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Grow your clients’ businesses online

Your clients can run every part of their business in one place with built-in solutions like an advanced booking system, online store and blog.


Showcase your clients’ services

Add an advanced booking system

Help clients add business hours and services to their booking system. Visitors can book directly on the site and pay ahead of time.

Manage staff members

Add your clients’ staff members and their schedules. Clients can update team information and manage their schedule all in one place.

Keep customers engaged

Clients can stay engaged with their customers by sending automatic email reminders and invoices right from the dashboard.

Green and yellow stability balls.
Stability workshop option to book.
Orange oval shaped speaker.
Purchase page of orange speaker.


Create a custom online store

Design a branded storefront

Set up your client’s storefront with product collections, product galleries, quick checkout, mini-cart and more.

Expand your clients’ offerings

Connect your clients’ sites to Modalyst’s professional dropshipping platform. Set pricing and shipping rules and make quick updates, hassle-free.

Reach target audiences

Manage your client’s store from a powerful, multi-channel dashboard and sell products directly on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Generate professional invoices

Create custom invoices for your clients with an advanced invoice generator. Clients can add their business info and directly invoice their customers in minutes.


Offer your clients end-to-end business solutions

Secure Payment Solutions

Ensure a secure online checkout. Choose from dozens of payment providers and methods, including Wix Payments, PayPal, credit/debit cards and in-person.


Grow your clients’ community and drive more traffic with a blog. Clients can create new posts, add multiple writers and manage their content on the go.

Custom Forms

Create forms and customize the design and content for your client sites. Use forms to capture visitor information, sales leads, applications, testimonials and price quotes.


Boost your clients’ site engagement with automations. Set up and manage custom triggered responses to site actions, so your clients can collect leads and manage their workflow.

Built-in CRM

Help your clients build strong relationships with their customers. With built-in CRM, they can add and update new contacts, customize site registration flows and send triggered emails.


Convert more leads with live chat. Clients can answer customer questions, engage site visitors in real-time and gather leads.


Help your clients build customer loyalty. Add a Member’s Area, so visitors can sign into their personal account and manage their information.


Create and promote events on your client sites. Sell tickets, send invitations, collect RSVPS and let your client manage their guest list.

Open Platform

Readily connect to any third-party API available on the web and expose your application as a service.

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