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Gorgeous traveling sites to get you in a vacation mood

Wix Sites That Will Get Your Traveling

August is just around the corner, and for many people all over the world this means that the office walls and the daily shifts are becoming less appealing than ever. It’s time for a vacation, guys! Who doesn’t want to just hop on a plane and head out to a dreamy resort somewhere?

We gathered together a pretty bunch of website designs from the traveling and hospitality industry to prepare you for the vacation of your dreams. These are some of the best websites representing travel destinations, all created by Wix users across the globe. Have a look and you might find the next destination on your road map. Find something that inspires you? Then get planning with how to create your website, and choosing your website type.

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

Tequila Sunrise Villa >>

Tequila Sunrise Villa

Delphic Motion >>

Delphic Motion

Camping Les Oliviers >>

Camping Les Oliviers

Dream Like Destinies >>

Dream Like Destinies

Oliva Nera Sicilia >>

Oliva Nera Sicilia

Hotel San Fernando Plaza >>

Hotel San Fernando Plaza

Malama Tours Hawaii >>

Malama Tours Hawaii

Pousada Vila Do Sossego >>

Pousada Vila Do Sossego

Natur Hostel Etxebarri >>

Natur Hostel Etxebarri

Red Rock Hotel Group >>

Red Rock Hotel Group

Schloss and Park Imbshausen >>

Schloss and Park Imbshausen

Southern Rockies Camp >>

Southern Rockies Camp

Charlesworth Bay Penthouse >>

Charlesworth Bay Penthouse

Xplora Cancun >>

Xplora Cancun

TC Rental Home >>

TC Rental Home

Traviling >>


Voyages Andes >>

Voyages Andes

Ontdek Valencia >>

Ontdek Valencia

Ty Mamgoz >>

Ty Mamgoz

Corsica >>


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