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The best Facebook ad examples to inspire your next campaign

facebook ad examples

A critical part of successfully launching your own business is engaging with your target audiences. Once you create a website, you’ll gain access to many advertising outlets and strategies to reach new potential customers.

Facebook is still one of the most active social media platforms, with nearly 3 billion active users as of July 2022. Many small business owners look to the power of Facebook Ads to distribute content to audiences with intelligence and intent.

Below, we’ll take a peek at Facebook ad examples, plus dive into their content, strategy and results.

Create a Facebook Ad, powered by Wix’s Smart Algorithm to boost sales, generate leads and drive traffic to your site.

Why do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook user data reveals the lucrative potential of Meta’s advertising technology. Data Reportal gathered some impressive statistics in July 2022:

  • Facebook has 2.934 billion monthly active users

  • 1.968 people use Facebook each day

  • Facebook’s advertising reaches 2.17 billion people globally

Meta’s easy-to-use technology combines its strong algorithm with your ad targeting and spending preferences to create a campaign tailored to hit specific marketing goals. For example, Facebook ads can help you gain leads and sales or promote specific pages and events.

The Facebook ads manager also lets users choose specific audiences, manage budget and test out ad content. Users will gain real-time insights on how campaigns are performing, and they can adjust or relaunch preferences at any time.

Additionally, many business owners use Facebook ads for other added benefits:

facebook ad examples with graph representing improvement in sales

Boost sales and conversions

Facebook advertising can be a great resource for businesses that want to promote specific products, events or services. By optimizing your Facebook Ad settings for sales and conversions, you’ll connect to new customers who share similar interests and demographics.

Increase brand awareness

Advertising isn’t just about sales. It can also impact how audiences perceive and familiarize themselves with your brand. Facebook ads can help introduce your brand to new audiences you may not reach organically.

Build an Instagram presence

Once you advertise on Facebook, you can also distribute the same advertisements on Instagram. With an estimated 1.28 billion users worldwide, Instagram marketing is one of the best ways to increase website traffic, promote products and build brand awareness. Here, you can experiment with reaching other audiences and using Instagram’s various advertising formats.

Optimize ad placement

Facebook ads manager can illuminate where your target customers best engage with content. For example, you may start a campaign by targeting customers on Facebook news feeds, only to realize your most loyal customers spend most of their time searching for sales on the Marketplace.

With this information, brands can manually adjust the budget of each ad placement in their campaigns. You can even use tools like Facebook Ads with Wix to identify AI-powered spending and placement tweaks that can optimize your campaign.

Engage potential customers

Facebook ads make it easier to not only measure your website traffic goals, but also achieve them by drawing visitors to your online store and helping them become loyal customers. For example, you can strategically build your audience by targeting people more likely to convert or create lookalike audiences with existing customers. Then you can use Facebook retargeting to bring back website visitors to raise conversion rates.

How to use Facebook Ads with Wix

You can leverage Facebook Ads with Wix to bring the benefits of Facebook marketing your business.

As of writing, nearly 10 million advertisers take advantage of the Meta technology, including some of the most famous brands in the world. But combined with the right marketing strategy, brands at any stage can see impressive ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) using this platform.

Knowing how to advertise on Facebook is something every small business owner can learn on their own (or else, hire a marketing expert to take care of it). But while the Meta’s ad manager is a seamless way to strategize and boost your marketing efforts, time is precious when starting a business. You can launch a successful Facebook ad with Wix and quickly create your targeted campaigns—all from your Wix dashboard.

Wix’s smart algorithm uses advanced machine learning to automatically:

  • Retarget people who have visited your site by showing them your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Reach people who share similarities to existing companies and are more likely to convert by creating lookalike audiences.

  • Run A/B tests that identify the strongest performing times and channels for your ads.

the steps for how to set up a facebook ad example with wix

Facebook Ad Examples

When paired with smart visuals, clean copy, clear calls-to-action and compelling pricing, businesses can reap the benefits of investing in Meta’s advertising ecosystem. Here are some stellar examples from business owners with experiences to share:

01. Bonsie

Anna Turcotte started her skin-to-skin babywear brand Bonsie in 2017, and says her business is “a living, growing thing that needs the constant attention it deserves.”

While she’s busy ensuring the business runs smoothly, Facebook ads have played a key role in Bonsie’s marketing success:

"Right when we were trying to build our brand, drive traffic to our website and showcase our products, Facebook and Instagram ads gave us an immediate boost of exposure, making a big impact on our business and our ROI. Wix and Meta have become trusted partners in building our business.” says Turcotte.

The results: Starting out small with $20 a day and growing with the business, Bonsie saw a 530% ROAI increase, giving them an immediate boost in exposure and allowing them to expand their product line.

Zach Burd’s family-run business supplies fresh farm-to-table eggs to local restaurants, businesses and individual customers. The entrepreneur already used Facebook Ads, but found the Wix integration on his website helped him create even more effective campaigns. “[The] channel makes it so intuitive,” says Burd.

In a Facebook Ad campaign, the small business gets straight to the point, using a carousel with images of different available products (e.g. a cardboard carton holding 30 of their free range eggs, a 2L carton of full milk). The copy in this ad ("Super FRESH — Made to Order — Always LOCAL") is equally effective as images—telling audiences when, where, and what they can order. On top of that, the emojis (including eggs, bread, milk, and coffee) effectively communicate with younger customers.

The results: With ROAS increase by 271% in August 2022, and a 366% ROAS in total since using FB Ads, the small business said running with this integration was more effective than running ads on their own.

burdegg's website who  uses a great facebook ad example for increasing sales

Lofthome is a furniture delivery business and supplier who found Facebook ads effective during the pandemic, as more customers started shifting online. They’ve set up their online store and Facebook business page for success. “The customers just keep coming. These ads saved our company during this hard time,” says Lofthome’s founder, Elison Sui.

The content in Lofthome’s Facebook Ad example highlights special deals on select items and leads viewers straight to their eCommerce website to take advantage of the company’s “direct to your door” delivery service.

The results: In the past month, Lofthome has seen a whopping ROAS of up to 4,500%. Even more impressive is the 6,567% ROAS on their campaigns overall since they started using Facebook ads.

facebook ad examples loft home furniture

As one of the leading electronics shops in France, Boulanger did not need to use their Facebook ads to get noticed. Instead, the retailer wanted to achieve a specific goal: to get more consumers to watch the video tutorials on their website.

Boulanger used Meta’s accelerated delivery feature to spend their full budget over a short time span. The attractive video ad examples were featured on both Facebook and Instagram using the “traffic objective” feature to encourage viewers to learn more.

The results: Boulanger’s video campaign exemplifies how businesses can realize distinct goals during specific seasons or milestones using Facebook ad manager. This campaign reached 7.5 million people, leading to 3.5% increase in purchase intent.

facebook ad example by boulanger
Courtesy of Meta

Even some of the most well-known brands in the world need to increase brand awareness. In Mattel’s case, Facebook ad campaigns were used to draw in new customers during the 2021 holiday gift-buying season.

Matte’s Facebook ad example represents a new wave in advertising: Augmented Reality marketing. The AR advertising campaign surprised and engaged viewers with decorative, interactive filters and was aimed at renewed brand awareness. These videos were distributed alongside product-focused ads using the CTA “Shop Now.”

The results: Meta’s advantage campaign feature automatically distributed Mattel’s budget to the best performing ad set, leading to an 8.7% in ad recall from users aged 25-44.

Facebook ad example by Mattel

Newell Brands wanted to build awareness and increase sales for their product Krazy Glue. To do this, they ran campaigns with two distinct objectives: bring website traffic and increase video views. The Facebook ad’s was successful due to its use of nostalgic storylines as well as best mobile practices for video marketing.

The results: The video ad example grabbed the attention of adults in the US, ages 25-54, increasing the brand’s audience and strengthening associations with their product.

Facebook ad example by Krazy Glue
Courtesy of Meta

07. Stadium

Stadium is an online sports goods store. The Swedish-based company used data about their customers’ buying behavior to strategically set up their Facebook and Instagram ads. They created a variety of videos to use as ads, each touching on a different buyer motivation based on consumer insights from previous campaigns.

The results: Stadium created a series of Facebook and Instagram ads using the collection format, which allows visitors to browse through products directly from their social media accounts. This ad composition proved to be the one Stadium’s customers engage with the most, and the campaign increased online sales by 14%.

Facebook ad example by Stadium
Courtesy of Meta

Since the automobile company’s loyal customers include men and women alike, Chevrolet used Facebook ads as an opportunity to diversify their brand representation. Breaking the stereotype that pickup trucks are predominantly male-owned, they ran two versions of ads on Facebook simultaneously: one featuring a male, and the other a female star as Chevy owners.

The results: The Facebook video ads examples were run on Facebook, Instagram and Instagram stories. Ads featuring the female as the lead role proved to draw in new audiences, while fulfilling their goals of inclusivity in branding.

Facebook ad example by Chevrolet
Courtesy of Meta

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