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25 Breathtaking Landscape Photography Websites You Need to See

25 Breathtaking Landscape Photography Websites You Need to See

"To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe." Marilyn vos Savant may not be a photographer, but her wise words can definitely guide your path to success.

Whether you're searching for a new project idea, trying to figure out a new technique, or starting to build your own photography website, the best way to be successful is to observe what others have done.

Take a look at this curated selection of the most outstanding landscape photography websites you can find online. Not only will they fuel your inspiration and wanderlust, they'll also teach you valuable tips to implement on your own website.

A significant part of your business opportunities will come from the Internet. Whether it’s people who have been following your work for a while or someone who just found your website, you should make it as easy as possible for them to reach out to you. Including a contact page on your site will help you make the most out of every opportunity to start a conversation.

oscar keserci landscape photography website

Patrick Marson

There’s no question that social media has become a fundamental part of any photographer’s life. Make sure you take full advantage of these tools by keeping the links to your platforms visible at all times on your landscape photography website.

patrick marson landscape photography website

Creating a professional photographer website is an absolute must if you want people to hire you. While you can advertise these services anywhere, only a website will allow you to explain in complete detail everything that your services entail. Don’t forget to add an FAQ section for those small things that might not be perfectly clear otherwise.

nathaniel merz nature photography website

Most people who reach your website won’t spend time opening every single picture you’re showcasing. This is why large image displays are one of the main photography website design trends. Use full-screen galleries to make the most out of every pixel on your site.

takahiro bessho full screen landscape gallery

One of the best ways to master your skills is to see what others are doing. Sharing exclusive landscape photography tips with your site’s guests will give them a highly valuable incentive to visit your portfolio regularly.

albert dros beautiful landscape photography website

Oliver Beneš

Nowadays, pretty much everyone has access to good cameras and the means to easily share their photos online. Because of this, photography has become an incredibly crowded space where it’s hard to make a name for yourself. For emerging photographers, creating their own landscape photography website offers the opportunity to distance themselves from amateurs as they solidify their career in the field.

oliver benes landscape photography website

You don’t need to have a degree in web design to create a wonderful site to showcase your work. Our broad selection of free photography website templates have been created by professional designers. Each one is fully customizable so you can truly make it yours.

mark norton nature photography website

Chances are you upload content to your Instagram every day, or at the very least, far more often than you plan to update your website. To ensure your visitors don’t miss out on your latest projects, add an Instagram Feed to your landscape photography website.

frans van der boom online photography portfolio

As a landscape photographer, you’re most certainly aware of how important it is to find your way around. Since your site’s visitors don’t have access to a compass to guide them through its different pages, pay attention to its UX design and make it as easy to navigate as possible.

ole henrik skjelstad nature photography website

After putting a fair amount of energy and time on your landscape photography website, the last thing you want is for the task of uploading new images to fall to the bottom of your to-do list. By creating a website that is easy to update, you’ll be able to keep it up to date with minimum impact on your everyday schedule.

jonathan zaharek landscape photography website

As a professional photographer, you might struggle to fit all your different areas of expertise on your landscape photography website. The easiest way to do so is to create a main portfolio page that displays different galleries for each of the services you offer.

jorge ruiz dueso landscape photography website

The photography website layout you choose will have a huge impact on the way your work is perceived by visitors. Make sure the type of display you select is in tune with your work, and that the final result feels balanced and doesn’t cut off your pictures.

lisa michele burns nature photography grid layout

A handwritten signature is one of those photography logo ideas that never gets old. Put it front and center on your site’s homepage to give it a personal touch and make sure people remember your name.

Pro tip: Something else you can do to position yourself well in the photography world is to make sure you have a logo that represents your brand and attracts new customers. Use a Photography Logo Maker to give you inspiration and to create your own.

sharon wellings landscape photography website

Photography quotes are not only a great source of inspiration but also a wonderful addition to any online portfolio. Selecting one that truly reflects your passion for photography will allow visitors to get to know you better in just a few words.

erika valkovicova travel photography website quote

An image might be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to creating a landscape photography website, words can help you stand out from the crowd. Writing a photography blog will make your site incredibly valuable for other photographers and position you as an expert in the field. Use it as a tool to narrate the stories behind the camera, offer guidance for others to follow in your footsteps, or share your goals and motivations.

ashley hadzopoulos travel photography blog

Society seems to be moving faster and faster every day, and as a result we’re seeing a general move towards minimalist websites, where visitors are not required to navigate through dozens of pages. Creating a one page photography website, or keeping the most valuable information on a single page, can help you keep people’s attention for longer. That way they will walk away with a full understanding of everything you have to offer.

aviv maister nature landscape photography website

One of the most common portfolio mistakes is choosing quantity over quality. While it’s important that you show the full extent of your skills, the galleries of your landscape photography website should not include more than 20 to 30 images. Otherwise, most people will lose interest before they make it to the end.

mark cornick abstract photography website\

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you nail the homepage of your photography website. Its structure should be in sync with the rest of your pages, and the image or images you choose to display should be eye-catching and serve as a perfect summary of your portfolio.

daniel casson landscape photography website

Your beautiful landscape photos deserve to be displayed in full screen. Including a slide with your most remarkable work on your home page will offer visitors a clear view of your talent right away.

gavin brink landscape photography website

One of the biggest opportunities building a landscape photography website can offer you is the chance to sell your photos online without having to worry about production or shipping management. Simply add Wix Art Store to your site, select the images you want to offer and which products you want to sell, and start driving people to your very own online store.

andy smith online photography store

As nice as letting your work do all the talking might sound, a significant number of those who see your photos will want to learn more about the person behind the camera. Adding an “About Me” page to your landscape photography website is the best way to connect with your audience and offer insights into your creative vision and philosophy.

john aavitsland landscape photography website

Even if you update your website regularly, the newest images might get lost through galleries and other projects. The best way to ensure your most recent work always gets the recognition it deserves is to create a gallery dedicated to them. While visitors might not regularly check all your galleries in search of new photos, they’ll be sure to check what you’ve been up to if they can access it easily.

daniel wretham landscape photography website

Unlike social media, having a website makes it possible for people to find you online through searches related to what you do and where you’re from rather than just your name. Add a photography services page to your site and maximize your chances to be hired by those who fall in love with your work.

rach stewart landscape photography website

Reaching out to brands as a photographer is one of the best ways to get your name out there while expanding your portfolio. If that’s something you are already doing, don’t forget to add a section to your website displaying the brands with which you’ve worked with. This can help you open many more doors, as well as serving as a seal of approval for your portfolio.

jelle canipel landscape photography website

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for your photography website, the most important thing to take into consideration is whether your selection is in tune with your images. Just like you wouldn’t put a neon pink frame on the Mona Lisa, extend the same respect to your own work.

roberto vamos black and white photography website

Feeling inspired? Create your own photography website with Wix today!

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