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Scale Your Agency with Wix

As a Wix Partner, you can earn a host of benefits for your agency or freelance business. All you have to do is use Wix. Plus, Velo-certified Partners get exclusive access to web development leads in the Wix Marketplace.


Join the Wix Partner Program

Seize the opportunity to grow your business. Earn points for each client project you complete with Velo and unlock exclusive features, from client tools to lead generation.

Benefits for Your Business

Team Support

Work smarter from your Partner dashboard, assign custom roles to team members and enjoy community resources.

Client Management

Gain access to a full suite of professional marketing tools along with streamlined client billing and feedback.

Growth Opportunities

Get hired in the Wix Marketplace, get a live account manager and even earn recurring revenue share.

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Become a Wix Partner Today

See how you can deliver better results with professional resources tailored to your agency.

Use of this program is subject to the Wix Marketplace Terms of Use and the Wix Terms of service. Wix Partners are independent third parties.

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