.

In addition to the photo galleries, Louise has chosen to write a photography blog. In it, she shares photo series of specific locations and explains her experiences and feelings about each one. This allows visitors to connect with her work on a deeper level and improves her photography portfolio’s SEO.

landscape and travel photography portfolio

Life is all about balance. Good and evil, sweet and salty, personal and commercial work. Pichit has mastered this balance in his photography portfolio while keeping it lean and minimalist. His home page offers a brief look into his work, after which visitors can choose to browse the client or the personal area.

For clients, Pichit uses Wix Photo Albums to create stand-alone sites for his photo sessions and events. The personal section simply includes a vertical gallery with some of his best landscape, food, and street photography images. The only other content on the site is a page dedicated to a brief bio of Pichit and information on how to reach him.

online street photography portfolio

Coco’s photography website color scheme moves through the grayscale in a way that makes her work truly stand out. The site’s layout offers a lot of white space surrounding the elements, allowing them to breathe and stay in line with the delicate feel of Coco’s work.

The photography portfolio’s menu is divided between images and textual information, separated by Coco’s beautiful logo. Couples, wedding, and lifestyle photography get their own pages, accompanied by a short description of her approach to each genre.

lifestyle photography portfolio

Marion Ida’s portfolio is a wonderful example of the importance of keeping up with the latest photography website design trends. Viewers are drawn in by a dynamic layout showcasing some of the fashion photographer’s best work, with her name being the only piece of text displayed on the screen.

The only other sections on Ida’s photography portfolio are a gallery focused on her work for Vogue, a contact page, and an Instagram feed display. Knowing the importance social media platforms currently play in the industry, her latest Instagram posts are also shown on the rest of the pages on the site.

minimalist fashion photography portfolio

09. Paolo Azarraga

In the digital era, video has risen to become the king of content. In recent years the gap between photography and videography has become nearly nonexistent, with motion pictures making their way into photography portfolios across all genres.

Paolo Azarraga takes advantage of this trend to immediately draw visitors into his portfolio through a mesmerizing full-screen video on his home page. To follow Azarraga’s steps, get acquainted with some basic video tips and give this discipline a go.

video background photography portfolio homepage

When it comes to connecting with people, there are few more popular places than Instagram for photographers. As such, it has become the one platform that shutterbugs update on a day-to-day basis and the main outlet for behind-the-scenes content, thanks to the ephemerality of Instagram Stories.

But just because it is a stand-alone app on your phone, it doesn’t mean you should treat Instagram as a separate entity from your online photography portfolio. You can use this daily social content to keep your site constantly updated with the latest examples of your work. Take a look at Andrew’s mouthwatering food photography work and how he uses his Instagram feed as the main gallery of his portfolio.

food photography portfolio instagram feed

The rule of thumb of photography website creation claims that you should limit the number of images per gallery to no more than 20 to 30 in order to keep visitors interested throughout your entire portfolio. But certain types of photography offer such a large number of subjects and scenes that make it nearly impossible to meet these restrictions.

In order to display a wide range of examples of his work while limiting the size of his online portfolio’s galleries, Ross divided his wildlife photography work by the type of color treatment applied. In addition to his black and white, color, and sepia wildlife categories, he showcases three additional collections focused on his travel and still life photography images.

online wildlife photography portfolio galleries

If your goal is to start a photography business, you need to be aware that clients value who you are just as much as they value what you can do. Take a look at WeShootFood’s photography portfolio and you’ll see just how important is it to put both at the same level.

By welcoming viewers with an about us section right next to a beautiful example of their work, these food photographers ensure that people know all about them within a few seconds. This balance between image and text can also be seen through the rest of the site’s pages, as each gallery is introduced by a short explanation of the work.

food photography portfolio

The popularity craze of outdoor photographers had a huge impact throughout the industry, blurring the lines between social media and the professional market and encouraging companies to partner up with amateur photographers. Remy Brand’s photography portfolio is the epitome of this trend, a perfect merge between the social and professional world.

His main gallery presents his work much as Instagram does, through a three-column grid from which images can be opened to enjoy on a larger display. Furthermore, the site’s commissions section serves as a reminder of how photographer’s have started to take control of their own careers by actively reaching out to brands in search of collaborations.

outdoor nature photographer portfolio

Vibrant colors are expected to be one of the biggest photography trends of the year, and Yener Torun can teach us a thing or two about it. His outstanding urban photography work captures the brightest side of city life, focusing on colorful architecture and man-made structures.

The main page of Yener’s photography portfolio offers a general look of his collections through a number of autor-play sliders displaying the most remarkables examples of each series. Upon clicking on any of these sliders, viewers are led to the collection’s gallery.

colorful architecture photography portfolio

As a freediver, John Kowitz knows that sometimes it’s better to let sceneries speak for themselves. On his online portfolio, John keeps words to a minimum, letting his breathtaking underwater photography do all the talking. The only written lines we find on the site are used to let people know who the person behind the camera is, and thank them for their support.

In addition to showcasing his work, John uses his portfolio to sell photos online, offering digital copies, art posters, and canvas wraps on a curated selection of images.

online underwater photography portfolio

The secret to a successful photography career is offering a fresh take on the genre, a unique view that helps you stand out from the crowd. The Underlook team took this “unique view” to heart when they started photographing cats from underneath.

This unique pet photography project eventually evolved far beyond cats to include dogs, rabbits, horses, and even hedgehogs. With two published books and a personal clothing line for sale, it’s fair to say that thinking outside the box can truly make your dreams come true.

unique pet photography portfolio

As you set out to create your online portfolio, it’s important to visualize how it relates to your photography style. Doing so early on will help you choose the free photography website template that better fits your work and thus will require the least amount of effort. Needless to say, the end result will have a much more professional and attractive look.

Take Sharon Radisch’s fashion, travel, and product photography portfolio as an example. The minimalist layout of her site, characterized by an abundance of white space, perfectly matches the delicate feel of her images. As a result, viewers can rapidly understand her approach to the discipline without having to think twice.

minimalist travel and product photography portfolio

One of the main benefits of creating a professional photographer website is having full control over how your images are consumed. For Pierik Falco, this meant leaving behind the traditional white background in favor of a bold, solid black backdrop.

As a result, the colors of his wildlife and landscape photography images work appear much more bright and vibrant. Pierik’s decision to opt out of the colorless background also gives his photography portfolio a stronger personality in the eyes of visitors, as it serves as a differentiator factor from not only other photography websites but also social media platforms.

black background photography portfolio

A common dilemma among professionals in the beauty industry is deciding how to organize their online fashion photography portfolio in a way that ensures visitors will get to see as many different examples as possible. Aditya Patkar found the perfect solution by showcasing a broad selection of his work as a homepage slider.

Within a few seconds, these people are exposed to a handful of different examples of his work. Aditya follows this approach on his main portfolio page, where he uses the Wix Pro Gallery to display remarkable images of each of her assignments. What’s more, this gallery actually serves as a visual menu leading to the full series of each photoshoot.

colorful fashion photography portfolio

Behind every website there’s a main goal. This might be sharing your work with clients, creating a central hub for your work’s online presence, or getting booked. Whichever you decide on, it should be clear for visitors.

The goal Viktoria Kuzilova’s children photography portfolio is to be hired for her portrait shooting sessions. With this purpose in mind, she created a complete photography services page from which potential customers can gather all the necessary information and easily contact her to book an appointment.

delicate children photography portfolio

Photography portfolios FAQ

What is a photography portfolio website?

A photography portfolio website is an online platform where photographers showcase their work to potential clients, collaborators, or the public. It serves as a visual representation of a photographer's skills, style, and versatility, typically featuring a collection of their best and most representative images. A well-crafted portfolio website allows photographers to highlight their unique artistic vision, attract new clients, and establish a professional online presence.

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