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Design Inspiration \ AUG 9th 2018

10 Blog Examples with Design Wisdom to Learn From

Blogging has come way beyond the days of simply uploading your diary entries onto your website and pressing ‘Publish.’ (We’re sighing with relief, too.) In addition to the written content, there are so many other factors that can make or break a blog’s success, from the vibe the site’s design gives off, to how easy it is for visitors to engage with the pages. To consolidate all of this wisdom about how to make sure it’s always rush hour on your site, we’ve compiled this selection of ten blog examples made on Wix that had us grabbing a pencil and taking notes.

So whether you’re thinking about starting your blog career (and with the SEO boost it gives your brand, who wouldn’t take this step?) or are a pro searching for ways to spruce up your page. Here are ten blog examples packed with all of the design wisdom you need to transform your blog into one of the best in the business.

Laura Baross

After browsing through Laura Baross’ blog, I promise you will rethink your toilet paper preferences. Making the switch to an environmentally friendly lifestyle can feel intimidating at times, but her design choices to keep the layout clean and delicate represent the core message of her site: you’ve got this! Besides reinforcing her brand’s identity, these choices to keep it simple allow the most sophisticated elements of her blog to stand out. For example, her signature logo offers a customized consistency to the page, and new visitors are invited to subscribe to her newsletter by the least aggressive lightbox you’ve ever seen that slides gently onto the page’s right-hand side. Laura’s site is proof enough that a minimalist approach never has to mean a drop in quality.

Laura Baross Zero Waste Living

Beyond the Hutch

You know how fashion magazines are always raving about statement pieces that can make the transition from the workplace to an evening out? Well, if there ever was a blog equivalent of that multipurpose accessory, then Beyond the Hutch would be it. This interior design blog achieves a professional-yet-chic atmosphere through a classic choice of bold black text against a white background, yet keeps things playful with bursts of peach color, a smile-worthy CTA (who could turn down a request to be friends?), and bringing visitors into the Hutch community by including extended author profiles for each post. With style like this, it’s sure to be a head-turner wherever it goes.

Beyond the Hatch Magazine

Find More With Les

Leslie doesn’t let her audience down on the promise of her blog name, even when it comes to her site design choices. She finds ways to put a personalized spin on even the most fundamental elements of her blog, such as the Instagram Feed that lines the bottom of the page and the custom message on the Wix Chat box, so that they emerge as clear representatives of her unique voice. Her sense of humor extends beyond her posts: instead of leaving her blog sections as basic text headers, she makes them sparkle by accompanying the text with clever images, so that the “Travel” section, for example, is represented by a hand holding a passport. By keeping even the smallest of details consistent with her personality, she ensures the maximum amount of Leslie radiates through her blog.

Find More with Les Photography

Jorge Blanco

Who said blog posts always have to be preceded by an overflowing trash can of crumpled drafts? It can be exhausting coming up with new topics all of the time, especially when you have other things to focus on like, you know, creating your 18-foot tall sculptures. Instead, artist Jorge Blanco dedicates most of his blog’s space to media coverage of his exhibits. To make sure his work gets the same attention as it would in a gallery, he arranges high-resolution photos of his colorful pieces against a white backdrop to create maximum contrast. Jorge might be a sculptor, but design principles applied to websites could be a natural second medium.

Jorge Blanco Sculpture

Simply Tabitha

Clearly Tabitha must have read our article on how to become a social media influencer (especially step #8!). Indeed, her blog is a stellar example of how adding an online venue for personal thoughts and advice can act as a powerful engine for building your brand. She doesn’t simply dish out fashion and beauty advice to her audience of mommas-to-be, she also hands over the tools to make it all happen via a “Shop the Post” widget at the end of each post that allows viewers to replicate her look. And with Pinterest “Save” buttons hovering over each picture, fans can keep her glamorous aesthetic on hand for inspiration.

Simply Tabitha Pregnancy Blog

Styling by WhyDee

One of the secrets of success for a blog is producing lots of content. But once you get your blogging gears going, how do you keep your viewers from getting lost in a forest of posts on your homepage? Designer Yaya Ding keeps things organized with an “Archive” and a “Featured” section on the right-hand side of the page, as well as an anchor link that allows readers to hop, skip, and jump right on back to the top with the click of a button. Plus, if the stylized photos aren’t enough, she boosts her designer cred even more by using a trendy millennial pink and gray color scheme that’s all the rage right now in the design world.

Styling by WhyDee

Alissa Avocado

We sadly might not be able to literally join Alissa on her global food tour (it’s okay, we’re not feeling bitter at all), but her blog can at least make us feel like all of those restaurant reservations will be for two. Her smart usage of the left column keeps her story and her CTA prominently displayed, so all of those mouthwatering dishes won’t distract visitors from subscribing to follow her journey. And with a prominent chat button, Alissa reinforces her enthusiasm to engage with her fans no matter where she is in the world.

Alissa Avocado

Helena Krüger

Helena Krüger’s merges the worlds of fashion and art to produce the whimsical illustrations that grace her website. The multimedia works traverse time and place, reflecting hints of 1940s Paris cafes alongside the newsrooms of New York City in the 70s. The designer uses the blog to introduce web visitors to the places, styles, design techniques (and scrumptious looking food – save us some, please!) that form her galaxy of inspiration. Her well organized and intriguing post topic categories at the top of the page, such as ‘On my desk,’ further invite readers to get lost in her visual-heavy documentation of the everyday beauty she finds around her. This glimpse into her world helps welcome and build trust in her expertise with potential shoppers on her online boutique, increasing the chance that they’ll leave the site with a glamorous, newly-purchased piece to hang on their wall.

en ville

Photographer Sharon Radisch takes an unconventional approach with her blog, opting to take advantage of Wix Pro Gallery to arrange her images and text. The effect? She maintains the intimate nature of a blog and is able to customize the presentation so what emerges is a creative portfolio of her talent. A white background offers a playground for her to experiment with different spacing techniques that accentuate her work, and a gallery slideshow featuring a sampling of her stories on the homepage lures visitors in with its edgy photography choices. Sharon declares her site to be “a visual ode to the aesthetically pleasing” – and she shows us she means it.

En Ville Lifestyle

Alicia Wiley

Photographer Alicia Wiley’s tagline is: “vibrant, fun & bold photography.” Yet there’s almost no need for her to write it at the top of her blog – because she communicates each of these elements so well through every elements of her page. Alicia’s selection of fresh colors and bold prints are presented above the fold (you know, the area users sees before having to scroll down), so visitors are greeted right away with her thematic categories and her catchy personal statement. Her shortened bio at the beginning of the blog spares visitors the need to jump to yet another page to learn more about who she is (although they’ll be in for a treat if they do – her “About Me” section is worship-worthy). And with a rich footer at the bottom of her page – containing a social media bar, her brand’s signature typography, and a menu, she makes her site’s easy navigation come full circle. Between effectively communicating her bubbly personality and her clear passion for her subjects, Alicia’s blog has us smiling from ear to ear (on the count of 3, of course!).

Alicia Wiley Photography

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By Joanna Kramer
Community Writer, Wix About the Wix Blog

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