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Inspire the industry with your creation

Submit your site to be featured alongside bold, brilliant Wix Studio sites.

What we’re looking for:

Design quality   |   Creativity   |   Unique user experience   |   Responsive site behavior

*Only Premium sites hosted on a custom domain will be considered.

*Other than these two fields above, the information you will provide in this form will be publicly displayed on the Inspiration page.

Your profile

Please add the following information for your agency, which will appear alongside the site you've created on the Inspiration page.

Please provide logos in JPEG/PNG/WebP formats with solid, non-transparent backgrounds and in a 1:1 ratio. If no logo is provided, we will use your agency initials.

Selected site details

Please add the following information for the selected site that will appear on the Inspiration page.

Share some details about the project and creative process, such as your client, their goals and how you brought their vision to life. Wix Studio reserves the right to edit the description for clarity and tone.

Included site features (Select all that apply):

By clicking “Submit”, you agree to display the website on Wix Studio’s Inspiration page and/or any promotional content of the Wix Studio's Inspiration page and confirm that you’ve obtained all necessary rights and approvals, including your client’s consent to such display where applicable.

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