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55 best LLC name ideas for your eCommerce business

guide to picking an LLC name

In 2022, eCommerce revenue topped $1 trillion for the first time—and experts predict that sales will only continue to increase in the upcoming year. This means that if you've been thinking about how to start an eCommerce business, you've picked a great time.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to register your business as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Step one is picking a business name. However, choosing a great LLC name can be overwhelming. With so many naming options and companies offering advice, it’s normal if you’re at a loss of where to start.

In this guide, we’ll cover the top factors to take into consideration when picking an LLC name, as well as examples of clever (and thoughtful) names.

4 characteristics of a good LLC name

A catchy name will only get you so far. On the contrary, your LLC name should reflect your brand's core values, offerings, and vision.

You’ll want to think about these four aspects while brainstorming your LLC name:

01. Memorability

The best eCommerce brands have easy-to-recall names. A memorable LLC brand name is generally short and improves the chance of people associating your brand with your best products.

This is why big tech brands like Hewlett-Packard and International Business Machines shortened their names to abbreviations (HP and IBM, respectively).

While there's no exact science to it, try to keep your brand name to three syllables or less.

02. Uniqueness

To stand out from a crowded marketplace, your LLC name needs to be distinct. Not only will customers recall your brand easier, but your brand may potentially rank better in search engines by avoiding competition with similar-sounding brands.

Moreover, you’ll want to check that your LLC is available and avoids trademark infringement. Check with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to ensure that your LLC name is free to use.

03. Relevance

For starters, your LLC name (aka your “business name” or “legal name”) needs to contain the word “LLC” in it.

Special note: Your LLC name can be different from your trade name. Your trade name is customer-facing and used for advertising or marketing purposes. It could be the same as your LLC, just without the “LLC.” Or, it could look very different. In either case, you’ll most likely need to file for a DBA and register your trade name. The rules around DBAs vary from state to state and county to county, so make sure you study how DBAs work.

Your LLC name should ideally relate to what your company does or reflect the types of products you sell. In fact, this is how some of the biggest tech names got their start.

Google initially conducted business under the name “Backrub”, a term that related to the search engine’s original purpose of analyzing backlinks. Meanwhile, Apple was known as “Apple Computer Company” because Steve Jobs was on a fruitarian diet at the time, and “Computer Company” helped to convey the general nature of their LLC.

Including a relevant descriptor in your LLC name, especially when you’re just starting out, helps customers understand what types of services you offer right off the bat. Then, when you become much bigger and more renowned, you can consider changing the name to something quirkier or more creative.

04. Brandability

While relevance makes your brand name easy to identify, brandability refers to the practice of ensuring that your name is meaningful to your brand. LLC names that have strong brandability usually relate to something personal to the founder.

Take BAXTER & Bella as an example. This company is named after the founder’s two dogs. As a professional dog trainer, Amy Jensen uses her platform to share dog training techniques and sell products that assist with at-home training.

Baxter and Bella's products page

In the same vein, you’ll want to try incorporating something that is close to your heart and/or your product into your LLC name. Include a reference to the inspiration behind your brand (like BAXTER & Bella) or describe the feelings you want to evoke with your products (such as Something Good Studios), as examples.

Homepage for Something Good Studios

Creative ideas for LLC names

We've gone over some key things to keep in mind when coming up with the best LLC name for your store, but you might still be left with a blank canvas at this point.

To help you arrive at an LLC name, try these approaches.

Experiment with wordplay

Some of the best brand names are a simple play on words. For example, Handy Industries is an Iowa-based company that sells motorcycle lifts. It’s a simple play on words on their products being “handy” to have, and also communicates that they’re always willing to lend a hand.

Handy Industries' homepage

Puns work well because they put a smile on people's faces when done well. They don’t have to be overelaborate or deep, either. Kandy Cocktail, a bartending service, is a simple play on Candy, and describes how fun it is to create your own cocktails.

While puns and wordplay makes it much easier to remember, don’t feel like you have to force it.

Kandy Cocktail event page

Incorporate industry-specific terminology

If your eCommerce store or online business idea is in a specific niche, including specific terms that your target audience understands or resonates with can be a smart idea.

Apply alliterations

Alliteration works just as well and is equally sticky. Take The Crafty Couple and Chip City Cookies as examples. Since alliteration relies on pairs or trios, you've got more wiggle room to experiment with them by using descriptors.

Homepages of The Crafty Couple and Chip City Cookies

Use geographical names

If available, including geographical names can be really powerful for local SEO. Customers will associate your store with selling products in their area. But keep in mind that this could also limit your sales if your LLC name is too localized to a single area.

Best LLC name ideas by industry

Sometimes, showing is better than telling. We’ve compiled a list of LLC names for you to draw inspiration from that were generated with Wix's Store Name Generator.

Pet supply

  • Enchanted Pet Supply LLC

  • Joyful Treats LLC

  • Pet Supplyist LLC

  • Happily Ever Pet Supply LLC

  • Pet Supply Capital LLC


  • Speakerful LLC

  • Sound in Color LLC

  • Either Side Electronics LLC

  • Dreams N’ More LLC

  • Electronics Station LLC

Beauty and skincare

  • Limitless Beauty LLC

  • Clean Beauty LLC

  • Beauty Dish LLC

  • Sunrise Skincare LLC

  • Surefire Skin LLC

Home decor and furniture

  • Wall Artful LLC

  • Home Decor Warrior LLC

  • Drawing House LLC

  • Art Dessert LLC

  • Mystical Home Decor LLC

Cleaning products

  • The Purge LLC

  • Wisecleaning LLC

  • Clutch Cleaning LLC

  • Mother Earth Cleaning LLC

  • Kenning Cleans LLC


  • Shape Fashion LLC

  • Fashion in Color LLC

  • Clothing Registry LLC

  • Bubbly Cloth LLC

  • Custom Sew LLC

Vintage clothing

  • The Brace LLC

  • Vintage Capital LLC

  • Simply Vintage LLC

  • Eastside Vintage Clothes LLC

  • New Wine Clothing LLC


  • Interfitness LLC

  • Paleo Fitness LLC

  • Bands and Withstands LLC

  • Bandzone LLC

  • Simply Fitness LLC


  • Toys Side LLC

  • Puzzles Corner LLC

  • Toys Nook LLC

  • Jigsaw Joints LLC

  • Toys & I LLC


  • Food Talent LLC

  • Food Cycle LLC

  • Food Library LLC

  • Food Fire LLC

  • Spice Capital LLC

Halloween decorations

  • Party Store N More LLC

  • Festoons Party LLC

  • Hallo’ DeCo LLC

  • Soulful Decor LLC

  • Frights R Us LLC

4 naming tips for your LLC

As you add more ideas to the drawing board, you should also be aware of the following factors before you register your LLC name. Keeping these in mind to land on a name you’re happy with form the start:

  1. Research your competition - This is not just limited to researching business name ideas. In all things entrepreneurship, you should check out the landscape of what your current competition looks like and how they've positioned themselves through their LLC name. If they've got some solid picks, you could consider thinking out of the box to carve your own niche in the space.

  2. Consider your target audience - To know what your customers are looking for, you need to spend time with them. Hang out on the social media platforms that your customers often use to talk about your industry, whether that’s in Facebook groups or on specific subreddits. Once you gather enough information, you can create buyer personas; a core part of any eCommerce marketing strategy.

  3. Avoid names that are too similar to existing brands - When customers look for a solution to their problems, they usually turn to search engines. You want your brand to appear in the first few search results so that customers will consider buying your products over your competitors. Having a distinct name from other brands will make it easier in terms of SEO to rank higher in search engines.

  4. Check domain availability and trademarks - Before filing your LLC name as a legal entity, you should research if another company is using the same or similar name. Run a state business check to see if your LLC name is available. You can also run a check with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Make sure you check that your store name is available to register as a domain, as well as social media accounts. If the domain isn't available, you can get creative or use abbreviations.

There’s power in a name

Starting your entrepreneurial journey on the right foot begins with picking the best name for your store. With the tips we outlined, we hope you have the tools to choose the most meaningful and unique LLC name for your brand.

Make sure you do your due diligence on existing trademarks so you don't have to deal with legal action or potential conflicts over the name. With enough research, you’ll find a future-proof LLC name that customers will remember for the right reasons.

Allison Lee

Allison Lee

Editor-in-Chief, Wix

Allison is the editor-in-chief at Wix, with several years of experience reporting on eCommerce news, strategies, and founder stories.

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