6 Photography Portfolios You’d Want to Learn From

Here at Wix, we often receive questions from freelance photographers looking for advice on building their portfolio websites. While we do have plenty of resources to share that explain the ins and outs of the website building process and how to go about tackling the Wix Editor tools, in our experience, photographers find it most helpful when we show them examples of what others have done.

That’s why we’ve gone through hundreds of recently published Wix sites to pick out ten especially amazing ones to share with you here. There’s nothing quite like looking at beautiful and compelling photo portfolio sites to get the creative juices flowing with ideas for your own photo portfolio site. This can give you a feel for what your peers think is important to convey to their sites’ visitors, and you can also gain a sense of the latest design and interface trends.

But before we get started, here are some helpful questions you may want to ask yourself while viewing others’ portfolios:

  • Where does this site excel, and how can this be built upon?

  • What does this site’s design do that isn’t great, and how can I do it better?

  • How does this site approach organizing the photo portfolio into sections and slideshows?

  • What non-portfolio content does the site have, and how does this content help prospects to decide whether to hire this photographer?

  • What links are there to content outside the site?

  • What social media integrations, lead capture forms and other App Market apps is this site using?

Avila Photography >>

Born in Cuba and based in Miami, this photographer specializes in shoots for real estate, menus, weddings and products. His site is sharp and clean, using large slideshows in the background to showcase his talents. He offers four Services sub-pages that include typical project scope of work descriptions and even pay rates.

Avila’s photography and digital touch-up skills are extremely impressive, and the full-width image sliders showcase this effectively. Who knew that parked vintage automobiles could be so attractive? The customized design, with its vertical menu overlay, is refreshing, and he promotes presences on three social channels, plus a contact form and his phone number as ways to follow up with him.

The site has a few downsides, though. We don’t know Avila’s full name, which would be good to know if we’re going to hire him; the flags in the footer imply that there are multilingual versions of the site, which there aren’t; and background music auto-plays as soon as the site loads, which feels a bit intrusive from a user experience perspective.

Joern Pollex >>

A 20-year veteran of sports, travel, portrait and commercial photography, German talent Joern Pollex’s site is an exercise in minimalism. His use of “masonry” image thumbnail layouts enables us to view many photos with differing heights and aspect ratios on one screen.

The header on Pollex’s site features icons meant to link to his Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr profiles, but frustratingly, the icons aren’t clickable. The footer features a link to an internal page with a sample client contract, which may be helpful for prospects to get a sense of what they’re getting into, but the expanse of legalese may rub some the wrong way, implying that Pollex is a hardball kind of guy rather than the inspired and helpful solution to prospects’ needs.

Carlo Heathcote >>

Singapore’s Carlo Heathcote brands his portfolio site as an activism project, lending exposure to humanitarian issues by showcasing his shots of mass hunger in Niger, Kashmiri earthquake survivors and Afghanistan’s escalated militarism. “The exhibition is designed to try and give a voice, through the power of their own image, to people whose lives’ have been caught up in a humanitarian crisis,” writes Heathcote on his “About” page.

Kita Koji >>

Japan’s Kita Koji specializes in studio production shoots of products and fashion models, but he is also accomplished as a travelogue and wedding photographer. The relaxing neutral of the solid gray background on his web pages allows the photos themselves to pop out, which is what a portfolio ought to accomplish.

Each section of the site features a dedicated short blurb about the photographer’s approach for this type of shoot, and while the English here isn’t spectacular, the talent’s personality does shine through nicely, and publishing unique content on every page is likely to give the site an SEO boost.

Michelle Monique Photo >>

A Californian video game enthusiast with a flair for artistic vision and heavy-handed yet skilled digital post-production touchups, Michelle Monique is a rising talent. She’s still in college, having shot many of the images seen on her portfolio site as a teen.

These shots, which are drenched in fantasy aesthetics and digital art techniques, are jaw-droppers. Especially interesting is the “Videos” section, where she posts “making of” clips explaining her creative and production processes.

Yann Photographe >>

Hailing from France, Yann Pendaries is an independent commercial photographer in his late 30s. His shoots for Evian mineral water, the Elissance cosmetics brand and several wineries features prominently on his site.

However, the portfolio’s “Art Photography” section is what catches the eye most for its distinctive quality. Here, Pendaries lets the creativity rip, creating textured, tinted images that are fun and dreamy. The overall design may favor object shadows a bit too much, but the gray background is effective, and the eye is drawn sufficiently to the photographer’s excellent imagery.

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