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How to turn your desktop site into a mobile sensation

If you’re anything like me, spending even a few minutes away from your cellphone can feel like you’re missing a limb. With almost 2 billion smart-phone owners worldwide, a strong web presence no longer means having a great looking website alone, but one that functions as well on smaller screens as it does on your desktop. With mobile internet browsing about to surpass time spent on desktop view, smart business owners know that they need to make their website’s mobile view a strong priority.

If you’ve got a Wix website, you’re already one step ahead of the game! Thanks to the Wix Mobile Editor, you’ll be able to customize all of the important aspects of your website to ensure that it looks and runs smoothly both on handheld devices and on desktops. Alternatively, you could even transform your website into a mobile app for an even smoother user experience.

Here are the steps that you need to take to ensure that your website looks great no matter what type of screen you view it on.

how to turn your desktop site to mobile sensation

Consider the Mobile Mindset

Looking to create one of the best mobile websites out there? The first thing to consider is user experience. While you may be building your website with the help of a mouse or trackpad, keep in mind that a large portion of your audience will likely be accessing your pages from a smaller touchscreen.

Thankfully, the tech geeks at Wix have taken this into consideration when building the Mobile Editor. By adjusting your Editor’s view to a smaller screen size, complete with a true to scale mobile boarder parameters, the Mobile Editor gives you an accurate idea of what your site will look like in the palm of your site viewer’s hands. When considering responsive vs adaptive design debate, this adaptive solution is a great option for beginners.

Consider the Mobile Mindset

Mobile-Friendly Menus

Your header menu may look great on your desktop site, but shrunk down, that same menu may be hard to grasp onto on-the-go. To make moving along your site easier on a touch screen, the navigation menu on the mobile version of your Wix site has been changed to a more thumb-friendly drop-down menu.

Traditional navigation menus aren’t your only option, especially when you’ve got your mobile view in mind. One of the biggest trends in web design right now is using hamburger menus. Another option is to base your page menu on an image grid. The focus on large icons and dramatic buttons look great across all platforms and make moving along both your mobile & desktop pages a breeze. Check out this Tour Operator template, as well as these additional mobile templates, for some inspiration.

Mobile-Friendly Menus

Smartphone, Smarter Shopping:

A new statistic shows that about 42% of smartphone owners compare item prices on their mobiles while they’re shopping in store. All that information at the tip of your customer’s fingers, means that if your business has a physical location, updating your website often with current pricing and promotions has never been more important.

With mobile phones tagging along on shopping trips, you also might want to consider giving your customers a little extra love from your mobile marketing. Consider offering coupons via a QR code that can be easily redeemed right from your customer’s smartphone. You can also offer special email offers on-the-go thanks to Wix's great looking mobile viewing capabilities.

eCommerce Business owners are not exempt from investing in mobile-first design. Purchases made by tablets and smartphones are consistently on the rise, meaning that the mobile version of your online store needs to rock! Make sure that all of the important information needed to sink your sale like strong call to action buttons, payment methods and contact forms look crystal clear and are easy to access on the mobile version of your site.

Smartphone; Smart Shopping

Smart Social:

Whether you like it or not, odds are that your customers already have their smartphone in the palm of their hands by the time they walk into your business. Take advantage of that mobile access by offering special discounts to customers who help promote your business online. Get your business noticed by giving your fans an incentive to check-in to your location on Foursquare or offer a special discount when they give you a review from Yelp.

If your clients are known to take pictures of your great looking goods, let them know that you’ll be happy to share their pics on Instagram. Take advantage of those great looking photos by syncing your Instagram feed onto your website. The constant flow of new image content will look great both on mobile and on your desktop by way of this fully integrated social feed.

Smart Social

Learn more about turning your website into an app for even greater functionality.

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