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How Nonprofits Can Use Their Websites to Fundraise

How Nonprofits Can Use Their Websites to Fundraise

When you work in the nonprofit world, fundraising is part and parcel of every move you make. No matter how large or small your organization is, you’re always thinking about how to generate those next $10, $100 or $10,000.

Today, many nonprofits do the majority of their fundraising online. That’s why it’s crucial for every organization to create a website that’s designed to make donating easy and enticing. From the moment a potential donor lands on your website, they should know exactly what your organization does, why it matters and how they can help.

01. Make what you do crystal clear

As a nonprofit professional, you’re well aware of what it is that your organization does to make the world a better place. You know your mission inside and out, down to the tiniest of details. But visitors to your website aren’t interested in the nitty gritty; they want a quick, clear and compelling explanation of how you make a difference.

Your mission statement and an overview of your work should be front and center on the website. Try to quickly explain what makes your organization unique. The clearer your mission is, the more likely that site visitors will connect to your work and make a donation.

02. Have a strong call to action – on every page!

Want people to donate to your organization? Go ahead and tell them. Place a Donate button in your header and footer and make sure that every page of your site includes a call to action (“CTA”) such as “Get Involved,” “Join Us,” or “Support Our Work.” These CTAs should, of course, link directly to your donate page.

03. Make it easy to donate

We can’t say this enough! If a potential donor starts the giving process but finds it too complicated or confusing, you may have lost them forever. Donating should be easy, intuitive and relatively low on the click count. In other words, keep to a bare minimum the amount of time and the number of clicks it takes for a person to complete their gift.

04. Optimize for mobile

Part of making giving easy is ensuring that your website is mobile-optimized. You want your donors to be able to give to your organization regardless of where they are and what kind of device they’re using. If you build your website on Wix, you can take advantage of our mobile editor to easily optimize your site. In addition, all of Wix's nonprofit website templates are already mobile-friendly, so you can focus on the content itself.

Optimize for mobile

05. Demonstrate impact

Donors love to know exactly where their money is going. The more clear you are about how donations are allocated, the more successful you’ll be at fundraising. One great way to do this is to show exactly what a donor can “purchase” with different gift amounts.

For example, a $10 donation to one non-profit might buy a week of food for an orphan, while an $100 gift to another might cover a child’s school fees for one year. Donors will be more inclined to give if they feel their money is going to something tangible.

06. Set a goal and track your progress

Another way to demonstrate impact is to show progress towards a specific goal. Let’s say you are trying to raise $10,000 to pay for a new hospital in Peru. Put a graphic of a thermometer or ruler on your site to show how much you have raised so far and how much more you need to reach the goal. Donors will love to see this very literal depiction of the impact of their gift and they’ll be scrambling to make that final donation that pushes your thermometer over the top!

07. Show your website is secure

Some donors are hesitant to make gifts online because they’re worried that their personal and financial information will not be protected. Reassure your donors by writing on your website that all of their personal details will be kept private. Then, add a McAfee Secure badge to your site to let potential supporters know that your site is one they can trust, increasing the chances that they’ll donate.

08. Highlight your tax status

Are you a registered nonprofit? Do donors receive a tax deduction when they give to your organization? If so, then you’ll want to make this abundantly clear. Many donors will only give to organizations that provide tax receipts. On your Donation page, make it clear that all gifts to your nonprofit are tax deductible. Then, elaborate in smaller print about how donors can expect to receive their tax receipts.

09. Integrate your website with social channels

Your website is a great place to start fundraising, but to maximize your reach you’ll need the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Include links in your website’s header inviting fans to follow you on social media. Then, frequently update your social media followers with news about your latest projects, ways you are making a difference and how they can get involved.

Integrate your website with social channels

10. Add testimonials

When donors hear the voices of people you have helped, they are much more likely to make a gift. Adding testimonials to your website gives you credibility and authenticity and helps reassure donors that your work has a genuine impact on the lives of real people. Adding this feature to your site is easy, just use the Inffuse Testimonials app.

11. Be easy to contact

As people peruse your website, it’s only natural that they might have some questions for you. That’s why it’s important to be accessible. Let potential donors know how they can reach you and include your contact details on every page of your site. When someone contacts you, respond right away. The person on the other side of that email or telephone call may be your next big donor.

12. Stay in touch

The process of fundraising is just getting started when someone makes a donation. Why? Because every past donor is a potential future donor and you will soon want to delicately begin soliciting a repeat donation. Email newsletters offer a great way to do this because they help both past and potential supporters feel connected to your organization. Gather the emails of all of your donors and send out newsletters several times a year. Using Wix ShoutOut, you can do this in under an hour!

By The Wix Team

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