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SEO blog writing Google Doc template

Adapt this SEO template to create well-structured blog posts that engage readers and perform well on SERPs. Reuse as you need to scale your content production process.

SEO blog writing Google Doc template

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Use this collaborative Google Doc to:

  • Format blog articles that contain on-page SEO elements like meta data, URLs and headings 

  • Understand how to create a targeted brief for content writers

  • See how to apply keyword research to blog content

  • Learn how to summarize instructions about brand tone of voice, audience specifics and messaging

  • Condense and apply research to a specific blog article

Headshot of Adriana Stein, CEO & Founder of AS Marketing

Adriana Stein

CEO & Founder, AS Marketing

Originally from the US and now living in Germany, Adriana Stein is the CEO and Founder of the marketing agency AS Marketing. She leads a team of multi-language SEO experts who develop holistic international marketing strategies in 30+ languages for global companies.

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