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15 Free Photography Website Templates for Stunning Results

15 Best Free Photography Website Templates for Stunning Results

This post was last updated on April 30, 2020.

The best things in life are free, and creating a stunning photography website should not be an exception to that rule. Yet, building a portfolio website that honors your work is not always an easy task. You need to plan your pages, pick the right colors, choose the correct fonts, deal with SEO optimization, and more. For many photographers, all of that simply becomes too much. As a result, they might choose to pay someone to build a site for them, or resign themselves to a lifetime of unprofessional first impressions online.

Fortunately, there’s a third option that doesn’t lead to empty pockets or missed business opportunities. Free photography website templates are the best way to easily create a professional online portfolio at no cost. Designed by experts, they are tailored to the needs of each photography genre. This also makes them great sources of inspiration for those who want to refresh or build their photography portfolio from scratch.

Each template is fully personalizable, meaning you can insert any edits you want in order to make it yours. On top of that, they are already optimized to be mobile friendly. So all you have to do is browse this selection of free photography website templates, pick the one you like the most, upload your work, and before you know it - you'll have a stunning portfolio website.

Wildlife Photography

Crocodiles might be easier than people, but they’re still not as easy as building an outstanding online portfolio. Even Steve Irwin himself would agree with us on this one. The Wildlife Photography website template will put your photos front and center, letting the beautiful subjects speak for themselves. A beautiful home page with a carousel of your best images welcomes visitors, who are then guided to a wider selection of your work. Segmenting your portfolio by project or wildlife photography expedition will allow your audience to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of each one.

wildlife photography website template

Travel Photographer

Photography allows us to capture our own view of life and share it with the world. This Travel Photographer template is made for wanderers who roam this planet, camera in hand, in search of new perspectives. Breaking down your portfolio into separate galleries for each trip will allow you to create a cohesive look that encompasses vastly different scenarios. On top of that, it will make it much easier to update.

travel photographer website template

Couples Photography

Love is in the air, and in this Couples Photography website template. Display your services and a selection of your best work with this light, minimalistic website. Using Wix Photo Albums, you’ll be able to easily create individual galleries for your clients. Each of these galleries has its own URL, making it really simple for the happy couple to share your work with their loved ones (and their Facebook friends).

couples photography website template

Photography Blog

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but some stories demand to be written. This Photography Blog template is meant for those who have a lot to say, both with and without a camera. In this website, the thoughts and stories accompanying your photos are the first thing visitors see. Writing a photography blog will not only bring you closer to people, but also position yourself as an expert in the field. On top of that, creating a blog will do wonders for your SEO.

photography blog template

Art Photographer

When you think of an artist, the image that comes to mind is probably someone with a strong personality who aims to let their work speak for them. That is exactly what this Art Photographer website template is about. A clean design dominated by large images and hardly any text. You know what else artists do? Sell their art. This is why this template includes the Wix Art Store, a powerful tool that will allow you to easily sell photos on your art portfolio.

art photographer website template

Urban Photography

The Urban Photography template gives web visitors an overall look at your work with a full-screen gallery of your best images. In addition to the main display, the site includes individual galleries to showcase a wider sample of your urban photography shots without overwhelming your visitors. This template comes with a built-in live chat feature that allows you to communicate with your audience in real-time and make sure you don’t miss any business opportunity.

urban photography website template

Aerial Photography

The globalization of drones has brought us breathtaking aerial photography images that show the Earth from a perspective we hadn’t been able to see until now. Even with this practice becoming relatively common, it is still hard not to be shocked by how life looks from up there. Visitors will have this same feeling as they fly though your portfolio with this Aerial Photography template. The way images are presented and how the whole site is meant to be experienced through vertical scrolling evokes unique emotions different from any other free photography website template.

aerial photography website template

Food Photographer

This drool-worthy Food Photographer template will make sure that visitors end up hungry for more of your work. Categorize your photos by type of dish to show off your diverse skills without overcrowding the portfolio. This template also includes a blog, perfect for sharing food photography tips and the recipes behind the amazing dishes you capture. This will help establish your expertise, and will also serve as an incentive for visitors to come back to your site and learn more.

food photography website template

Architecture Photography

The best buildings are unique, either on their own or as part of a cluster. Their creation is all about shapes and spaces, just like this Architecture Photography website template. The minimalist look of the architecture portfolio website, combined with an asymmetrical portfolio layout, gives a sense of organized chaos, reminiscent of a city. It is all anchored by a spacious background that allows each image to breath and function as a stand alone visual.

architecture photography website template

The Photojournalist

The Photojournalist website template presents each photo series as a separate entity, urging visitors to soak in every story individually. Start by selecting the most representative image for each piece, and then showcase them together for people to see the topics you have covered. Write a killer “About Me” page and offer a peek into the person behind the camera. And, of course, don’t forget to list the awards or publications that have recognized your work.

photojournalism website template

Wedding Photography

Oh, you won’t believe it’s happening to you - some people wait a lifetime for a Wedding Photography website template like this. A single page will show your visitors everything they need to see to fall in love with your work. From your bio to a gallery of your best work, all the crucial elements can be found within the home page. Once they reach the bottom they’ll encounter a contact page where they can finally say “I do” to your services.

wedding photography website template

Photography Portfolio

Categorizing photographers by the types of photography they do seems like a good idea until you reach that group that just cannot be put in a box. They capture landscapes, shoot weddings, take videos, explore the city. There are no limits to what they photograph, and neither should there be on their website. This free Photography Portfolio template was created with all these rebels in mind. It includes separate galleries for each genre, as well as a video section powered by Wix Video for those interested in videography.

photography portfolio website template

Events Photographer Portfolio

Only two pages make up this beautifully minimalist Events Photographer Portfolio template: one to showcase your work and a second one for people to book your services directly from the site. What else does an event photographer need? Visitors will be able to enjoy your photos and videos in all their glory thanks to a full-screen gallery where your best work will show off your expertise and skills.

events photographer website template

Landscape Photographer

This Landscape Photography website template displays large previews of your images in order to let visitors take in the breathtaking scenery as they browse your portfolio. Categorize your pictures by location or natural environment to fully show your skills under different conditions. The built-in online store will allow you to sell digital and printed versions of your beautiful landscape photos without any requirement for third-party tools.

landscape photographer website template

Family Photographer

It’s hard to think of a type of photography more heartwarming than that involving young children. The sweet innocence and delicacy of these kinds of images require a very specific website design. This Family Photographer template is exactly what you’re looking for. Soft colors and clean layouts come together as the perfect display case for your work. Including a service page on your photography website will allow people to easily schedule photo sessions, leading to new business opportunities. That’s right, not only can you have a beautiful online portfolio for free, but these free photography templates will actually help you earn more money!

family photographer website template

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