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Backlink tracking template

Ensure your link-building process is efficient and results-focused with this backlink monitoring template.

Backlink tracking template

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Use this backlink tracking template to:

  • Turn broken competitor pages into link-building opportunities 

  • Understand how to generate links from niche sites

  • Create an outreach plan for earning quality backlinks

  • Track hard-won links and ensure that they’re protected

Headshot of Ashwin Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing at Optmyzr

Ashwin Balakrishnan

Head of Marketing, Optmyzr

Ashwin Balakrishnan is a B2B SaaS marketer specializing in organic growth, backlinks, and content SEO. He leads the marketing team at Optmyzr, where he hosts the Search Marketing Academy podcast. His personal backlink profile includes gaming, Lego, and electronic music.

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