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Web Design \ FEB 8th 2012

Create an Intro Page for Your Site Using Wix

Flower Shop Welcome/Landing page


Intro pages (also called ‘splash pages’) make for heated discussions in the web design community. Some think they’re great; others think of them as symbol of everything that is wrong in web design. If you’re considering creating an intro page for your website, you’d better first make sure it’s in your best interests to create one. So the first question we should address is, why create an intro page?

Why Create an Intro Page?

An intro pages is a page your visitors will see before they’re transferred to your website or actively click to enter it. This page sets the mood and personality for your website, just like an appetizer to a meal. Intro pages can serve a number of purposes:

  • Conveying a critical message quickly
  • Asking visitors to choose their preferred language
  • Highlighting your web design / photography skills or most recent work

If your website doesn’t have any of these needs, you probably don’t need an intro page.

‘I Need an Into Page! How Do I Create One?’  

Adding an Intro page to your Wix website is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. In the Wix editor, use the Page Manager to add a new Master Page.
  2. Make this Master Page the first on your site by dragging it upwards on the Page Manager. This Master Page is now your intro page.
  3. Design your intro page to fit your needs.
  4. In the intro page, place a button that says “Enter”, “Enter Site” “Continue to Site” or similar.
  5. In button settings, go to “Link” and choose the “Page” tab.
  6. Select your intro page as the button’s destination.

And that’s it!


Link to home Link to Home page

Keep in Mind

  • Intro pages usually feature short action oriented text and have an engaging visual aspect. It can be a short animation, an embedded video or a single stunning photo.
  • You don’t want visitors to linger too long on the intro page. The content you display on it should be processed quickly and lead them to dig dipper into your website.
  • Make sure you place the “Enter” button in a prominent and clear location. You want your visitors to continue to the actual site :)

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