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How to get in touch with Wix customer support

How to get in touch with Wix customer support

No matter how smart or capable you are, you may hit a moment in your Wix experience when you feel like you could use a helping hand. 

But don’t worry—whether you need help figuring out how to make a website, start a business or navigate your Wix account, your answer is just a click away. So how do you reach us in times of need? To make sure that we don’t miss any of your questions and feedback, here are the best ways to get the support you need from one of our Customer Care Experts.

Still not on Wix but ready to join the club? Create a Wix account today. 

Wix's online Help Center

Available to: all Wix users


Wix’s online Help Center is a self-service platform for any and all questions you may have. Our Help Center is packed with useful how-tos and detailed Wix tutorials, including video walk-throughs, to guide you through every aspect of our platform when you need it.

To use the Wix Help Center, just type your query in the search box of the Help Center homepage. You’ll receive a list of relevant results. If you see the one that matches your question, go ahead and click on it. If you don’t see any that match your query, click on the text that reads “Show all results.” 

Remember: The Help Center is the quickest way for you to get answers to your questions and expand your knowledge about our platform. From here, you can also access the Product Roadmap and vote for any requested features.  

Tip: Keep your search queries as short and focused as possible. For instance, use “adding photos” rather than “I tried to add a photo.”


Live chat

Available to: all Wix users 

Live chat is available in certain languages throughout the week. This is usually the quickest, most convenient way to get in touch with our support team. To access chat support, log into your Wix account from a computer. From there, either go to our contact page or click “Help” at the top of your site dashboard.

You can enter your question directly into the search bar. Talk with the WixBot, which will ask some follow-up questions to get you the support you need. WixBot may suggest helpful support articles—but if these don’t answer your question, then you can request to chat with a human expert for most topics. 

Answer the prompts that will help connect you with the right experts. When given the option, click “Start a live chat.”  

Wix customer support live chat hours

Callback support

Available to: all Wix users (priority customer care reserved for Business Elite plan holders)

Wix Customer Care Experts offer 24/7 live support in English for all issues, including those regarding: 

  • Billing

  • Charges and subscriptions

  • Domains

  • Mailboxes

  • Editor and live sites

  • Account and settings

To request a callback, log in to your Wix account from a computer, visit our Contact page or click “Help” at the top of your site dashboard. Describe your issue. As mentioned earlier, you might find an answer with the help of our friendly chatbot, or you can request a callback for most topics. 

Wix currently offers phone service in the following languages. 

Wix customer support callback hours

Did you request a call but no one called back? Even an excellent system has its hiccups. While Wix Customer Care maintains a near-perfect response rate, we are human and we are capable of making mistakes. If that’s the case and we missed our chance to call you, please submit a ticket at A Customer Care Expert will look into your complaint and make sure you are contacted at your earliest convenience.

Wix Services Status page

Available to: all Wix users

The Services Status Page is the go-to place to check for any service disruptions or report any issues with Wix. You can see a log of issues from the past 90 days and check if anyone else has reported the same issue you’re experiencing. 

The Status page is updated in real time, so if you notice anything wrong with any of Wix features (including your dashboard, your site editor, business apps, analytics, etc.), check here first. 

Dedicated customer success manager

Available to: Enterprise account holders 

Wix enterprise services include 24/7 white-glove service. So, if you have a technical question, have a business-related question—or even need help migrating to Wix from another platform—our dedicated success manager is just one phone call away. 

Your success manager’s sole job is to understand your business and optimize Wix for your unique needs. You can reach your success manager via calendar, email or chat—whatever floats your boat. 

Learn more about Wix’s enterprise solution or talk to an enterprise expert today. 

Our commitment to you

We have over 263 million users worldwide and we work hard to do our very best for each client. We’re constantly thinking of ways to extend and add value to our customer care by lending an ear and putting the feedback we get from you into action. 

Our team of Wix Customer Care Experts is here to help users at every point of their Wix journey. They can assist with everything from addressing immediate technical problems to offering design tips or business management advice. 

In addition to this, you can hire a professional from the Wix Marketplace to help you manage your more personal website needs, including design, development, marketing and administrative tasks.

Editor’s note: All hours and information are current as of June 19, 2024.

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