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Our 10 fav (& free!) design tools from around the web

10 Free Tools to Fake-It as a Web Designer

Where do you find free images online? How can you easily create your own logo? What color scheme should you choose for your website? Odds are these questions have crossed your mind at some point during your web design process.

If you haven’t spent the last couple of years studying the ins-and-outs of web design, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Turns out the internet is crawling with free tools to help even first-time web designers create a website that looks oh-so-professional.

Check out this list of some of our favorite free tools from Wix to help you do everything from designing your site pages to picking a color palette that compliments your brand.

Wix logo maker

Wix logo maker is a simple solution for when you need a logo, and fast. The powerful and complete, yet very intuitive to use, tool allows you to create your own logos without any design knowledge.

Need some inspiration for selecting the perfect logo? Check out the latest logo trends to keep your precious gem current and up-to-date!

free logo


Icones Pro has over 200,000 free icons to download. While the site isn’t much to look at, don’t dismiss it so fast – the unlimited options at your disposal are bound to yield some winners.

The Wix option:

Did you know? There are tons of free icons available right inside your Wix Editor! Click on the ‘Add’ button of your left-side menu – there you’ll find countless free buttons, shapes and social icons that you can add to your website in just one click. You can also find free icons in ‘Free Wix Clip Art’ in the Images Collection of that same section.


Looking for free images? Unsplash has a variety of royalty-free images for you to discover. Their free selection is a treasure trove of great quality images that can add a professional touch to any website.

The Wix option: Just like those icons we mentioned above, you’ve got a huge selection of free images already in your Wix website Editor. To find them, click on the ‘Add’ button on your left-side menu, select ‘Image’ and browse any one of the three libraries under Image Collections.

Image Editors

Befunky is an image editing site that’s great for doing everything from adding cool filters to your photos, to creating fun collages and giving your images the perfect crop. Made with social in mind, this image editor has the added benefit of coming with custom crops to create the perfect Facebook cover photo.

The Wix option: If you’re looking to add cool effects to your website images, Wix users need not look any further than their website editor. Simply click on any image, and your very own image editor will pop right up. Crop your pictures right on your page, customize photos by adding a design frame, or add a cool Instagram-like image filter – it’s all right there.

Image Editors


The colors that you choose for your website can add as much value to your site viewer’s experience as any piece of content you write. Colors have a unique ability to provoke emotions, and set the tone for your business, so needless to say, it’s imperative that you carefully choose the right palette to represent your work.  The aptly titled Colour Lovers site has a huge selection of color palettes to fit any mood.

Looking to learn more about the psychology of color? We recommend this blog post on Color Psychology and Web Design.

The Wix option: Wix designers have carefully selected dozens of color palettes to fit any mood. Add these complementary color palettes by clicking the ‘Background’ button in your left-side menu and selecting the preset options that you like best.

If you’re dead-set on a certain color, you can also add your own Hex # to create your own custom palette.

To do that, click the ‘Background’ button in your left-side menu > Click Color > and click +Add Color to input your own Hex #.


Infographics are a wonderful way to tell a story or present your information in a clearly laid out and visually appealing setting. is the perfect tool to create your own infographics in a snap.


Prezi is a fabulous tool to create interactive presentations online. This platform is not only fun to play with, it’s great for livening up even the dullest of presentation topics. As an added bonus, having your presentation available online means that as long as you have internet access, your presentation won’t get lost or look weird on different screens.


The Wix option: Who said a website builder can’t be so much more? Use the Wix website builder to create your own online and interactive presentation!

Banners & more

Visme is a gem for visual content curators. This free online platform (with a premium upgrade option) has everything you need from banner ads, presentation tools, infographics and more.

More Marketing Materials

Canva is a haven for all your marketing material needs. This design platform is a comprehensive tool for your online & offline graphic needs. From business cards design to flyers & advertising, to your social media pages, this intuitive program really is a life-saver for easy and effective marketing goods.

Marketing Materials


While we’ve dropped hints throughout this post, Wix really does make adding, adjusting and editing your web designs a breeze. The easy drag & drop Wix Editor grid can leave even the biggest tech novice with a beautiful website for both desktop & mobile view. Plus, with tools like Wix ShoutOut to easily create and send email newsletters, Wix has what you need even after you’ve published your website.

Free Images from Wix Website Builder

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