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How to make money as a food blogger with these 15 ways

how to make money as a food blogger

The importance of monetizing a food blog cannot be overstated, it transforms a hobby into a sustainable business, allowing creators to invest more time and resources into their passion.

For many, the motivations for starting a blog and wanting to make money from food blogging are as diverse as the recipes they share. It ranges from wanting to achieve financial freedom to the need to connect with a broader audience. Understanding how to effectively make money from blogging is crucial for anyone looking to turn their culinary prowess into a profitable venture.

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How to make money as a food blogger: tips for success

To carve out a profitable niche in the food blogging world, certain elements are fundamental to succeed. These not only attract readers but also create the foundation for various income streams when starting a food business.

Quality content

A profitable food blog is synonymous with high-quality content. This includes well-tested recipes, stunning food photography and engaging stories that resonate with readers. Quality content is what initially draws visitors to your blog and what keeps them coming back for more. This also includes your food blog name which should be memorable and unique. If you're using AI to write your blog posts make sure to fully edit your content and make sure it is still valuable and unique to your readers.

Consistent posting

Regularly updating your blog with new content is essential for keeping your audience engaged and driving consistent traffic. A regular content posting schedule helps build a loyal following and improves your blog's ranking in search engine results.

Engaged audience

An engaged audience is the lifeblood of any profitable food blog. Interaction through comments, social media shares and email subscriptions are indicators of an audience that is invested in your content. An active community can lead to more opportunities for blog monetization.

Diversified income streams

The most successful food blogs have multiple income streams. This diversification is key to building a resilient business model that can withstand changes in market trends and consumer behaviors. From sponsored content to affiliate marketing, having several ways to make money can maximize your food blog's earning potential. It's always what makes food blogging a great business to start with little money.

15 ways to make money as a food blogger

Food blogging can be more than just a hobby, it can be a lucrative career if you know how to monetize your efforts. Here are 15 effective ways to generate income as a food blogger.

01. Sponsored posts

Make money as a food blogger by partnering with brands that align with your food philosophy and create blog posts that promotes their products. For example, you could partner with a cheese maker and then plan blog posts around cheese recipes and the health benefits of cheese. You should also make it clear to your audience when content is sponsored and remember to stay true to your values - only endorse products or services that you also believe in or would use. When making money through a food blog, building trust with your readership is crucial and that won’t happen if you endorse inferior products. 

02. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money as a food blogger, indeed as any blogger. Recommend products you love and use affiliate links to earn a commission on sales made through your blog. This can include kitchen tools, ingredients, or food-related services. 

You could plan a blog post titled ‘The best cooking tools in my kitchen,’ and then each tool you describe and list, could include an affiliate link to that product from a specific company or brand. Try to partner with brands whose products you already love and use in your kitchen.

03. Selling products

Make extra money as a food blogger by creating and selling your products, such as branded merchandise, kitchen gadgets, or gourmet ingredients. You can use your blog to attract potential customers and then take them from your blog to your eCommerce site

Food-related products you could sell to make money via eCommerce include:

Check out this guide to the best ecommerce platforms.

04. Hosting cooking classes

Consider sharing your culinary skills by hosting in-person or virtual cooking classes, as a way to make money as a chef or food blogger. You can charge a fee for people to attend the classes live, or they can purchase them afterward. This is another great way to earn passive income as a blogger. These can also be filmed and used as video content within your blogs to improve their user value. 

05. Writing cookbooks

Leverage your blog's recipes and audience to publish a cookbook. Whether it's an e-book or a printed version, cookbooks can be a significant source of income for food bloggers. It’s a great idea if you already have a bank of original recipes to include in the cookbook and you can partner with a photographer to illustrate it. Self-publishing is very common and you can then sell the book through your website or in-person events you host. 

06. Offering meal plans

As a blogger with a lot of food experience, you can make money by designing and selling personalized meal plans or subscription-based meal planning services to your readers who are looking for guidance and convenience.

You can choose to specialize in a type of cuisine or diet, for example:

  • Keto diet meal plans

  • Gluten-free meal plans

  • Vegan meal plans

  • Low-calorie meal plans

If you also have cooking skills, beyond blogging, you could also offer meal plans and the prepared meals to go with them. 

07. Food photography services

If you’re not just a food writer but also a talented photographer you can offer your food photography skills to other bloggers, restaurants, or brands to make more money. High-quality images are always in demand in the food industry whether for food advertising, restaurant menus, or food-related website content.

08. Creating a YouTube channel

Expand your reach by creating a YouTube channel to make money. Video content allows for additional ad revenue leading to generating an income directly and can complement your written blog content thus helping you make money indirectly. A YouTube channel can also be an effective marketing tool, both to bring people to your blog and any other services you might offer related to the food industry. 

09. Podcasting

Start a podcast related to food where you can share your experiences, interview guests and discuss trending culinary topics. Podcasts can be used to make money as a food blogger through sponsorships and ads. You can also use it to generate visitors to your blog. 

Some great food podcasts to be inspired by include:

  • This is TASTE - follow along with hosts Aliza Abarbanel & Matt Rodbard as they lead conversations around food, home cooking and culture. 

  • Be my Guest with Ina Garten - join Ina Garten as she invites different celebrities into her home to cook and talk, all the while showing how food conversation and connection are intertwined.

10. Paid premium content

Another way to make money as a food blogger with your written content is to offer exclusive content, such as advanced recipes or detailed guides, to members who pay a subscription fee for access to it. 

11. Advertising

One of the most popular ways to monetize a blog is to run display ads on your blog through networks like Google AdSense. You can also work directly with brands to feature their advertisements on your blog, allowing you to make money with each click or impression.

12. Consulting services

Use your food-related expertise to consult for restaurants, food startups, or individuals looking to enter the food blogging space. You can help them set up a blog, or build a consistent food-focused content schedule for their website. If they also need someone to write their blogs, this could be a good opportunity to consult and write, as ways to make money within food blogging. 

13. Food tours

If you're in a city with a vibrant food scene, organize food tours to introduce people to local cuisines and culinary hotspots. This can be a fun way to make money as a food blogger, especially if you enjoy spending time with people and sharing your knowledge. The tours could also include a cooking class or demo and food tastings. You could partner with local food producers and bring them tours, to sample and buy their products, in exchange for a commission. 

14. Recipe development

Another way to monetize your work as a food blogger is to work with food brands to develop unique recipes using their products. You can then use this experience to plan more blog content and to advertise the products used. You can earn commissions from sales, related to your recipe development and promotion of it. 

15. Public speaking

As an established food blogger, you can be invited to speak at events, conferences, or food shows and then be paid for your time and expertise.  These appearances can be a source of income and a way to grow your brand at the same time.

How much money do food bloggers make?

According to data from ZipRecruiter in 2024, the amount food bloggers in the United States earn varies significantly. Although they earn an average hourly wage of $29.94, there are those who earn as high as $60.34 per hour, while others earn as low as $16.83. This wide range suggests ample opportunities for growth and higher earnings based on factors such as expertise, geographical location and years of experience.

While some food bloggers may earn modest incomes as a side hustle, others with successful blogs and diverse revenue streams can generate substantial earnings and even pursue it as a full-time career.

How to get started making money as a food blogger

Setting up a business

First and foremost, treat your blog as a business. This means setting up the legal structure, such as an LLC or sole proprietorship and getting your finances in order. Understand the tax obligations and keep meticulous records of your income and expenses when starting your business.

Creating a website

Your blog's website is your storefront, so invest in a professional design and user-friendly interface. Start by making your website and then ensure it's optimized for search engines with relevant keywords, meta descriptions and tags to help your content rank higher and attract more visitors. 

Marketing and promoting

Develop a marketing strategy to increase your blog's visibility. Utilize social media, email newsletters and networking with other food bloggers to promote your content. Engaging with your audience through these channels also helps to build a community around your blog.

Making money as a food blogger FAQ

How much money can you make as a food blogger?

The income of food bloggers varies widely based on their traffic, engagement and monetization strategies. Some bloggers may earn a few hundred dollars a month, while others can make a full-time income, reaching into the tens of thousands.

How long does it take to start making money with a blog?

What are the best ways to monetize a food blog?

Other ways to make money you might want to consider

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