Landing Pages 101: Best Practices and Tips from Wix Experts

In online marketing, landing pages are a powerful medium for efficiently and quickly closing deals and generating leads. Unlike a regular website, which usually promotes a brand or service as a whole, landing pages are excellent in highlighting one particular product or feature and in catalyzing a specific action.

A landing page can help you focus your audience’s attention on one key issue that you want to emphasize – an incredible sale, a new line of products, a service that is directed towards one sector of your broader target market, a contest or any similar campaign that moves beyond your routine marketing efforts.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best landing page examples, show you exactly what makes landing pages so valuable and how you can utilize them in your own campaigns. Afterwards, you'll have everything you need to build a free landing page of your own.

1. Define your goal – Pinpoint the LP’s main message

What is the goal of your landing page? This should be the guiding principle that shapes the entire messaging and branding of the page. Once you know what your goal is, create your landing page accordingly by making sure the design and texts reflect the messaging in a simple and straightforward manner (we’ll get to these points a bit further down.) Above all, stay consistent. We think this landing page really nailed it.

2. Hierarchy – Design with direction

One of the characteristics of a great landing page is that it naturally guides the visitors’ attention in the order and direction that you want them to go. Check out how this cute landing page uses a superbly clear guiding scheme to show you exactly where your eyes should look.

3. Utilize CTAs – Generate immediate actions

Don’t give your landing page visitors the chance to wander off. Get them to act right then and there, directly on the page itself, with enticing “Call to Action” buttons that are supported by empowering text that is short and extremely clear. This landing page is a terrific example of how that works.

4. Design to wow – Captivate at first look

Landing pages are a bit like love at first sight. Your visitors need to feel the desire to ‘click’ right away, otherwise they are unlikely to stick around. There are different ways to achieve that. We’ve already seen how a spectacular image can get you a great first impression. Another way is to add a video background to make it even more dynamic. In this landing page you’ll see a different approach, one that stirs the readers’ imagination with a knockout page heading.

5. Write great copy – Keep your readers’ attention

By now you’re probably noticing how crucial the textual content of the landing page is. We can’t stress that point enough. You don’t have a lot of space for text on landing pages, so each word is important and can influence the mood of the entire page. The text on this pageis a great example of how that works. It creates a sense of excitement and possibility while at the same time keeps the focus on the readers’ own experience.

6. Charm with great images – use your best visuals

Landing pages need to work fast to create an impact, and stunning images are often the most effective tool to guarantee that killer first impression. This landing page, for example, uses one powerful visual after the other, combining looks with functionality that invites visitors to scroll along.

7. Highlight the value – Show the benefit

You’re asking your visitors to do something for you – buying, subscribing, downloading, registering, etc. – but are you doing a good job at explaining what they get in return? Your landing page needs to make it very clear that you are offering real value. Check out this landing page, which promotes the Wix eCommerce platform. It was created to send an explicit message – building online stores with Wix means more online sales and less work. Clear, to the point, and valuable for those who see it.

8. Go for the hard sell – Don’t be shy

There’s no time for innuendos and subtleties. Landing pages are designed to help you get quick and lasting results so embrace a hard sell technique. This means you need to be direct, but not aggressive. See, for example, this landing page that announced new fonts in the Wix Editor. To make this exciting for the readers, and to get them to engage with the new fonts, we showed how the fonts can strengthen an entire site’s brand – turning a pretty casual announcement into a game changer.

By The Wix Team

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