Exquisite Wedding Website Templates for Your Special Day

As if out of a modern fairytale, our favorite love stories tend to end with a dashing diamond ring - and a gorgeous wedding website to follow. There are many perks to creating a wedding website, from forming an effortless RSVP process, to communicating relevant info with ease, and more.

Just like yours and your partner’s special day, your wedding website should be true to the two of you, exuding your relationship, style, and personalities. We’ve selected the top ten wedding website templates for you to choose from, entirely for free.

Each of these templates comes with built-in features to help you in prepping for your happily ever after, including an RSVP widget, a Google Maps app to pinpoint your venue, and links to your gift registry. Find a wedding website template that best suits who you are as a couple, and customize it to make it truly your own:

Wedding Invite template

This beautiful long-scrolling website welcomes guests with the most important details right off the bat. Set against a full screen image of the two of you are your names, date, time, and venue, plus a prominent call to action button that invites visitors to RSVP.

As you scroll down, you’ll find a place to tell your story in your own words, followed by a slideshow that’s perfect for showing off your best couple photos. The template is complete with links to your gift registry and a Google Maps app to locate your venue. Last but not least is your very own wedding hashtag, proudly displayed at the website's footer.

Classic Wedding Invite template

This template is ideal for the sophisticated and elegant couple. With a website color scheme of pale blush and white, it applies a subtle botanical theme throughout. Starting with peonies on the top fold, the motif carries on with matching vector art leaves, and a video of olive branches softly swaying in the sun. To incorporate your own wedding theme to your website, browse through our collection of quality media features for photos and videos that align with your concept.

Completing the website’s exquisite look is the font pairing of a classy serif font with a more contemporary sans serif. The template comes with all of the major wedding website must-haves. These include an online form for RSVPs, a map of the location, and links to your gift registry, helping you make a free wedding website that's perfect for all of your planning needs.

Floral Wedding Invitation template

This fashionable wedding website template is a great way to share anything from your event’s time and date, to transportation and accommodation details with your guests. The top fold features both of your names adorned with an array of bursting florals, that are then repeated as chic little touches throughout the rest of the site.

Use the built-in parallax scrolling effect to smoothly reveal photos of the two of you - or of the venue - as visitors scroll down the site. And while the website navigation here is a simple long scroll, the added website menu at the top makes for an even more intuitive browsing experience.

Modern Website Invite template

Invite family, friends, and loved ones to your special day with a full-screen photo of your engagement, plus big bold letters letting everyone know that you’re tying the knot. Help guests feel more involved by sharing a little of your story as a couple in writing, alongside snapshots of you, uploaded in the highest quality using the Wix Pro Gallery.

On top of an RSVP widget and links to your gift registry, this template also includes a contact form, so that your guests can easily contact you with any possible questions that may arise.

Colorful Wedding Invitation template

This website template is just as perfectly polished as it is ready to party. With text gently sliding into view via web animations and a geometrical layout that splits the screen up into sections, this template is in line with all of the latest web design trends.

Include both of your initials as a fixed element at the top of the website, which stays put on all the different pages. You can also create your own logo for free using the Wix Logo Maker. Included in the template are a photo gallery page to share your most photogenic moments together, an RSVP section, links to your gift registry, a map of the venue, and a contact page.

Wedding Invitation template

Take guests on an adventure on your wedding website with a plethora of doodles, patterns, and bright sunny colors. This playful template is made up of horizontal strips, each providing a different type of information - from a fullscreen couple photo, to the time and place of the event, the gift registry and more.

At the top of the page, your names and the date of your big day are put together in a pretty little arrangement that gives off a friendly, handmade feel. The same design repeats throughout the inner pages of the template as well, acting as the website’s logo.

Upcoming Wedding template

This clean, understated design is right on trend with its spacious website layout. There’s plenty of breathing room around the images, allowing each one to stand out. Optimal for urban couples with a love for minimalism, the website template features a split screen layout on its first fold, with generous amounts of white space for your personal story to shine through.

The template includes a map of your venue, a photo gallery, links to your registry, and a page dedicated to your wedding party. Down at the footer of the website is a contact form and an option to RSVP, complete with your contact info and wedding hashtag.

Wedding Site template

Looking for a fun and lighthearted wedding website? This fifties-inspired template just might be the one for you. Starting with a fullscreen image of the happy couple, each of the website’s inner pages boasts a different vibrant shade.

The website maintains a poppy and bold vibe throughout, with vector graphics (note the two blinging rings at the footer) and vintage typography. The template also includes a map to locate your venue, links to your gift registry, and an RSVP form.

Romantic Wedding Invite template

The traditional paper wedding invite comes to digital life in this timeless template. With a dreamy, romantic feel that strays far away from kitsch, this website design is classy, with just a touch of a modern twist. Invite your guests to celebrate with you, with this template’s gold serif type and delicate botanical artwork.

With this design, you’ll be able to provide your loved ones with all the important details - from the time and place of the wedding, to the location and accommodation - complete with a map and a gift registry.

Engagement Site template

Announce your engagement and invite guests to your ceremony all at once with this beautiful wedding website template. With delicate lavender flowers set against a light blue background, this template brings to mind a breezy summer day - and you can almost hear the bells ringing in the distance.

The template’s homepage displays a fullscreen photo combined with your names and the event’s time and place, together with an RSVP button for guests to confirm their attendance. The inner pages share more of the couple’s personal story, introduce the wedding party and specify important information such as the gift registry and a map of the venue.

Make the most out of your wedding website

All of the wedding website templates on Wix come ready for use, complete with every feature a wedding website needs. After picking your favorite and before customizing it to your hearts’ content, take the time to browse through a few wedding website examples by real couples, and read up on some pro tips on how to make a wedding website that’s just right for both you and your partner.

You wedding website can be a helpful tool in the planning and preparations leading up to your big day, in communicating with guests and staying on top of your invites. Here are a few ideas on making the most out of your wedding website:

  • Manage your guest list online: Track and manage your guest list with automatic email notifications for each of your RSVPs. You can even export your RSVP list for your convenience, and allow your friends and family to add their plus-ones, inform you of their dietary restrictions, and more.

  • Send email invites: Using the free email marketing tools that come with your Wix website, you can easily share your digital wedding invitation or save-the-date with your guests.

  • Add a gift registry: Help your guests give you gifts you’ll truly cherish by adding links to your gift registry directly on your wedding website.

  • Share the memories: By using a social media stream app, all photos and videos tagged with your wedding hashtag will be automatically displayed on your site. Additionally, once you get all of your wedding photos from your photographer, you’ll be able to add them to your website as a photo album or gallery.

By Eden Spivak

Design Expert & Writer

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