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Create your client sites on the ultimate platform for agencies

Professional website elements layered.
Alt text: Professional website elements layered.

Build powerful web experiences on Wix and Editor X

Bring your bold ideas to life with 2 powerful creation platforms—Wix and Editor X. When combined with game-changing collaboration and lead generation capabilities, you’ll reimagine how far your team can grow.

Website for online store, TazSpeakers.


Accelerate your web development on our fully customizable platform and build your next client project better, faster.

Create custom sites at scale

Editor X

Create extreme responsive experiences with advanced layouting, precise styling tools and full breakpoint control. 

Get absolute design control 

Watch website built with Editor X.

Grow your client’s eCommerce business

Create an online store that matches your client’s brand. Add beautiful product collections, sell on multiple channels, offer express checkout and guarantee secure payment solutions. With powerful 3rd-party integrations you can streamline your clients’ order fulfillment, offer dropshipping, build brand loyalty and more.

Accessories for a bike shop called Shevy.

Bring your clients’ vision to life 


Build interactive web experiences

Develop production-grade web applications in a hassle-free environment. Use Velo’s built-in IDE, work collaboratively from your own environment and get one-click deployment.


Collaborate with your team

Work in perfect harmony on our creation platforms. Bring your entire team onboard, assign custom roles and permissions and manage all your projects in one place.


Manage site content in one place

Set up integrated databases that populate site pages or collect visitor information without writing a single line of code. You’ll give your clients the freedom to update their content without breaking your design. 


Guarantee enterprise-grade security 

All Wix and Editor X websites are compliant with the highest international security standards. Deliver SSL-certified, GDPR-compliant websites that automatically update, so they’re always secure. 


Profile image of Jason Sidana
Profile image of Jason Sidana

Jason Sidana

Hello.Maxburst, Co-Founder

“Wix gives us more creative freedom and support, so we can design and develop custom websites, faster. Because of Wix, we’re generating more leads and accelerating our business.”

- Jason Sidana



Hello.Maxburst is a digital marketing and web development agency that helps business owners increase brand awareness online.

Digital marketing blog 

Read no-fluff, data-driven articles on marketing trends and insights for digital agencies. Find the topics that matter most to you.

Live online events

Learn game-changing techniques to help you advance your skill set and expand your service offerings.

Professional community 

Connect with fellow agencies in the Wix Partner Community. Make valuable connections and share your expertise.

Advance your strategy with professional resources

Join the Wix Marketplace
and generate leads

Get matched with Wix users looking for design, dev, eCommerce, marketing and more. The Wix Marketplace receives thousands of leads a day ready to hire Wix Partners.  

Wix Partner portfolios in the Wix Marketplace.
Wix Partner portfolios in the Wix Marketplace.

Offer your services

Join the Wix Marketplace and help Wix users create and grow their businesses online. 

Hire a professional

Get matched with certified Wix Partners ready to design, market and optimize your website.

This website was created on Editor X.

Scale your agency with our Partner Program

Design, build and grow your clients’ businesses on Wix and start earning exclusive benefits to achieve your business goals. 

Wix Partners.
SEO result for Shevy Cameras.

Maximize traffic and brand awareness 

Harness advanced SEO tools

Increase traffic to client sites and improve their organic search discoverability. All Wix sites are backed by a solid site infrastructure paired with advanced SEO solutions for greater flexibility, customization and performance optimization.

Make data-driven decisions 

Use industry-leading marketing solutions like Facebook Ads by Wix, Google Ads and email marketing campaigns. Analyze traffic and track conversion rates, so you can make better business decisions and boost engagement.

Make your next bold move

Create your next client site on Wix—the ultimate platform for agencies.

"What keeps me using the Wix platform is their dedication to supporting designers and their constant strive to make creation better for us. I appreciate the resources offered to Wix Partners, and how they’ve helped me grow and keep developing my business.” 

Juliana Laface

Graphic and Web Designer

“The benefits we receive as Partners make growing with Wix an easy decision - I particularly appreciate being in the know about new features and perks, and being involved with the Wix community. I’m confident that Wix is the best website platform for my clients’ businesses.”

Karen Sokolow

Awaken Studio | Founder

“Wix gives us more creative freedom and support, so we can design and develop custom websites, faster. Because of Wix, we’re generating more leads and accelerating our business.”

Jason Sidana

Hello.Maxburst | Co-Founder

“The Wix Partner Program has been a game-changer for our agency. By joining, we have been able to scale and grow our business within 2 months and we aim to keep growing in the Program. With Wix’s capabilities, we work better with our clients.” 

Dante Montovano

Seven Circle Media | Founder

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