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How to connect your email to your Wix website

How to Connect Your Email to Your Wix Website

You’ve probably already realized that Wix makes it pretty darn easy for anyone to create a website. But did you know that we also offer business owners all the tools they need to manage their online presence, just as easily? Straight from your site dashboard, you can keep track of all of your customers’ essential information, send out stunning newsletters to promote your business and so much more.

In today’s world, one of the tools that every serious business needs is a custom email address. It’s essential to building a strong, memorable brand and making it easy for your clients to remember you and reach out.

Not sure how (or why) to get started? We’ve got you covered.

Do I really need a branded email address?

You sure do. Having a custom business email address is one of the most important ways to promote your brand and show your customers that you are a legitimate and serious business. Typically, you want your email address to be the same as your web address, aka, your domain name. In fact, you’ll need to own a custom domain before you can set up your email.

When choosing a domain name, find something that’s easy to remember, simple to spell and includes your business name. For example, if you own Fat Cat Pizza, a perfect domain would be and your email could be or

Not ready to invest in custom email? You can also get a free Gmail address that incorporates your brand name, such as

Should I connect my email address to my website?

If saving time and making your life simpler is something that interests you, we suggest you go ahead with this step. When you connect your branded email to Wix, you can manage your email address – and those of your employees – straight from By managing your email marketing address together with your website, you’ll have one less login and password to remember and one less payment to keep up with. Plus, when you buy your personalized Google Apps Mailbox, you also get access to Google Calendar, 25GB of Inbox space and 5GB of storage for your docs on Drive. Now that’s what we call value.

What’s up with my URL?

Before you can connect your branded email to your website, you must first own a domain and manage it on Wix. But not to worry, it’s quick and easy. Here’s how:

  • Want to purchase your very own domain for that beautiful website of yours? Easy peasy. Click here to learn how to purchase your custom domain straight from Wix. (We’ll even throw in a voucher for 1 year free with most of our Premium plans!)

  • Did you already purchase a domain from somewhere else? No worries – we don’t take it personally. To learn how to transfer your domain over to Wix, click here. Or, to learn how easy it is to connect a domain you purchased elsewhere to Wix, you can find step by step directions here.

Does this all sound like a foreign language to you? We promise, it’s easier than you think. If you’re still a bit unsure about domains, you can learn more here.

Is it set up time?

Now, that you have your domain under Wix, let’s get you that new email address! It’s just a handful of steps, let us walk you through it:

  • Hover over the Subscriptions tab.

  • Click Mailboxes.

  • Click Buy a Mailbox next to the relevant domain.

  • Click the drop-down menu to choose the number of mailboxes you want to buy.

  • Choose a payment plan: – yearly or monthly.

  • Click Get it.

  • Enter your credit card information.

  • Click Submit Purchase.

If my email is hosted outside of Wix, how can I connect it to Wix?

No matter where your email originated, our tech team has a solution. In fact, we wrote How-To’s for every situation under the sun. Find specific step by step instructions here to help you connect your email to Wix.

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