12 Maternity and Newborn Photographers with Stunning Websites

You’ve been waiting for this moment with the utmost expectation. You’ve spent time and love on preparing every possible detail. And when it’s finally live, you’re just so proud that you want everyone to admire it. A newborn? No, your photography website. The only difference is that this last one won’t take nine months to finally show off. Thanks to today’s advanced tools, you can easily create your online portfolio – with no previous knowledge in design or in coding.

These 15 amazing maternity and newborn photographers will give you the happiest boost of inspiration. Just like them, you can set up your account on Wix in a second, pick one of the stunning templates offered, and display your own photos thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop technology. Then, with the help of some genius apps (from online bookings, to social media and SEO), you can transform your portfolio into a powerful personal assistant for your photography business. Finally, personalize every piece of design you wish, in order to get a result that truly bears your unique creative DNA.

Congratulations! Your maternity and baby photography website is born. Send us the announcement (with the link) in the comments – we can’t wait to see your beautiful creations.

Victoria Kuzilova

Victoria went for a long scrolling page, which means a single page that visitors have to scroll to make the content appear. With the growth of mobile use, it has become a top web design trend over the last years – and it’s a great way to tell your story in a quick and efficient way.

Tali Dovrat

For sure, Tali is the kind of professional to pay attention to every single detail. Example? The handwritten style fonts that she uses for her personalized photography logo and the buttons of her menu. It gives her design an intimate touch that promotes trust and confidence - crucial for any maternity and newborn photographer.

Beatriz Arronte

Today, no business can succeed online without the help of social media. Most of your initial clients will be your 2.0 “friends” - or the “friends” of your “friends”. Beatriz anchored her Facebook and Instagram icons on the left side of the site, to make sure that following her is always just one simple click away.

M’ Photography East London

Like Melodie, you probably have several tricks up your photographer’s sleeve. If you happen to shoot future mums, and babies, and children - and other types of portraits -, you’ll want your visitors to easily find the service that fits them. The best procedure? Creating one distinct gallery, for each type of photo shoot that you offer.

Stephanie Crank

Before landing on the homepage of this stunning newborn photography website, visitors are welcomed by a discreet lightbox. It invites them to subscribe to Stephanie’s mailing list, in order to receive her latest news, photos and promotions. A good online promotion practice to build a database of happy visitors - and potential clients!

Andrea Brooke

To lighten her stunning galleries, Andrea added short and inspiring texts about maternity and babies. This way, words and images go hand in hand, and there is no happier couple in the world.

Pearl & Plum

Warning: Severe cuteness ahead! This Glasgow-based photography studio welcomes you with a diaporama of kids fooling around. It naturally creates movement, which is one of the 7 principles of design that artists have been using for centuries - something that you should apply to your photo portfolio now!

Leslie Nicole

Leslie knows that to gain the trust of her clients, she needs to expose a bit of herself. This is why she wrote an inspiring example of a photographer “About Me” page, with a clear description and some headshots. Cherry on the (birth) cake? The badge of “Best Newborn Photographer in Santa Rosa 2017” displayed on top of her homepage shows her excellent credibility.

Wilton Prata

Let the photos speak for themselves! The homepage of this maternity and newborn photography website is made of one stunning and responsive Wix Pro Gallery layout. The pictures displayed are very colourful, reflecting the joy, love and exaltation of these special moments in life.

Marjorie Sciarrino

Like a true professional, Marjorie added every possible piece of info to her website to ensure her clients make the right decision. For every service (maternity, newborn, etc.), she dedicated an entire section explaining the “when”, the “where” and the “how” of the photo shoot. A great way to boost trust and conversion!

Jess Bright

Being a professional newborn and maternity photographer, your goal is to get more bookings. One of the best free tools to promote your photo business online is to write a blog. Jess has an exemplary one, that she regularly fills with her latest photo shoots. This way, she keeps her website updated (can you say SEO boost?!), and her clients proud and happy!

Noelle Mirabella

One of the most beautiful newborn and baby photographer websites we’ve seen this year! Noelle Mirabella creates magical and breathtaking toddler images that have already been displayed in the most prestigious outlets, both offline and online. Thanks to the personalization of every single detail (from the social logos to the contact page), her portfolio originates the exact same fairy-like atmosphere.

Ready to show your stunning photos to the world? Create a free photography website with Wix!

By Jonathan Sitbon

Editor-in-Chief of the Wix Blogs

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