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15 of the Most Beautiful Photos We Have Seen This Year

If someone asked you what your best photo is, which image would be the first to come to mind? Perhaps you have a shot you planned for months on end. Or maybe you experienced a moment that took your breath away. For most photographers, however, this question is nearly impossible to answer. After all, there is a reason why it is so hard to select a limited number of images to display on your photography website.

To celebrate World Photography Day, we asked our Facebook followers to share their most stunning photo with us. Hundreds of photographers from all over the world accepted the challenge, and the pictures we received couldn’t have been more diverse. Landscapes, action, children, mountains, beaches, animals… you name it. Each of those beautiful photos was a perfect reminder of how amazing our surroundings are, and that photography has a different meaning for every person. We want to honor both of these things by sharing 15 of the most outstanding pictures that were shared with us.

Alex Arcimedes Mac

It’s hard to believe this mind-blowing landscape was carved by flash flooding as sub-serial processes.

light passing through antelope canyon

Emilian Vassilev

They blew two tires before successfully getting this shot. Definitely worth it.

cloud of dust during motocross

Yazan Abdulrazak

Istanbul like you’ve never seen it before.

night car lighttrails on istanbul bridge

Jannis Herbst

This aerial landscape looks like it was taken straight from a midsummer night’s dream.

aerial view of california beach and pier


Some people walk in the rain, others enjoy it from the comfort of their homes while they read a nice book.

rain on window overseeing city storm

Tornike Kipiani

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

mountain sunrise with snowed peak

Lydia Finn

Beauty lies in your own backyard, sometimes in the most literal way.

purple flowers with rain drops

Beka Lyn Hooper

Photography can save lives. These two adorable friends found a home thanks to this beautiful photo!

two bunnies sitting on a lodge

Agata Golli

The miracle of life, thirteen times in a row.

great dane laying down with her newborn puppies

Krzysiek Jabłoński

Colorful neon lights make for amazing portraits.

night portrait of girl with neon lights

Erin Gray

These mountains’ origins date back to about 180 million years ago and stretch for over 1,000 kilometers.

river crossing a mountain valley

Darko Rajkovic

Sometimes the craziest ideas result in the most amazing memories.

snow sled pulled by car

Ryan Luttrell

Love conquers all – even a big storm during your engagement photoshoot.

monochrome engagement photo of couple kissing under the rain

Icho Dinkov

If you’re having a rough day, look at this beautiful picture for 5 minutes and feel yourself relax.

long exposure of waterfall

Quinten Grobler

CNN named this location the most beautiful pier in the world, and we wholeheartedly agree.

sunset at umhlanga pier

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