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How to connect your email to your Wix website

how to add email to Wix website

You’ve probably already realized that Wix makes it easy for anyone to create a website. But did you know that we also offer business owners all the tools they need to manage their online presence and marketing strategies, just as easily? Straight from your site dashboard, you can keep track of all of your customers’ essential information, send out newsletters to promote your business and get insights and reports. 

In today’s world, one of the tools that every serious venture needs is a business email address. It’s essential to build a strong, memorable brand and make it easy for your clients to reach out.

Why a branded email address is important

Having a custom business email address is one of the most important ways to promote your brand and show your customers that you are a legitimate and serious business. Typically, you want your email address to be the same as your web address, otherwise known as your domain name. You’ll need to own a custom domain before you can set up your email.

When choosing a domain name, find something that’s easy to remember, simple to spell and includes your business name. For example, if you own Fat Cat Pizza, a perfect domain would be and your email could be or

Not ready to invest in a custom email? You can also get a free Gmail address that incorporates your brand name, such as

Tip: When you connect your Gmail account to your Wix Inbox, the connection only goes one way. You can see all Wix Inbox notifications in your personal Gmail account. However, any personal emails sent to or from your Gmail do not show up in Wix Inbox. Learn more about connecting your Gmail account to your website.

Is a business email address relevant to your website?

Adding your email address to your website helps you save time and makes your life simpler. When you connect your branded email, you can manage your email address—and those of your employees—all in one convenient place. By managing your email marketing address together with your website, you’ll have one less login and password to remember and one less payment to keep up with. In addition, when you buy your personalized Google Apps Mailbox, you also get access to Google Calendar, 25GB of Inbox space and 5GB of storage for your docs on Drive. 

Tip: Try Wix’s email marketing tool to help create professional and engaging campaigns right from your inbox. Check out these email marketing examples that work to get inspired. 

email marketing tool wix

How to own and manage your domain

Before you can connect your branded email to your website, you must first own a domain and manage it on Wix. Here’s how:

How to set up your email address

Now that you have your domain under Wix, it’s time to create a new email address in just a few steps: 

  • Create your own website

  • Pick the Premium Plan that fits your needs

  • Connect your domain to your website

  • Click on Purchase Mailbox

  • Pick how many Mailboxes you want

  • Choose a subscription and complete your purchase

After you’re all set up, you can easily access your business email anywhere by going to or your phone’s Mail app.

If your email is hosted outside of Wix, can it connect it to Wix?

No matter where your email originated, our tech team has a solution. In fact, we wrote how-tos for every situation. Find specific step-by-step instructions to connect your email purchased outside of Wix. 

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