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Showcase: 10 websites that use icons just right

Showcase: Incerdible Use of icons in Web Design

Icons, not to be confused with emoticons, are an exciting part of every web designer’s work. It’s pretty incredible how much power these little visuals, or vector art, have in determining the look and feel of an entire website. Website icons don’t only contribute to the style, they also help the user to quickly browse through a page and get a better idea of the options, categories and services that the site has to offer.

With this ability to optimize both the site’s web design and utility, no wonder that icons are such an important tool for web designers. But rarely do icons get the appreciation that they deserve. In fact, if they’re doing their job right, most people who view them won’t even notice them since they blend in so seamlessly with the page.

That’s why we decided to collect and display a list of websites that do inspiring work with icons. The talents who designed these sites did a wonderful job integrating icons into their work in a creative, functional and aesthetic way, and we commend them for it!

Brown Owl Creative



Washu Washu Design


Jessica Bloor


Neighborhood Press

Oil City Rollers

Rule Network

Whether you're looking to add icons to your site or find the perfect favicon for your brand, start by taking a look at these 20 best free icon packs. For further inspiration, here is some guidance on how to use Wix icons on your website.

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