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Mastering Social Media: The Best Platforms For Your Business

With more than 2.8 billion users worldwide, it’s no surprise that social media marketing is a vital aspect of almost every business. Going social with your biz improves brand awareness, pushes conversion rates forward, boosts traffic to your stunning website and upgrades customer experience. The question isn’t whether you should use social networks to promote your business, but rather how you’re going to do it.

In an ideal world, you would manage a vibrant page on every popular platform, offer original, tailored content on each one of them while arriving at the office on a flying unicorn. But in real life, most businesses have limited resources, busy schedules and about a million other missions to accomplish. These limitations mean that when you plan your social media marketing strategy, you should choose your battles wisely.

When it comes to social networks, yesterday’s giants might not be relevant today, and tomorrow’s trends may be overlooked in the present, so you should keep your finger on the pulse. That’s why we prepared a review of all the leading social networks around, to help you decide on which horses you want to place your bets on.


What is it (in a nutshell)?

The Michael Jordan of social networks. Since it was opened to the public in 2006, Facebook has become the leading force in the market, allowing users and brands to live together in harmony in the same vibrant timeline. People around the world are able to connect, share updates, photos and videos, chat, play games, read news stories, stream live video and reduce their productivity in the office.

Who’s there

Facebook celebrated two billion active users this year. That means that your parents, your childhood friends, your local grocery store and your neighbor’s dog are all there. Got the feeling not everyone’s super active? Well, 1.32 billion users spend time on this social platform every day. However, recently it was reported that teenagers are leaving Facebook for more young, hip and parent-less platforms.

Fun fact: The like button has been pressed 1.13 trillion times.

Why you should use it

  • It’s the largest and most popular social media network in the world. Being there is vital for your online presence.

  • There are hundreds of different features with new ones coming out almost every day that will allow you to experiment with fresh marketing techniques.

  • There are advanced paid marketing tools to promote your biz efficiently.

  • The powerful Insights features to analyze your content’s performance and learn about your audience.

  • Watching “The Social Network” will be much more enjoyable.

Bottom Line: Be there or be square.

Choosing the Best Social Media Channels For Your Business - Why Use Facebook


What is it (in a nutshell)?

While many social networks might overwhelm you with content being thrown at your face, one of Twitter’s main strengths is the limit on the amount of content users can share. Whether it’s text length (140 characters), video length (140 seconds) or the number of photos in one tweet (4), you’ll have to make everything you publish short and to the point.

Fun fact: The company, which was founded in 2006, was almost called “Friendstalker.” Yeah, we know. How could they pass on that moneymaker?

Who’s there

Twitter has more than 328 million monthly active users that Tweet around 500 million times a day, making it the leading social platform for live updates and breaking news. Additionally, the rapid nature of Twitter makes it more appealing to younger crowds, with more than a third of the population aged 18 to 29 in the US using Twitter.

Why you should use it

  • It’s one of the fastest and simplest ways to reach potential customers directly.

  • The platform allows brands to provide quick and precise customer support (Like our WixHelp Twitter account).

  • You can reach a new audience by jumping on to trending topics.

  • Easily analyze the performance of your content by studying your Twitter analytics.

  • You’ll fully understand the jokes in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets.”

Bottom Line: Reach your clients quickly and directly.

Choosing the Best Social Media Channels For Your Business - Why Use Twitter


What is it (in a nutshell)?

Many consider Snapchat to be the thin line between adults and youth. The interface of this social network invites users to immediately take a photo or shoot a video and send them to friends and followers. The Snaps you send can be viewed for up to 10 seconds before they disappear into the abyss. Aside from that, you can add text, emojis, drawings and the crown jewel - playful filters - on top of your Snaps.

Fun fact: Snapchat was once called "Picaboo." Perhaps they were targetting an even younger audience.

Who’s there

Founded only in 2011, Snapchat already has 300 million monthly active users who send more than 1 million Snaps and watch more than 10 billion videos per day. As we mentioned earlier, Snapchat is the hippest and “youngest” social platform in this article. How young? About 71% of users are under 34 years old, 30% of US millennials use it regularly and its user penetration rate among those 12 to 17 years old in the US is 83% (!)

Why you should use it

  • It’s a great way to introduce the cool youth to your business.

  • There are various paid ad formats to promote reach and engagement, such as video ads, sponsored Geofilters or sponsored Lenses.

  • You can increase social media presence on mobile devices (There’s no desktop version of the app).

  • With Snapchat, you’ll build a more personal relationship with your customers. Try “behind the scenes” documentation of your company’s day-to-day operations or a tour of your office.

Bottom Line: Start snapping if you don’t want your business to disappear in 10 seconds.

Choosing the Best Social Media Channels For Your Business - Why Use Snapchat


What is it (in a nutshell)?

We could’ve started this section with the “A picture is worth a thousand words” saying, but we’re better than that. Instagram is a social network made for sharing photos and videos, famous for its digital filters that will make your scrambled egg dinner look like it was cooked by Gordon Ramsay. After Snapchat’s global success, Instagram launched its own Stories feature in August 2016, allowing users to upload photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Fun fact: Can’t decide on a filter that will make your selfie truly unique and original? Clarendon, Juno, and Gingham are the most popular filters.

Who’s there

In four words – a lot of people. If you want the numbers, the 700 million monthly active users have shared 40 billion photos by now (half of which are of the famous cronut). More than two-thirds of users are females, most are between 18 to 29 years old and 80% are outside the US, so take that into consideration when curating your content.

Why you should use it

  • Easily build and control your brand’s visual language.

  • Instagram users engage with brands 10 times more than Facebook and 84 times more than Twitter.

  • You’ll expand your visual identity and communicate through visuals to convey your message.

  • Using #hashtags is a great way to reach a wider audience and get in on trending topics (Did someone say #tbt?).

Bottom Line: It’s more than just a food porn app, it’s a great way to promote your business.

Choosing the Best Social Media Channels For Your Business - Why Use Instagram


What is it (in a nutshell)?

The cool artistic kid in the class, Pinterest offers users the option to share or save content to “Pinboards,” or online collections that usually revolve around a specific theme. The chic social network, which was launched in 2010, doesn’t place a limit on the number of collections a user can create and encourages interactions between users, such as commenting, repinning and liking.

Fun fact: The inspiration for Pinterest grew from Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann’s love for collecting bugs.

Who’s there

More than 150 million monthly active users roam this platform, half of whom reside in the US. Another interesting demographic to note about Pinterest is that 81% of the users are women and 67% of the community is under the age of 40. The most important face for businesses is that 83% of the users said they would rather follow a favorite brand or a store than a celebrity. And if you’re planning to go through all the Pins on this network, clear your schedule, because there are more than 50 billion of them.

Why you should use it

  • People on Pinterest are looking for your product, your messaging probably won’t fall on deaf ears.

  • 93% of active pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases! This is the place you want to be.

  • About 5% of all website referral traffic comes from Pinterest, which is second only to Facebook.

  • Unlike Tweets, Facebook posts and donuts in the office kitchen, pins last for a long time.

  • It’s easy to target specific audiences with Promoted Pins.

Bottom Line: Create stunning content that will flatter your brand and products, because people come here to spend their money.

Choosing the Best Social Media Channels For Your Business - Why Use Pinterest


What is it (in a nutshell)?

The first large-scale video sharing site, launched in 2005, is one of the most popular websites in the world. From mega brands posting their commercial videos to everyday folks sharing home videos of musical cats, you can find almost any kind of video content in this vast online library that keeps on growing. The social aspect of this platform is reflected in the users’ ability to upload, rate and share videos and also comment on them.

Fun fact: The first video uploaded to YouTube is an 18-second documentation of Jawed Karim, one of the founders, at the zoo. A must-watch piece of history.

Who’s there

Probably most people you know, as more than 1.3 billion people use YouTube, with stats showing that eight out of ten people between the ages of 18 to 49 watch videos at least once a month. More key user characterizations: the male-to-female ratio is about 1:1, 70% of users view the site’s content on mobile and more than 500 years of YouTube videos are watched every day on Facebook.

Why you should use it

  • Millennials prefer YouTube about twice as much as traditional TV.

  • 62% of millennials and 51% of adults over 35 said they’ll likely take action after watching a YouTube ads.

  • There are various targeting options that’ll help you reach only the most relevant audience.

  • It’s filled with convenient methods to measure and analyze your ads’ performance.

Bottom Line: It’s just like advertising on TV, just cheaper and with a wider reach.

Choosing the Best Social Media Channels For Your Business - Why Use YouTube


What is it (in a nutshell)?

LinkedIn is the social network with the suit and tie. Launched in 2003, (the oldest member on our list), this business-oriented platform houses more than 500 million users, who can connect with one another and find career opportunities. Although like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn is a social network, it’s not the place to post photos from your trials at a hotdog eating contest. Think of it as an ongoing, online networking event you can use to promote yourself or your business with a layout that’s somewhere in between a Facebook profile and a resume.

Fun fact: The average CEO has around 930 connections on LinkedIn.

Who’s there

While LinkedIn has more than half a billion users, only a bit more than 100 million are active at least once a month. But don’t let these numbers fool you, 49% of key decision makers use LinkedIn for business purposes. 44% of the users are females, 61% fall between 30 to 61 years old and over three-quarters of users earn more than $75,000 a year.

Why you should use it

  • You can easily connect, network and collaborate with key figures and businesses in your field.

  • You’ll attract talented professionals to your company (more than 40 million students and recent college graduates roam this platform).

  • It’s easy to introduce new products and services and study the feedback from your professional community.

  • It’s a good way to learn about your competitors’ abilities and business networks.

Bottom Line: Give your sweaty hands a rest, use the power of online networking.

Choosing the Best Social Media Channels For Your Business - Why Use LinkedIn

Google Plus

What is it (in a nutshell)?

About six years after it was launched in 2011, it’s safe to say that Google’s attempt to compete with Facebook didn’t go as planned. Similar to Zuckerberg's creation, Google Plus lets you share content, comment and like, ahem, +1 other posts, engage with other users and enjoy the full range of Google’s wonderful products. On top of these options, users can decide who will see every photo, video or an update they’ll upload by using “Circles,” social collections to organize and label connections. However, all these features didn’t help the platform succeed and it is generally considered as a failure.

Fun fact: Mark Zuckerberg has a Google Plus profile. He's never published a post.

Who’s there

There is no up to date data about Google Plus users, but if we’ll rely on previous bits of information that went public, we can estimate that around 75% of the users are male, and about 70% are 35 years old or older. Because this network is connected to Gmail, YouTube and other Google services, it has almost 400 million members, but only a fraction of them are actually active and post content.

  • Your Search Engine Optimization or SEO. When you attend a dinner at Google’s house, you’re going to drink some SEO juice. Maintaining a Google Plus profile will boost your search engine rankings.

  • Business pages on the platform are connected to Google’s My Business, which makes it easy for customers to find and connect with your brand.

  • The people who do use this social network love it. Google Plus topped America Consumer Satisfaction Index in 2017. Give it a try, maybe you’ll fall in love as well.

  • There are still few vibrant and active communities on Google Plus. Try to find a relevant group to promote your brand.

Bottom Line: Do it for the SEO.

Choosing the Best Social Media Channels For Your Business - Why Use Google Plus

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By Chen Attias

Community Manager

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