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16 Wedding Photographers with Outstanding Websites

beautiful wedding picture on the beach by Wix Photography Thai Pham

You’ve got the equipment. You’ve got the talent and endless amounts of energy. You’ve even got some clients to start with (which is often the hardest part). Congratulations: you’re officially a wedding photographer! It’s time to show your new status to the world. This is where a stunning photography website is not only handy, but an absolute must. It will be your best assistant, the one you can rely on to take on all the important tasks for you so you can focus on your work. Namely: attract new clients thanks to its sleek design, get you high up with Google thanks to its SEO, and allow you to get contacted and booked online, with minimal effort.

But wait a minute: what should a beautiful online portfolio look like? Hundreds of thousands of talented wedding photographers chose Wix to build and boost their online presence. We selected some of the most amazing designs so that you can pick the best practices and get full of inspiration.

Ready? Let’s see 16 websites that’ll make you want to say “Yes”.

Thai Pham

This site is made of one simple Wix Pro Gallery, putting the emphasis on the most important aspect: the photographs. Note the uniquely placed “Contact” button – on the right side of the site – that invites you to call (and book) Thai in a second.

Stunning online portfolio by Wix wedding photographer Thai Pham

Emily Olivia Photography

Feeling more in a vintage kind of mood? Look how Emily instilled a subtle, intimate atmosphere on her website thanks to a watercolor logo, an off-white background and a font deprived of capital letters.

Stunning Wix online portfolio by wedding photographer Emily Olivia

Kamron Khan

When supreme elegance meets sophistication: welcome to Kamron’s website. Every single detail is optimized, from the stunning Wix Pro Gallery layout to the unique font, to the lightbox inviting new visitors to subscribe to her newsletter.

Beautiful Wix photography website by wedding photographer Kamron Khan

Wowee Zowee

What’s the best way to have your pictures naturally stand out? Like Zoë, opt for a pure, black & white design. Simple, but stunning!

Vintage Wix online portfolio by wedding photographer Wowee Zowee

David Rochas

David is the grand-master of Parallax scrolling. Look how this full-screen picture of a newly-wed couple in the desert gains perspective while you scroll down. Impressive!

Beautiful Wix photography website by wedding photographer David Rochas

Shir Hassin

A simple homepage (with a stunning B&W picture), a gallery and a contact form: just like a wedding, a photography website doesn’t need much to look perfect.

Stunning Wix online portfolio by wedding photographer Shir Hassin

O’Ryan Empire

As a photographer, who better to sing your praises than (happy) couples you have already worked for? Like Erik and Jaclyn, insert a testimonial box under each of your main sections to be sure your visitors realize just how stunning your are.

Stunning online portfolio by wedding photographer O'Ryan Empire

Frederick Lejeune

Frederick’s got it right: a clean background, just as white as the dress of the bride, is always the best option to serve for a wedding photography website.

Beautiful Wix photography website by wedding photographer Frederick Lejeune

Wey Nguyen

Got more than one string to your bow? Get inspired by how Wey put many services on the same menu, ensuring it still looks beautiful and easy to navigate through.

Beautiful Wix photography website by wedding photographer Wey

Tim Souza

Today, a good chunk of your commissions will certainly come to you through Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social networks. Look how Tim anchored his social logos at the bottom of his page, to be sure that they are accessible all the time to the viewer.

Amazing Wix online portfolio by wedding photographer Tim Souza

Allie Miller

Just because you’re creating an online portfolio for weddings doesn’t mean you have to stick to a simple, white background. If you’re after a bit more eccentricity, follow Allie’s idea by putting a discrete image (like a sailing map) in the back.

Stunning Wix online portfolio by wedding photographer Allie Miller

Alicia Wiley

Three elements that catch our attention for the very second: 1. the unique statement (“Vibrant, Fun & Bold Photography”), 2. the soft combination of pastel colors and 3. the little chat widget, inviting to talk to Alicia. All these make for a super engaging website

Stunning Wix online portfolio by wedding photographer Alicia Wiley

Windau Photography

Like Windau, you’re more of the quiet type? Simply put your pictures in an organized way on your homepage, and let them do all the talking for you for you. After all, an image is still worth a thousand words…

Beautiful Wix photography website by wedding photographer Windau

Gaby Hanna

You’re a multi-faceted professional? So should be your website. Look how Gaby effortlessly promotes both his photography and his videography skills on the same domain.

Stunning Wix online portfolio by wedding photographer Gaby Hanna

The Time And You

Just like Andy An, why not put your most stunning pictures straight on your homepage, in an impressive full-width slideshow? Remember you never get a second chance to make a great impression.

Stunning Wix online portfolio by wedding photographer The Time And You

Artway Studios

Have a lot of content to display? Artway shows us just how smart the use of columns and strips can clean up even the most overloaded of websites.

Stunning Wix online portfolio by wedding photographers Artway Studio

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