The 17 Best Fitness Websites of 2021

Best Fitness Websites

A strong online presence is a must for any fitness professional. Your fitness website is the place to introduce your work and specialty, but it can also do much more for you and your business. In fact, the best fitness websites serve as business tools, helping you manage everything from your class schedule, booking, and payments, to engaging with clients and fostering a sense of community.

To help and inspire you in creating a website, we’ve selected 17 beautiful fitness websites, all built with Wix. We’ll explain what it is that makes them work so well, and how they help their businesses run more smoothly and efficiently:

01. Dara Hart: Personal training website

Dara Hart personal training website

New York City-based celebrity trainer Dara Hart has built a robust website for her business. She introduces her mission statement and personality through text, images and videos. Together, these elements form a cohesive brand identity that’s just as professional as it is approachable. This personal introduction, complete with hand-written fonts and Dara’s own signature, allows both existing and potential clients to get to know her and form a stronger connection.

In addition, the website invites clients to perform a variety of actions relating to the activities Dara offers: from booking a session to purchasing video classes, subscribing to her mailing list, and much more.

02. Junaid Dar: Private gym website

Fitness website Junaid Dar

When starting a fitness business, think of your website as a business hub, as is the case for this British gym’s online presence. The homepage caters mainly to new or potential clients, explaining the gym’s benefits and plans. However, there’s also an abundance of information for existing customers, so that everyone is sure to find the right content for their individual needs.

Clients can log into a Members Area to access information tailored to their workout plan, such as videos or guides. They can book classes either online or using Spaces by Wix, part of the Wix Owner app that is accessible by clients. This helps them keep track of their calendar and stay up-to-date with news and updates. There’s a blog containing tips and advice, an FAQ page and much more.

03. Berlin Athletic: Functional training website

Berlin Athletic fitness website

This one page website welcomes visitors with a full-width photo, paired with a centrally located logo design. Right below the logo is a clear CTA (call-to-action) button which leads visitors to a free trial session. To make the button truly attention-grabbing, it’s designed in yellow to contrast against the rest of this website’s color scheme, which is predominantly black and white.

By making the website into an online store, site visitors can purchase a multi-entry ticket for 10 sessions directly on the webpage, eliminating the need to contact a team member or make a phone call.

04. Octopus Academy: Martial arts & fitness website

Octopus Academy

This multilingual website places a clear CTA at the right side of the screen, which stays fixed even as we scroll down the site. This enables visitors to join the academy with just a click of the mouse at any point while browsing.

This content-rich website offers a plethora of valuable content and features for customers, ranging from online bookings to an original podcast and blog. The website is also integrated with the Wix App, improving both the customers’ and the business owners’ user experience.

05. Blissed: Health and yoga website

Blissed health and fitness webiste

Upon entering this health and fitness website, we’re greeted with a full-width video of the duo behind this personal brand. They’re shown laughing, practicing yoga, and experiencing nature together. The video sets a clear tone for the rest of the website, bringing our attention to themes of mindfulness, movement, and nutrition.

The site is fully equipped with features like video classes, an online booking system, a live chat option and a newsletter subscription. For additional gated content, there’s a Members Area that’s only accessible to existing clients. The website also features videos from the brand’s YouTube channel, as well as shots from their Instagram feed that has been embedded into the page.

06. Upside Aerial: Aerial & circus arts training website

Upside Aerial fitness website

This fitness website for this North Carolina-based school does a great job of laying out their services and specialties. It details everything from the types of workouts and classes on offer, to plans and pricing, as well as the school owner’s personal path to this unique sport.

The website makes it especially easy for new customers to get into the swing of aerial arts, as it provides answers to common questions on the FAQ page, as well as singling out select classes and workshops that are more beginner-friendly.

07. Albany Academy: Golf & tennis training website

Albany Academy fitness website

Utilizing video and subtle website animation, this athletic academy’s sleek website design is sure to catch visitors’ attention. The black and white pages are combined with full-color photographs and videos from their location in The Bahamas, resulting in a highly professional look that seems trustworthy and reliable.

The website provides much in-depth information about the academy, its training and the different sports taught there. To make the content more readily accessible, the text is broken down into shorter chunks, tailored for our decreasing attention spans.

08. Belmont Shore: Volleyball club website

Belmont Shore fitness website

Proudly displaying a photo of a happy-looking squad of players, the Belmont Shore Volleyball Club cultivates a sense of friendly familiarity. This same idea is also apparent in the website’s written content, with headers like “Welcome to the Family!”

On top of a photo gallery, social media links and online forms for keeping in touch with the club, the website also includes a Google Maps widget to easily track down its California beachfront location. A Back to Top button improves navigation by enabling visitors to reach the top of the page in just a click.

09. Be The Motion: Exercise studio website

Be The Motion fitness website

As we first enter this website, a lightbox pop up appears with a quick update, and an invitation to subscribe to the studio’s newsletter. This simple practice can boost your mailing list, improving your overall email marketing efforts.

This boutique exercise studio’s website features a large, close-up video shot of a body in motion. On top of the video is a call-to-action button that stands out in a bold pink hue, inviting visitors to book their next class.

10. Jennifer K. Wellness: Yoga & health coaching website

Jennifer K. Wellness fitness website

Split screen layouts are a major web design trend, and this health and fitness website is a perfect example. With a photo of the founder to the right, and concise website copy introducing her skills to the left, visitors get all the most important information on the top fold.

The website consistently employs its brand colors throughout, with two shades of green as the primary colors and orange as the secondary color. This combination evokes notions of wholesomeness and vitality, in line with the teacher’s coachings.

11. Beach Shack: Surf school website

Beach Shack fitness website

With a color palette of blues and yellows, this British surf school instantly gets visitors in the mood for a sunny day at the beach.

Beach Shack also makes sure to provide value to site visitors by writing great blog posts, in which they share from their vast knowledge and expertise. Some of their blog ideas include surfing safety tips and important surf terminology explained.

12. Paddle Upright: Paddleboard instruction website

Paddle Upright fitness website

This paddleboard instruction website uses parallax scrolling effects to transition from one section of the page to the next, in a smooth and elegant manner.

To make navigation even easier, visitors can use one of two website menus: a classic menu at the website’s header, or a floating anchor menu to the right. This second menu also serves to indicate to visitors where they are on this long-scrolling homepage.

13. Yoga House: Yoga center website

Yoga House fitness website

Located in Rome, this yoga center offers classes, workshops and retreats, among other services. Their website walks visitors through these various options, while splitting up the content into different sections.

With such diverse content, linking the logo back to the homepage becomes an even more crucial website navigation practice. This way, visitors can quickly return to the homepage from any stage during their browsing. The logo also doubles as the website’s favicon, which adds to the site’s brandability and recognizability.

14. Echo Fitness: Fitness & personal training website

Echo Fitness website

Promoting fitness, health and lifestyle in the Swiss Alps, it’s no wonder that Echo Fitness’ homepage design celebrates the mountains in all their glory with a striking fullscreen photo.

The website’s different pages are scattered with a mix of nature and sports photography, capturing the unique blend this business has to offer. Their ‘About Us’ page goes into more detail on the topic, explaining the mission and values behind Echo Fitness. On the ‘Plans & Pricing’ page, visitors can choose from a selection of packages and book one online through the Members Area.

15. Blooming Fitness: Exercise & wellbeing website

Blooming Fitness website

As an all-inclusive fitness brand, catering especially to mothers, this fitness business website makes a point of highlighting the qualities that set it apart. With photos of women working out with babies in their arms or by their sides, it’s easy to see what it is that makes this exercise center so exceptional.

The website is attuned to its audience’s needs, allowing site visitors to book classes online, explore pricing plans and package discounts, and read up on updates and tips on their blog. Taking current events into account is a good practice for keeping in sync with your customers, such as tailoring your site in time for new year’s resolutions.

At the website’s footer, we can find contact information, social media links, and logos of accepted payment methods. The 'Register of Exercise Professionals' badge also adds to their credibility and trustworthiness.

16. Tanaka Training: Personal training website

Tanaka Training personal training website

London-based personal trainer Andy Tanaka has centered his fitness website around his clients, emphasizing what’s in it for them. With before-and-after shots and success stories from real customers, it’s easier for site visitors to imagine themselves benefiting from a similar experience.

The website launches into a fullscreen photo slideshow of Tanaka working out and instructing others in their routines. Incorporating additional high quality media features, Tanaka is able to tell his story both visually as well as in text.

The website also breaks down the different steps of the training program offered, walking visitors through everything from the initial consultation, to tracking their progress, and sustaining the results in the long run.

17. Be Active: Individual & group training website

Be Active fitness website

It’s only fitting that a website encouraging an active lifestyle will itself be interactive. In this fitness website, delicate hover effects help signal that certain elements are clickable, improving the user experience.

On the booking section of the site, a similar hover effect is used for revealing more information about each of the training sessions offered, momentarily replacing image with text.

By Eden Spivak

Design Expert & Writer

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