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7 essential tips to promote your health & fitness biz online

7 Essential Tips to Promote Your Health & Fitness Biz Online

Owning a health and fitness business isn’t always a walk in the park. True to this dedicated lifestyle, a good dose of hard work and determination is needed to make sure that your business is in top shape.

Whether reeling from an unexpected tax hike, or looking to bootstrap your small business there are a ton of free promotion solutions that you can take advantage of online.

Even the most physically active person knows that you need a healthy online presence in order to keep your business in top shape! If you’re lucky enough to work in the health & fitness industry, here are our tips to pump up your business and make sure you look as good online as you do off!

7 Essential Tips to Promote Your Health & Fitness Biz Online

1. Create a Killer Website

This may sound obvious, but there are still plenty of small businesses that do not realize how important it is to have a fitness website to show off their work.

A great looking website can be the distinction that gives your business a professional edge against the competition. Furthermore, by creating one with Wix Fitness, you'll be matched with some unbeatable benefits. This complete one platform solution - that’s both accessible via desktop and on-the-go - makes managing your fitness business simple. This includes membership options, calendar management, and many more customizable capabilities. To learn more and get started, read up on this guide to starting a fitness business.

Once you’ve designed your website to your specifications, take the time to make it SEO ready so that your audience won’t have any trouble finding you on search engines.

Wix health and wellness templates

2. Show Off with Videos

Do you have some great workout tips or serious skills? Show off your stuff by offering some killer how-to workout videos. Videos make great promotional tools and can be embedded right on to your site.

Shorter clips by way of Vines and Instagram Videos are great ways to tease potential clients with short snippets of your skills. Vines and Instragram Videos are also great tools to reach new audiences with highly sharable social media content on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and more!

3. Give a Tease with Strong Visuals

Look so good they can’t ignore you. As the old saying goes… a picture is worth a thousand words! Strong visuals are a beautiful way to show off your work across a variety of mediums. Are you a personal trainer with a proven success rate? Have your work speak for itself with client before & after photos.

Like videos, photos are one of the best tools to effectively share your work on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more.

White Monk

4.  Be the Talk of the Town

Generate some buzz in your own backyard by offering special rates or services for local partners. Not only will this create some great word of mouth in the neighborhood, but it might also lead to some great publicity by way of news articles, social media mention and other PR.

One company that does this really well is yoga giant Lululemon. Their free weekly yoga class in Ottawa’s Parliament Hill attracts hundreds of people and garners great buzz for this brand, including free publicity like a feature on the city of Ottawa’s social media channels.

Sky's Personal Fitness

5. Cross Link with You Community

Whether you have your own studio or you’re a one-man-show on the go, it’s essential for your clients to know when and where they can find you.

Include a comprehensive calendar like Google’s super easy to update calendar to your website. If you offer your services at varying locations, ask that they include your business on their community calendar with a link to your website.

Show yourself off as a proud member of your community by properly listing your address and contact details on your website and within local community directories. This is also a great tool to improve your SEO presence.

Michele Lauren Yoga

6. Position Yourself as an Knowledgeable Authority

In the health and fitness industry, giving over good advice can sometimes be truly life changing. Use your wealth of knowledge in your field to position yourself as a leader in your field and a force to be reckoned with!

You can offer useful advice that new and existing clients can benefit from in a variety of ways:

  • Write a blog with helpful tips that your clients will look forward to reading.

  • Guest blog on traffic heavy, popular industry blogs or online magazines to promote yourself on different avenues.

  • Send helpful tips right to your clients inbox by way of an insightful newsletter.

  • Offer snippets of helpful advice by way of quick tips on your Twitter channel.

  • Host Google Hangouts of Q & A sessions right on your web page.

Essence Acupuncture

7. Cross Promote with Similar Businesses

Join up with similar businesses in your industry by offering mutually beneficial promotions. Do you know of a juice bar or organic market that fits with your ideology? Offer a coupon on your site and ask them to do the same.

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