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Wix SEO Battle: Put Wix SEO to the Test for $25K

Think Wix websites don’t rank well on Google? We say they do. Wix has the best SEO, and we’re putting money on the line to prove it.

We’re inviting SEO agencies and partners to battle for the query “Wix SEO.” The setup is your standard showdown: One team will represent Wix SEO Lovers, and the other will take the role of Wix SEO Haters.

The challenge? To rank higher on Google and win the Wix SEO Battle.

Read on for more details about the contest format, the prizes at stake, and how your SEO agency or consultancy can get involved.

Rules of the game

Applications are open to SEO agencies, freelancers, and consultants. The fearless teams will be evaluated according to a rigorous set of criteria: online presence, Google ranking, years of experience and online reviews. SEO and social media marketing expert Lukasz Zelezny will be overseeing the selection process.

We want the top experts, because we want a battle worth watching. Here’s how it will go down:

  • One team, Wix SEO Lovers, will create a Wix website and leverage its advanced SEO capabilities to compete for the search query, “Wix SEO.”

  • The other team, claiming the title of Wix SEO Haters, will create a website using any other website-building platform and optimize their website to rank for the same phrase.

Each team will have six months to wage their SEO campaign, and get a chance to take home a five-figure prize.

What’s at stake

The team that ranks higher on Google for “Wix SEO” will be awarded $25K. And even the opposing team will walk away with a generous $10K. It’s one of the few competitions you’ll find where it pays to be both the winner and the loser.

For a shot at accomplishing the mission at hand and claiming a generous prize, apply to join the Wix SEO Battle.

About Wix’s SEO

Normally, we advise our friends to just ignore the haters. But when it comes to Wix SEO, we know our tools are so sophisticated, we have no reason to back down.

Our websites come equipped with all the tools you need to rank favorably in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Recently-released advanced SEO features have only enhanced this ability, letting our users take control over custom meta tags, canonical URLs, structured data, 301 redirects, social sharing, marketing integration tools, and rapid loading.

That means each Wix website comes with the full toolbox any SEO expert needs to seriously compete on Google and manage how their pages appear across search engines and social channels.

It’s the reason why web professionals choose Wix time and time again to build sophisticated websites for their clients.

There’s only one question left to answer: Is your SEO agency or consultancy up for the challenge?

How to apply

To apply, visit the Wix SEO Battle website and enter your agency or consultancy as Wix SEO Lovers or Haters. Submissions will be accepted until June 6, 2019. Finalists will be notified via email. The challenge kicks off on June 26, 2019 and runs until December 19, 2019.

Apply today and follow along for weekly updates on the Wix SEO Battle website. Which side are you on?

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