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Live webinar: GA4 lessons and tactics one year later

Webinar speakers, Mordy Oberstein, Crystal Carter and Daniel Wainberg

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 | 1PM ET

Get up to speed with the latest strategies for GA4. How has this new era of analytics transformed how we think about website data—and most importantly, what new insights does it reveal about your customers? 

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • New GA4 features and must-know functionality

  • Common problems—and solutions

  • How to find growth opportunities

Meet your hosts:


Speaker, Daniel Waisberg

Navah Hopkins

Consultant & Paid Media Strategist

Navah is a sought-after paid media strategist with more than a decade of experience advising brands and agencies. Passionate about helping businesses unlock the full value of digital advertising, she is a popular industry speaker and also serves as an evangelist for Optmyzer.

Speaker, Crystal Carter

Dana DiTomaso Founder, KP Playbook President & Partner, Kick Point

Dana is founder and lead instructor at KP Playbook, and president and partner at Kick Point. She shows marketers how to set smart goals and track results so that they understand what strategies bring real value. Dana also teaches analytics at the University of Alberta.  X (Twitter) | LinkedIn

Speaker, Mordy Oberstein

Crystal Carter Head of SEO Communications, Wix

Crystal is an SEO and digital marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience. Her global business clients have included Disney, McDonalds and Tomy. An avid SEO communicator, her work has been featured at Google Search Central, brightonSEO, Moz, Lumar (DeepCrawl), Semrush and more. X (Twitter) | LinkedIn

Mordy Oberstein Head of SEO Brand, Wix

In addition to leading SEO branding at Wix, Mordy serves as a communications advisor for Semrush. A passionate SEO educator, Mordy authored the Wix SEO Guide and is a popular industry speaker. Catch him chatting all things SEO on SERP’s Up, as well as Edge of the Web. X (Twitter) | LinkedIn


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