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20 best photography magazines to focus on in 2024

20 Best Photography Magazines to Read in 2024

They say that one never stops learning. Even if you’ve been capturing scenes for decades, the development of your portfolio does not simply end once you publish your photography website. In fact, this step usually makes it even clearer how important it is to turn to photography magazines, blogs, and books to continue to evolve your skills.

Many amateur and professional shutterbugs alike find photography magazines the most compelling source of knowledge and inspiration, as they bring together the best parts of blogging and literature. With a wide variety of periodicals focused on different topics and styles, it’s easy to find the best fit for each creative mind. To help you find the publications that best suit your needs, we have put together a curated list of the best print, digital, and online photography magazines you can read in 2024.

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Best photography magazines

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Seasonal

Aperture magazine is a photography journal published by Aperture Foundation. This nonprofit arts institution was founded in 1952 by renowned photographers such as Ansel Adams, Minor White, Barbara Morgan, Dorothea Lange, Nancy Newhall, Beaumont Newhall, Ernest Louie, Melton Ferris, and Dody Warren.

The publication focuses on sharing inspiring works and ideas, rather than tips and tutorials, often reading more like a photography book than a traditional magazine. While the initial purpose of Aperture was to build a community with a shared passion about fine art photography, nowadays the magazine covers a broad range of topics and types of photography.

Aperture magazine cover

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Monthly

As you might have guessed by its name, Outdoor Photography focuses on nature, wildlife, adventure, and landscape photography. The publication offers tips for semi-professional photographers in these fields, as well as inspiring contributions from photographers all over the world.

This photography magazine is well-known for providing detailed explanations and tests of different techniques and types of camera lenses. However, readers also highlight Outdoor Photography’s in-depth articles on trending topics such as using photography to raise awareness for pressing environmental issues.

Outdoor Photography magazine cover

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Monthly

Staying true to its tagline “by photographers, for photographers,” Shutter magazine focuses on the business side of the photography industry. Each edition revolves around a specific theme, providing a variety of articles related to how to start a photography business and run it successfully.

While business-oriented content forms the core of Shutter, the publication also includes inspirational articles, techniques, and a spotlight section. You can read this photography magazine online for free, or subscribe to its printed version and get access to exclusive partner discounts.

Shutter cover best photography magazines

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Monthly

Commonly known as simply B+W, Black+White Photography is one of the leading magazines for monochrome imagery. Aiming to inspire and stimulate creatives in different fields, this publication covers a wide range of genres including portraiture, landscape, street, documentary, and still life photography.

In addition to showcasing beautiful monochrome photos and sharing helpful tips, this photography magazine regularly features interviews with renowned professionals in the industry. B+W also has active profiles on all major social media platforms, allowing them to build an engaged community of black and white photography enthusiasts.

Black+White Photography magazine

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Trimestral

Nature Photographer describes itself as a “how-to photography magazine.” Published three times a year, the publication offers amateur and professionals alike all they need to take beautiful nature photos. This includes everything from techniques and gear reviews to natural history information and tips for choosing locations.

Each edition focuses on a specific time of the year, covering all four seasons in the following way: Spring, Summer, and Fall-Winter. In addition to paid subscriptions, Nature Photographer offers a selection of free articles on their website that primarily focuses on sharing beautiful locations and wildlife photography.

Nature Photographer magazine

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Bimonthly

With more than 50 years of history, PhotoLife is one of Canada’s most renowned photography magazines. Aimed at beginner and intermediate photographers, this publication offers tips and techniques to help them develop their skills and build successful photography careers.

Photolife’s website features over a hundred photography articles readers can enjoy for free, covering topics such as international conferences, photography exhibitions, and new equipment announcements. You can get all of them delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing to PhotoLife’s newsletter.

PhotoLife magazine cover

07. Click

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Bimonthly

One quick look at Click makes it quite clear that this photography magazine is unlike any other. This publication considers photography a lifestyle one must cultivate, rather than a hobby or professional career. As a result, the overall tone takes a much more friendly and motivational approach than that of traditional magazines.

Printed in large format, the images featured on Click are impressively high-quality. In addition to advice on topics like productivity and tips on how to edit photos, the magazine includes a unique critique section in which the head of the publication offers feedback on reader’s photography portfolios.

Click best photography magazines

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: 7 issues per year

Geared toward professional photographers, Digital Photo Pro contains advanced tutorials and techniques as well as advice on how to run a successful photography business. It tackles topics not commonly covered in mass-market magazines, such as how to organize a photo library, and offers a great deal of videography content.

Digital Photo Pro also publishes an online blog where readers can get access to more casual content such as book recommendations and smartphone photography tips.

Digital Photo Pro professional photography magazines

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Monthly

Practical Photography provides hands-on tips and advice for photographers of all levels who want to step up their post-processing and technical photography skills. With a section dedicated to publishing the best work submitted by readers, this photography magazine gives creatives a platform to expand their reach and audience.

The publication also offers a significant amount of free content online through an active blog primarily dedicated to gear reviews and step-by-step guides on how to make the most of popular camera accessories such as ND filters.

Practical Photography photography tips magazine

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: 11 issues per year

With the great outdoors playing such a huge role in photography trends over the last years, it’s no wonder that there are several photography magazines dedicated to this topic. Outdoor Photographer encourages media creators to get out into the wild and capture the true nature of our planet. It includes technical advice, gear reviews, travel guides, and professional advice from seasoned photographers in the field.

Outdoor Photographer offers several membership tiers ranging from free online articles available on their site to VIP access to all of their photography contests and exclusive sessions with editors and columnists.

Outdoor Photographer magazine cover

11. B&W

Format: Print

Frequency: Bimonthly

B&W is not a mass-market photography magazine for the general public, but a fine art photography publication for collectors. This distinction affects both the type of content offered and the means by which it’s provided. Rather than tips and how-tos, B&W covers topics such as what it’s like to be a documentary photographer and ways to fuel your photography inspiration.

Unlike most photography magazines, B&W is only available in print. However, you can request a free trial and get a copy of the publication at no cost in order to decide whether or not you are interested in a subscription.

B&W fine art photography magazine

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Weekly

First published in 1884, Amateur Photographer is one of the longest running photography magazines in the market. Despite its name, the publication includes much more than photography tips for beginners. Its weekly issues are aimed to educate novice photographers in a wide selection of topics ranging from news and gear reviews to opinions and how-to’s.

Amateur Photographer has a large number of articles available for free on their site, as well as a photography forum you can use to connect with like-minded creatives and put your photography networking skills to work.

Amateur Photographer beginner photography magazines

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Monthly

Before you ask, yes, you can highly benefit from reading Digital SLR Photography even if you use other types of cameras. This photography magazine caters to amateurs and beginners, sharing tips on how to make the most of kit gear as well as budget-friendly equipment reviews. Furthermore, readers can submit their best photos for a chance to be featured in the magazine and potentially receive a professional portfolio critique.

While the Digital SLR Photography magazine is available in both print and digital form, they’re both accessible through the same subscription. However, its website offers numerous articles with a broad selection of topics you can read for free.

Digital SLR Photography magazine cover

Format: Digital

Frequency: Monthly

Shilvershotz is an online interactive photography magazine featuring curated showcases, themed and technical articles, interviews, and photography book reviews. The publication is connected with Facebook, encouraging readers to share their favorite works and vote for the best portfolios of the year.

The publication was established in 1998, but until 2004 it was a film photography journal called Black & White Enthusiast. Shilvershotz was available in print for a decade, but moved to a digital-only version in 2014. Once a year, they publish a physical book featuring a curated selection of the best portfolios showcased in the magazine.

Silvershotz digital photography magazine

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Monthly

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional photographer, you’re bound to enjoy the content Digital Photographer provides. Written by industry experts, this photography magazine offers tips and in-depth guides covering several genres such as astrophotography, landscapes, black and white images, and wildlife photography.

Digital Photographer’s “Behind the scenes” section allows readers to immerse themselves in professional photoshoots and receive actionable tips and advice from seasoned experts in their fields.

Digital Photographer magazine

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Seasonal

Aimed at both beginners and professionals alike, Better Photography is a high-quality 100-page magazine published four times a year. Covering both digital and film techniques, the magazine touches upon topics such as portfolio reviews, interviews, techniques, equipment, and photo editing programs like Lightroom and Photoshop.

Better Photography offers a free digital issue for readers to browse before deciding whether they want to subscribe to the publication. Furthermore, by subscribing to the digital version of this photography magazine, you’ll be granted access to every issue published over the last decade (since Autumn 2009).

Better Photography magazine

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: 13 issues per year

Also known as Digital Camera World, this photography magazine’s content primarily revolves around how-to’s and gear reviews. This makes it a great choice for amateurs as well as professionals interested in learning more about the latest equipment.

On their website, Digital Camera shares daily articles mostly focused on news and gear. This free content also includes lighter topics such as downloadable presets and recommendations of photography movies.

Digital Camera photography magazine

18. Foam

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Quarterly

Published by Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Foam magazine covers several genres and photography styles through interviews, portfolio reviews, articles, and reader showcases. Once a year, Foam holds a photography contest for young photographers all over the world.

Foam has received numerous awards for the quality of both its content and its graphic design. Much like the prestigious Met Gala, this high-end photography magazine builds each issue around a specific theme. Examples of previous copies of the publication include Play!, Stories, Peeping, Water, Self, Adorned, and Talent.

Foam photography magazine

Format: Print and digital

Frequency: Bimonthly

Black and White Minimalism celebrates the work of minimalist artists who use as few elements as possible to convey their concepts. This includes creatives in the fields of fine art, documentary, landscape, portrait photography, and more.

In addition to beautiful imagery, this publication also includes in-depth interviews and advice from professional photographers in the field. The digital version of this photography magazine can be read online for free starting two months after its original publication. Printed issues can be ordered individually on Black and White Minimalism’s website.

Black and White Minimalism cover

Format: Online

Frequency: Weekly

Made especially for beginners looking to improve their technical skills and learn more about gear and camera settings, Digital Photo focuses on tutorials and equipment reviews. The publication also holds periodical contests and has a series of themed columns.

Digital Photo is owned by the same publishing house as Digital Photo Pro and Outdoor Photographer. Once available in digital and print form, this photography magazine was recently turned into a weekly newsletter.

Digital Photo online photography magazine

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