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Code for the MyHome application and screenshots of the user interface
Code for the MyHome application and screenshots of the user interface in dark mode on desktop and mobile.
Code for the MyHome application and screenshots of the user interface on desktop and mobile.
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Elevate the functionality of your client sites with code

Create interactive web experiences in a hassle-free environment. With our full-stack dev platform, you get the tools you need to build and deploy any client project.

Become a 

Velo-certified Partner

Get certified in our dev platform and show potential clients you’re the most qualified Partner for the job. Showcase your certification badge on your agency’s website and generate exclusive web development leads once you join the Wix Marketplace.


Profile photo of Benny Glaser.

“Velo allows me to offer my clients customized web solutions and applications that meet their specific business requirements, all in Wix’s easy-to-use environment. Plus, I don’t have any long-term reliance on a programmer or system maintenance technician.”

Benny Glaser | Wix Monster


Deliver tailor-made solutions for your clients

Customize elements and apps

Use Wix APIs to control built-in apps and page elements. From backgrounds and buttons to storefront and bookings, you can customize every aspect of your clients’ site behavior.

Build custom forms and dynamic pages

Set up database collections that populate 100s of pages or collect visitor information. You’ll give your clients the freedom to update their content without breaking your design.

Add advanced site capabilities

Make your client sites even more robust with JavaScript. Send personalized notifications, show or hide text and trigger custom interactions when visitors hover, scroll or click.

Connect powerful 3rd-party services

Integrate with the tools your clients need using any 3rd-party API available on the web. Help them run and grow their business with platforms like Stripe, Twilio, Google and more.

The Harasat website homepage.
The Brynk website homepage.
The LawExchange website homepage.
The Hamilton Island Holiday Apartments website homepage.

Unlock exclusive benefits as a Wix Partner

Get custom solutions

Work directly with our team to meet your clients’ development needs and overcome any project barrier.

Collaborate with ease

Assign custom roles, like coding and design. Minimize back and forth with live comments in context.

Generate qualified leads

Join the Wix Marketplace and get hired by Wix users looking for dev, design, eCommerce and marketing. 

Develop your next client project with Wix

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