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How to Create a Contact Page that Invites Communication

How to Create a Killer Contact Page that Makes a Connection

Contact pages are often the last thing website owners pay attention to. Well – that’s too bad considering that contact pages are where website visitors, i.e. potential clients and partners, can get in touch with you.

Creating a website has now become easier than ever, which gives you plenty of time to pay closer attention to details and optimize your contact page for better conversion rates.

So what elements should you include in your Contact Page? There are three basic rules you should keep in mind:

1. The role of a good contact page is to leverage clients’ initial interest in your business into real communication with you. Make it as easy as possible for clients to connect with you and give them different options to connect with you.

2. Your contact page should reaffirm and reward visitors’ choice of contacting you. This means that your contact page must project credibility.

3. Your contact page should be consistent with the rest of your branding. If your website has a creative design, make sure that your contact page has a small creative element to it too.

Here’s a list of elements that can power up your Contact Page. Remember, there’s no “one design fits all” here! You know your target audience best so be selective and choose wisely.

The Stuff Contact Pages Are Made Of:

  • Physical Address: Adding an actual address is not only vital for communication. A physical address shows clients that you are deeply rooted in the “offline” world and helps you build credibility. If you don’t have an offline office, consider using a virtual office or renting a mailbox.

  • Google Map: If your business has a physical location, a Google Map is definitely an important feature to have on your contact page.

  • Telephone Number: Choose a prominent location for your phone number, especially on your mobile site where people expect to call you directly by clicking a button.

  • Fax Number: Contrary to rumor, fax machines are still alive and many people prefer them to scanning, emailing or Dropbox-like services. If part of the services you offer entail exchanging documents with your clients, do consider including a fax number.

  • Contact Form: Giving your audience the option to contact you directly from your site is a must. Some people find it the easiest, fastest and most accessible form of communication. You can either use a Wix contact form or check out one of the contact form apps available on the Wix App Market. If you're looking for a little inspiration, you can take a look at some beautiful contact pages to help you get started.

  • Email Address: Some people prefer a communication method that leaves a paper trail. Adding your email address will give them the option to communicate with you at their own pace. Make sure you’re using an email address that adds credibility to your business – a business email address is best.

  • Social Media Links: Many people today consider Facebook and other social platforms as their second home. Prepare to greet them by connecting your social media channels to your website.  

  • Skype or Live Chat: You can add a Skype call or live chat button directly to your website. This is a good option for businesses who have international clients or don’t have a toll-free number.

  • Personal Touch: Reward your clients for browsing to your contact page. The best websites are the ones that show them you care, even on your contact page. This means adding a brief and inviting message or a cute image which can help create a sense of familiarity  and instant rapport between you and your clients.

Beautiful Contact Pages Created by Wix Users:

Let’s put words into action and have a look at some great Contact Pages created by Wix Users:

Typedu >>


Jo Weaver Illustration >>

Jo Weaver Illustrations

Me Myself and I >>

Me Myself and I

Jamie Greenberg >>

Jamie Greenberg

Flip Me >>

Flip me

B Sweet >>

B Sweet

Imagi Works >>

Imagi Works

CMYK 13 >>


Casey Woods >>

Casey Woods

Andreevna Design >>

Andreevna Design

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