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Get a unique, custom-made website with the help of a Wix professional designer

wix professional designers

Your website is one of the most valuable marketing tools you have at your disposal. Not only does it act as a primary source of information, but it helps define your brand and attract new customers.

While you can create a website that’s entirely professional and user-friendly yourself with our drag and drop builder, customizable templates, high-quality images and professional apps, for some, it can be beneficial to outsource this task. This is where Wix professional designers can help. You can hire a Wix-approved freelance web designer on the Wix Marketplace to create your perfect website or even to improve your current one.

Here’s what you need to know before getting started.

When to hire a professional designer

Did you know that research shows it only takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to evaluate the quality and appearance of a website? That means that within the blink of an eye, visitors assess your brand, your business, and decide whether or not to stay or leave your site. This can be a bit daunting, which is why you may decide to hire a professional to do the heavy lifting and create a website for you.

Here are some other key reasons why.

You don’t have the time to do it yourself

Hiring a professional designer to help you in making a website ensures that you’ll have a well-branded, user-friendly website up and running in a designated amount of time. It’s essentially one less task you need to take care of, allowing you to focus on other projects.

You want to take your website to the next level

If your business is growing or you are in the process of rebranding, you may want to consider a revamp of your website. A stylish, user-friendly site with high quality images and effects is vital for converting new clients. By hiring a web designer, you can improve your brand’s online presence by upgrading and redesigning your website’s layout and implementing the most updated features.

wix professional designers

You’re having trouble bringing your vision to life

A professional designer can take your ideas and turn them into a functioning site. Together, you can discuss the elements of your branding and what it is you’re looking for. Then, they can incorporate the most up-to-date web design trends to bring your dream website to fruition.

How a professional designer can help grow your business

Investing in a professional designer can be highly advantageous for gaining and retaining customers. The following are the primary reasons why it may be worth your while.

A unique website sets you apart

Whether you decide to base your web design on an existing template or start it from scratch, a professional web designer will know exactly how to make it stand out. A creative, one-of-a-kind site with high quality effects and imagery is simply more enticing. It aids in brand appeal and allows your business to stand out from competitors, increasing traffic and bringing in new customers.

Better SEO optimization

Ranking on search engines like Google is imperative for people to find you. Wix professional designers have in-depth knowledge of Wix website builders and how to implement both front and back end SEO strategies that help your website rank when people search for related terms. A web designer can also apply local SEO that ensures your website is listed when someone searches for relevant keywords in your area.

seo optimization

Up-to-date advancements in web design

Web design is an ever evolving field. Designers remain on top of visual trends and technological advances to ensure the sites they create are as current and innovative as possible. When you hire a professional, your website will be scalable to help grow your business while remaining at peak performance.

A flawless user experience

One of the primary reasons to hire a web designer is to ensure your website provides a seamless user experience, a vital component of a well-functioning website. UX design not only helps visitors navigate, but it fulfills their needs by ensuring they find what they are looking for on your site. This is a major piece of building brand loyalty.

Introducing Wix Professional Designers

Ready to hire a professional web designer? You’ve come to the right place. The Wix Marketplace is a freelance job site that allows you to search through thousands of professional agencies and designers that can create your perfect website. Offering a range of expertise and experience, Wix Partners have been vetted and approved for quality and reliability. In addition, you can find an array of other freelancers for hire, from graphic designers to marketers, to help promote your website and gain new customers.

You can hire a Wix Partner on the Marketplace in one of two ways.

  • Submit a project request. We’ll ask you a few questions to get a sense of what you’re looking for to help match you with the right Partner. You will get a response from each match within one business day, allowing you ample time to review your options. Search through portfolios, review proposals and speak to each individual to discuss your project details, pricing and your timeline to determine the best fit for you.

  • Search for a specific freelancer and submit a request directly. Sort through freelancers by category, service (see how to start a service business), price and language. Then, click Get Quote to reach out to the specific individual or agency you’d like to work with.

wix marketplace

Interested in becoming a Wix Partner?

The Partners Program was created to provide a platform for professional web designers to grow their businesses by creating websites for clients across a variety of types of businesses with Wix. Once accepted to the program, Partners gain access to the Partner Dashboard, providing a wide variety of tools and services that help manage their businesses. This includes a complete set of marketing tools, capabilities to easily connect with clients, manage leads and take advantage of educational resources dedicated to growing their businesses.

How to apply to the Wix Partner Program

If you’re an agency or web designer specializing in freelancing, you’re eligible to join the Partner Program. The first step is to enroll via the Partner Dashboard in your Wix account. Once you’ve received approval, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits the program offers.

How it works

The Wix Partner Program works on a points system, in which participants gain access to specific perks and benefits as they accumulate more points. Points are earned based on the number of websites a Partner creates, as well as which Wix website builder they use to create them. Once you reach the level of Creator, Partners have the opportunity to be listed on the Marketplace.

Partners earn:

  • 100 points for every Wix premium site they build.

  • 300 points for each Wix Editor X premium website they build.

Levels of the Wix Partner Program

As Partners accumulate points, they move up levels and unlock new benefits. The five Partner levels include:

01. Explorer: 0-300 points

Benefits include:

  • Stay up-to-date on Wix releases and products.

  • Easier collaboration with your teammates by assigning custom roles and permissions.

  • Learn how to grow your agency, build your network, and stay updated on Wix features.

02. Pioneer: 400-900 points

Benefits include:

  • Priority support from the Wix team.

  • Test and provide feedback on new Wix tools and features before they go live.

  • Grow and manage your business with Wix tools.

  • Send recurring invoices to clients to receive payments directly.

03. Creator: 1000-1900 points

Benefits include:

  • Receive coupons to drive traffic to customer websites with social media ad campaigns.

  • Display a Partner badge on your Marketplace profile.

  • Get immediate help from our Advanced Partner Support team 24/7.

04. Icon: 2000-4900 points

Benefits include:

  • Receive support and tutorials from your team's dedicated success manager.

  • Display a Partner badge on your Marketplace profile.

  • Get immediate help from our Advanced Partner Support team 24/7.

05. Legend: 5000+ points

Benefits include:

  • Get 20% back on every Premium Plan purchased at full price.

  • Solve your product needs with Wix custom solutions.

  • Get on-site training to get the most out of Wix for you and your team.

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