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Custom Booking System Built for Sailing

Islango built a custom booking system so sailing-enthusiasts can plan their next vacation online. 

Website homepage with photo of boats.

Custom Booking System and External Databases

Islango built their own custom booking system so sailors can book a yacht in any region. With dropdown menus people can choose the destinations, regions, start date, end date, yacht type and number of cabins. By integrating with an external API, Islango can fetch yacht deals and sync this data with their booking system. When a potential customer selects their vacation requirements the booking system calls the external database to show matching deals.


When an offer is selected a new page is populated with dynamic content pulled from an external database including an image, description, equipment and price. Customers can choose extra features like towels or a skipper, which automatically updates the price in real time. When a customer clicks “Book Now,” a bookings summary is generated with all the relevant info, so all they have left to do is confirm their order and pay.

Drop down menu and location options.
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Pay Button and Wix Pay API 

To let customers purchase deals right on their site, Islango created a payment flow by importing the Wix Pay API. When customers click “Book,” a payment form is automatically generated, where they can securely enter their details. Once the payment is confirmed, an automated invoice is emailed to the customer, while Islango gets notified for each booking. 

Checkout form with empty contact fields.
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AI ChatBot 

Customer support is an essential element of Islango’s website. By using Wix Chat integrated with Google’s DialogFlow, they created their own AI chatbot that provides natural responses to customers’ questions. Based on keywords, the chatbot can recommend the best deals, redirect customers to the right place and even transfer to a real person if needed. 

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Booking page and chatbot.
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