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21 Stunning Still Life Photography Images to Spark Your Creativity

Still Photography

More often than not, people find themselves rolling their eyes at the thought of still life photography. In fact, many consider it to be one of the most boring imagery genres. You might even find yourself skipping over the still life section of your favorite photography website. The main reason behind all this is the thought that still life is just jars of fruit and maybe some flowers. Isn’t that what they taught you in school, anyway?

However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The term still life photography refers to any image that portrays an inanimate object. This includes food, plants, bevarages, household products, and a long et cetera. To show just how creative and jaw dropping still life photography can be, we have selected seven outstanding Wix photographers whose work will shatter all misconceptions about this genre. Ready to be inspired by a whole new photographic perspective? No matter which style you prefer to shoot, these photos will not leave you indifferent.

(Still) Life in technicolor

Brigitte Stanford’s portfolio will completely shatter any preconceptions you had about still life photography. Neon tones and movement dominate her work. The masterful use of light and color inevitably draws the viewer’s eyes into otherwise mundane subjects. Brigitte’s photos can also serve as an incredible inspiration source if you’re among those searching for a color scheme for your photography website.

This incredible color and light treatment is present across all instances of Brigitte’s work. In addition to still photography, her portfolio includes portraits, fashion photo shoots, film photography, and landscapes. She has also captured diverse documentary series, showcasing different aspects of life in South Africa.

neon color palm tree leaves

neon color shot glasses with liquid splash

pink and blue glass cup splashed with liquid

Redefining beauty

A broken foundation never looked so good. Corinne Andrews uses makeup as her subject, rather than on her subjects. She plays with textures and light to bring life and character to each product. Her amazing photography composition skills turn these everyday tools into attractive and powerful images. Corinne proves that talent and imagination can make just about anything a true piece of art.

These images are part of Corinne’s social media content series, which also includes food and jewelry photography. The majority of her portfolio is focused on fashion, having worked with diverse clothing and accessories brands. She also creates video content for fashion advertising.

burning eye shadow applicator

broken colorful powder makeup

dripping colorful makeup brushes

Bon appétit

In the golden era of food photography, it’s not easy to make your images shine. Haim Yosef achieves so by making the viewer part of the scene. Meals are shot from a first person point of view, and often include human interaction – either in the image or implicitly. Lighting is masterfully used to both set an atmosphere and to emphasize the unique texture of each dish.

In addition to his work with restaurants, Haim has created commercial content for numerous food and beverage brands. In these assignments, he builds compositions that match the image of each brand. Raw ingredients and bright colors are heavily present on this side of Haim’s work.

served minimalist dish seen from above

dessert cake and coffee

pasta dish seen from above

Not so still life

If you think product photography is boring, it’s just because you haven’t seen Joerg Kritzer’s work before. Joerg makes objects come to life by capturing them in dynamic compositions. The outstanding technical and creative quality of his photos have led him to work with a long list of renowned brands. Joerg’s still life photos are a must-see for creatives of all disciplines.

The creativity of Joerg’s work extends to his professional photographer website, where he experiments with movement to bring his work to life and immediately catch his visitors’ attention. His portfolio is broken down into a diverse number of categories, each of which includes numerous examples of his incredible work.

flower pot exploding mid-air

perfume bottle splashed with water

razors submerged in blue water

Home still home

Is it possible for a laundry basket to make you feel homesick? Marcela Falcone’s images capture everyday objects with such care they will make you want to spend all of your time indoors. Her compositions are carefully planned in order to find the middle ground between staged and homey scenes. Marcela’s still photography portfolio expands across many topics. For each of them, she is able to find the way to make the viewer feel as if they were part of the setting.

Still photography is only a small part of Marcela’s extensive body of work. Most of her portfolio is dedicated to diverse projects strongly based on surrealist imagery. These images are deeply connected to natural elements and to Marcela herself, allowing viewers to discover the photographer in a much more personal way.

fresh laundry basket

pillow showcase and plant

flower pattern pants and pink shit with toys

A moment in time

Sharon Radisch captures everyday life situations and transforms them into exquisite compositions. Soft lights, blank spaces, and washed tones are constant across her expansive body of work. This unifies all genres under a heterogeneous, very personal style. Sharon’s portfolio is a collection of delicate compositions full of character that viewers can’t help but feel pulled towards.

Every aspect of Sharon’s work radiates simplicity and elegance. The curated composition of her photos is also present on her website, which follows the same layout guidelines. Sharon is well-known for her still photography and travel images, and has collaborated with numerous brands and publications around the world.

minimalist overshot of restaurant table

minimalist artistic jars on white wall

summer shot of fruit and objects on white sheets

Less is more

One of the most important photography tips for beginners is learning how to choose a clear subject. Tomasz Solinski is the perfect example of the incredible results one can achieve by doing so. Tomasz’s images show an incredible technique used to accentuate subjects across completely different scenes. Contrast, color, and texture are some of the elements used to draw the viewer’s eyes towards the star of the shot.

Most of Tomasz’s work is dedicated to humans, whom he photographs with just as much attention to detail. He shoots portraits and fashion, as well as weddings and event photography. Street, landscape, and travel photography also have a space on his portfolio.

deconstructed composition of garlic dressing

warm cup of red tea and green tea on glass kettle

food served on blue plate over wooden table

Follow the steps of these outstanding artists and create your own photography website with Wix!

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