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8 Useful Hacks for Small Biz Managers

8 Useful Hacks for Your Small Biz Manager

Being a small business manager nowadays is a full-time job and then some. It requires you to be a jack of all trades and dabble in a large variety of tasks – administer inventories, keep track of the books, plan marketing strategies, create a small business website and many more. Business managers learn early on that in order to make it through the day and stay efficient, they need the help of productivity tools and methods.

Wix is a small biz’s best friend. To support the needs of business owners and managers, we created this list of super useful hacks and tricks for keeping your business organized and profitable. These productivity hacks can declutter your workday and help you get things done so you can concentrate on goal number one: grow your business.

01. Use Artificial Intelligence to create a business website

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is a revolutionary technology that creates a gorgeous website for you based on your instructions. It literally will take you two or three clicks and you have a full website outline ready to input your content and hit publish. After ADI is finished building your website for you, you can completely customize it to suit your business needs.

02. Keep moving with the Wix Owner app

Many of the tasks involved in running a small business have you on the go. That's where Wix Owner comes in. This app lets you manage and grow your business wherever you are. You'll be able to update your blog, engage with clients in real time and check up on your store orders or bookings. And just as you'll have an app to help operate your business, your customers also get one of their own. Invite your clients to download Spaces by Wix and become members of your mobile space, giving them a unique mobile app experience where they can enjoy all aspects of your company and site.

03. Automate your email communications

Automated emails is an amazing feature that boosts your communication with your customers and followers. The system is totally straightforward; you simply create triggers that are programmed to send an email as a response to your visitors’ actions. For instance, every time a visitor signs up to your newsletter, they receive an email that you prepared in advance. By setting up these pre-customized emails, you enhance your engagement with site visitors and build stronger customer relations while saving loads of time on manual extensive emailing.

04. Schedule your social posts

Social media content is an invaluable marketing and promotion method for small businesses with limited budgets. To maximize results from social marketing activities you need to ensure frequent and consistent posting. But few business managers have the time to be active on social media all the time. The solution? Social scheduling tools that let you create your posts in advance and set up a publishing time. This way, you maintain an active social presence and a free mind. Facebook has its own internal scheduling tool, but you can also use tools like Buffer or Post Planner for other networks.

And while you’re at it, take into account the best times to post on different channels to increase engagement and reach.

05. Get an app to chat with visitors

It goes without saying that you want to give your audience the best service available. Unfortunately, unless you have employees rotating around the clock, you won’t always be able to provide immediate assistance and respond to questions. Instead of leaving your customers in the lurch, let the Automatic Live Chat app help you. This app chats with your site visitors while you are offline and keeps the communication flow ongoing. It’s a huge relief to know that your visitors receive initial assistance while you are out there juggling your other tasks.

06. Simplify your billing needs

Business owners would be thrilled to discover this free invoice generator that allows you to create invoices and send payments directly to clients, completely hassle-free. It makes things easier for your everyday operations as you get an intuitive tool to manage, organize and track all your billing orders.

07. Try “single-tasking”

We’ve always been taught that multitasking is the true path to success. But experience and insight show that in many cases, multitasking is not exactly the most productive way to get things done. Furthermore, it actually can distract you and obstruct your progress. It’s time to accept that multitasking is not for everyone (though we sure wish it was) and move on to single-tasking. However, to make sure your agenda does not remain stuck on the same item, we recommend you set out a daily schedule for each individual task – one hour to take care of one issue, 2.5 hours for another, etc.

08. Organize your folders to achieve serenity

Messy folders are not only a nuisance, they can slow you down significantly and lose you some important files. Organizing your computer and cloud folders may not be the most fun task, but you won’t regret it when your files are easily accessible and your workflow is neatly streamlined. There are many methods you can follow when you do this, but the most crucial thing here is to understand what fits best for you and to stick to that. This is a pretty thorough folder decluttering guide that you can use for inspiration.

Ready to hack your business’ success? Start by creating a website with Wix.

By The Wix Team


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