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9 Dynamite Freelancer’s Online Portfolios

10 Dynamite Freelancer’s Online Portfolios

To be successful in today’s freelance job market, a professional website is an absolute necessity. How you present your personal expertise and skills can make a huge difference when someone is thinking of hiring you. The Wix Template Collection is full of beautiful website options for freelancers of all forms, all ready to be customized to anyone’s needs.

A successful freelancer will take advantage of every opportunity to promote their work and create new job opportunities, and will usually have these qualities:

  • technical ability

  • organization

  • business savvy

  • interpersonal and networking skills

These 10 superstar freelancers have proven they have all four of these qualities, and you can see it through their amazing websites:

Eros Cara J A

As an artist, Eros took full advantage of getting super visual with his website. It’s easy to navigate so potential clients can find what they’re looking for, but the emphasis remains on his artwork and strong eye for design, really bringing the wow factor.

freelancers showcase

Kevin Andrews

It’s hard for us not to gush about how cool Kevin and his website is. He’s not only done a great job honing his craft, but has mastered the art of creating a beautiful, fully functional, and informative website. It’s impossible to enter his website and not be 100% sure what he’s all about. Press the play button to see his reel and be blown away.

freelancers showcase4

Midnight Whimsy Designs

Freelance graphic designer Annette creates beautiful, customized art for book covers and has done an amazing job of incorporating her artwork into her website. When it comes to branding, who better than a visual artist? Everything is clearly layed out: her work policies and services she offers are easy to find and even reasonable. From the looks of her gallery, she’s darned good at what she does.

freelancers showcase6

Kurt A Valenta

Kurt’s website gives a great sense of what he’s capable of workwise and goes a long way to express his own personal style. Something tells us that not only would he do a fantastic job of handling your marketing needs, but he’d be a fun personality to have around the office.

freelancers showcase9

Coughlan Tutorial

A certified Mac support pro, Darrell provides all kinds of services and help for those us who are in the remedial computer skills category. We love how he designed a website that checks off all the necessary boxes (clean navigation, informative details, easy to find contact info) while still keeping it esthetically pleasing and even a bit unexpected design-wise.

freelancers showcase10


Along with a fully stocked makeup kit, every makeup artist should have a website that showcases the work they’ve done. Leyda has so many makeup moments to be proud of, and her website is not lacking photos to prove it. Her artistic range is diverse, she’s no stranger to working with celebrities (including Dakota Fanning and Uma Thurman) and we think she’s well on her way to changing the face of makeup.

freelancers showcase11

Anthony Lewis

The photography niche seems to be getting more and more competitive – making it more important than ever to have a website that sets you apart from the rest. It looks like Anthony is well of aware of this, and has done a great job separating himself from the pack. His photos are beyond breathtaking, but we think they look even better because they’re presented in such an unexpected setting. Bravo, Anthony!

freelancers showcase13

Shelly Schultz

A personal chef may not be able to let you taste their creations via a website (yet), but they can certainly display them like artwork as Shelly has done. Her website is clean and carefully crafted, matching the likes of her cuisine. Her site is chock full of delicious features, and the whole package is quite impressive. Shelly, won’t you please come cook for us?

freelancers showcase14

Melvin Vermeer

In case you don’t speak Dutch (we’re a little rusty ourselves), Melvin has been thoughtful enough to create an English version of his [awesome] website. His entire website takes full advantage of trendy white space (you can read about it here), and he provides excellent sound clips and examples of his work. If you’re looking for a velvety voice for your next commercial, Melvin just might be the perfect fit.

freelancers showcase15

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