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10 Winter Pictures that Perfectly Capture Wonderland Landscapes and Scenes

Winter is coming, and with it, endless possibilities to capture beautiful photos. As a photographer, the sole thought of using a camera when your fingers are nearly frozen might make you want to run and hide under the blankets and stay there until warmer days come. The thing is, your photography website’s visitors don’t really care if you hate wearing more layers than an onion. They want to see winter scenes from your unique point of view.

If cold is not your thing, you’ll be happy to know there’s much more to winter pictures than snow-covered wonderland landscapes. And if you’re a chionophile that thrives in cold environments, this is your time to make your creativity shine. Regardless of how fond you are of this season, these ten outstanding winter pictures captured by Wix photographers will inspire you to take your work to the next level.

The smallest details hold the largest beauty

If you have ever looked through a microscope, you’ve seen how every organism looks like a tiny universe of its own. Mark Cornick’s abstract ice patterns series captures the intricate worlds hidden in frozen water. These outstanding winter pictures show just how incredible nature can be. Try to remember these beautiful colors and shapes next time you find your windshield completely frozen just as you’re about to leave for work.

Times passes by just a bit slower

With winter comes shorter days, yet somehow they feel longer. As as if the world decided to take a break after a frantic summer. It might be the fact that people are spending time indoors rather than running around in the street. Or maybe it’s the soft daylight that keeps us in a half asleep stage all day long. Whatever it is, this photo taken by Jay Vulture perfectly captures this feeling in this long exposure of a deserted beach.

Hoping for warmer mornings

One of the hardest parts of winter is getting out of bed in the morning. Just the thought of emerging from under the blankets can be terrifying. And leaving your home altogether to go take some photos is reserved to a few brave ones.

During these cold days, capturing the beautiful winter scenes that take place just as the sun is coming up requires passion and motivation. However, as this picture by Julien Delaval proves, the magic feeling you can capture in these early hours will make it all worth it.

Baby, it’s cold outside

As awe-inspiring as those winter wonderland landscapes are, sometimes all you want to do is stay indoors wearing your softest pajamas and sipping a warm beverage. Luckily, this kind of cozy day won’t limit your opportunities to shoot amazing winter pictures.

You can follow the steps of Kolby Koeck and spend your time indoors shooting photos that capture a whole different side of this wonderful season. Take these moments to explore a side of photography you probably ignore when the weather is favorable. Indoor photography can be a great source of inspiration all year long.

Landscapes taken from a fairytale

This scene captured by Nathaniel Merz is the perfect visual description of “wonderland landscape.” Looking at this image, one could easily believe it belongs to the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. But don’t expect the Black Pearl to appear sailing through those rocks. This seascape is very much real, and should serve as a reminder of what you can achieve when combining talent and perseverance.

Perfect winter companions

Dogs make everything better. Why else would animals be one of the biggest photography trends of 2019? Whether you decide to curl up at home or to hike some mountains, a faithful sidekick will make your time much more enjoyable.

If you decide to explore on your own, you can always follow the lead of Julian Herbig and take beautiful portraits of the animals you encounter on your journey. Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to four-legged canines. There are plenty of adorable creatures out there than can make for amazing subjects.

From little seeds grow mighty trees

Jake Guzman takes to the skies to capture the outstanding beauty of a winter forest. The vibrant blue of the river against the deep green of the trees. The sinuous lines crossing the composition. All brought together harmoniously by the white snow. Aerial photography offers the opportunity to expand our horizons and understand the world from a whole different perspective. Seeing the results, it’s easy to understand why it will be one of the most popular genres of the coming year.

The other side of city life

When you think of winter pictures, the first things that come to mind are probably snow and mountains. Funnily enough, chances are you don’t live in the mountains. Maybe not even in a place where it snows. But as the saying goes: “The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.”

The coldest season offers an incredible opportunity to shoot urban photography that shows a whole different side of the city. Take Mathias Duquesnoy’s photo as an example of the amazing compositions you can capture in an empty urban environment.

How do you capture a feeling?

Photography is an amazing tool to capture and share your view of the world. Yet there are some aspects of reality that are hard to represent visually. In winter pictures, one of the most noticeably missing elements is the presence of low temperatures.

Unless you’re shaking from the cold while shooting at a low shutter speed, viewers might not even realize it’s a winter picture if there is no snow or people bundled up in ten layers of clothing. That is, unless you somehow manage to capture the effect of cold temperatures on the environment. Michiel Meyboom was able to do just that in this outstanding pier shot.

Walking on thin ice

This shot captured by Patrick Ong is the epitome of winter wonderland landscape. The blue tones, the texture of the frozen lake, the cloudy sky… it all comes together in an outstanding composition that simply screams “winter.” On top of being the perfect representation of this season, this photo is also a wonderful reminder of how the most beautiful landscape photos require not only technical skills, but also creativity and tenacity.

Create a photography website with Wix and share your own vision of this wonderful season!

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