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Wix Art Store: the Best Tool to Sell Your Photos Online

wix art store

You have invested a great deal of time, money and effort in developing your work, building a stunning photography website and finding your audience, and it’s about time all this hard work starts paying off. Thanks to the Internet, selling your photos is now easier than ever before. But, can you really take care of yet another platform on top of all your existing workload, stay on top of logistics and face all those management and transaction fees?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed just by reading that last sentence, we have amazing news for you. With Wix Art Store you can now easily turn your online portfolio into a fully functional business within a few minutes and start selling digital and printed copies of your photos without having to worry about anything other than continuing to create high-quality content.

Integrating a store within your online portfolio will not only result in a larger offering and higher sales opportunities, but will also make your site stand out from the crowd. Here’s what Wix Art Store has to offer and how you can start using it to sell photos online:

What is Wix Art Store?

Focused on the unique needs of artists, Wix Art Store is a powerful app that enables you to easily sell digital or physical copies of your images or get them printed on canvases, mugs, bags, phone cases, and more from within your photography website. The app works as a gallery, showcasing high-quality previews of your creations to which you can add titles and descriptions, as well as watermarks. Of course, every detail of Wix Art Store is fully personalizable, from which designs you want to put up for sale to the gallery’s style, fonts, and colors.

But maybe the best word to describe Wix Art Store is: simplicity. This all-in-one solution takes care of all the hassle for you, so you don’t have to worry about commissions, payment processing, packaging or shipping. You only have to choose which products to offer in your store, both printed goods and personalized licenses, and set a price and profit for each of them. Last but not least, you can also allow customers to share their favorite photos on social media, which will increase your store’s exposure and lead to higher web traffic, engagement and sales.

wix art store

How to create your own art store

Setting up your Wix Art Store is easier than… well, easier than pretty much everything we can think of and it will only require a few minutes of your time.

  • Add the Wix Art Store to your site by searching for it on the left side of your Editor under ‘Add Apps’ or directly from here.

  • Activate your store by opening ‘Settings’ and ‘Store’ and clicking on ‘Start Now’. Afterward, you will be prompted to choose if you want to sell digital images or both digital images and prints.

  • Still on the ‘Store’ section, a three-step guide will appear to lead you through the setup process. Start by uploading the images you want to sell. Needless to say, you must have the right to sell these images.

  • After uploading your photos, you can continue with the process and move to ‘Set Pricing’ or take the time to personalize the display by choosing a different layout, adding a watermark, or changing its design.

  • On ‘Set Pricing’ you will be able to select the products you want to offer and define your profit margin for each of them by clicking on ‘Edit’.

  • Once you have set your prices, go to ‘Manage Store’ and enter your business information and payment details. You will be notified of each purchase on the email that you enter here.

  • Your store is now up and running. Make sure your website is published and spread the news!

What do people think about it?

Hundreds of thousands of Wix users are already selling their work with Wix Art Store, and they could not be happier! Here is what they have to say about Wix Art Store:

wix art store reviews

You have questions, we have answers

Is Wix Art Store free?

The app is free to install and Wix does not charge any commissions or hidden fees for its use. Digital files carry a small transaction fee to cover merchant services and exchange rates, while printed products have a pre-set base production cost.

Will I lose any image quality?

The short answer is no. The long answer is: absolutely not, we value our users’ work too much to compromise the quality on which the images are showcased.

Which resolution should I use for my uploads?

Make sure to upload high-resolution images (1200px or higher), as the print sizes offered to your customers will depend on this.

Can I choose which products are offered in my store?

Absolutely. In addition to choosing which photos you want to sell and the type of store, you can easily select which printed goods you want to include as part of your offering.

Will my images be sold worldwide?

Digital files can be sold worldwide, while the availability of printed products varies between regions. You don’t have to worry about upsetting visitors from areas where specific products are not available as they will only be able to see products available in their countries.

Do I handle the shipping, billing and customer support?

Once you have finished the initial set-up of your store, everything will be taken care of by Wix and Order a Print, a leading third-party print-on-demand service which prints, produces and ships the products directly to your customers. All you have to do is continue working to promote your work and withdraw your profit from PayPal once customers start rolling in.

Can I create private stores for my clients?

Of course! If you want to share and sell some of the photos only with specific clients, you can create an additional Wix Art Store on a password protected page.

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