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Wix Stores: 2019 Features and Product Releases

Wix Stores: 2019 Features and Product Releases

The roaring 20s have arrived yet again, along with limitless opportunities for your online store. Your feedback and feature requests brought a new wave of professional eCommerce tools.

Here’s a quick look at all the new capabilities from Wix Stores:


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Storefront and Catalog

Revamp your storefront—galleries, product descriptions and catalog management.

  • Related products gallery: Increase sales by showing customers related products on each page.

  • Rich-text product descriptions: Use font colors and highlights to fully customize the look of your product descriptions.

  • Advanced mobile storefront: Get more design options, let customers filter and sort products and offer a better mobile checkout experience.

  • Import and export products: Quickly add your entire product catalog, or make bulk updates, to your online store with a CSV file.

  • Advanced SEO settings: Create advanced SEO patterns to quickly optimize your online store’s product pages.

  • Multilingual: Open your online store to international sales. Instantly translate your site pages into over 80 languages.

Custom Shopping Cart

Give your customers the best shopping and checkout experience.

  • “Add to Cart” settings: Choose what happens when customers add a product to their cart: open minicart, go to the cart page or stay on the product page.

  • Quick “Add to Cart”: Let shoppers add a product directly from your product gallery and continue shopping.

  • Add custom fields: Collect more info from your customers at checkout, like their VAT ID numbers.

  • “Continue Shopping” settings: Increase order totals with a “Continue Shopping” button on your cart and post-checkout “Thank You” page.

To get to your cart settings: From the Editor > Pages > Store Pages > Cart > Select Cart > Settings

Tax and Finances

Get automated sales tax calculation at checkout and manage your finances from one dashboard.

  • Automated taxes: Connect with Avalara for the most up-to-date tax rates in the U.S., Europe and worldwide.

  • Tax groups: Create tax groups for products that are taxed differently, or define products that are tax exempt.

  • QuickBooks: Sync your Wix site to QuickBooks and manage your store’s finances from one place.

Multichannel Sales

Showcase your products on social media and direct shoppers to your online store.

  • Facebook Shop: Connect to your Facebook business page and automatically sync your catalog, inventory and sales. Customers can browse products on your Facebook Shop then click through to complete checkout on your site.

  • Instagram: Integrate your Instagram account with Facebook Shop. Then, tag products to create shoppable posts. Potential shoppers can tap your photos for more info and buy from your store.

Wix Stores eCommerce platform banner.

Marketing Tools

Follow up with customers that left items in their carts and recover up to 11% of your sales.

  • Facebook Ads by Wix: Boost sales with a paid ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Wix AI continually optimizes your audience to maximize performance.

  • Video Maker: Quickly create professional videos to showcase your store and products for your site and social media.

  • Abandoned cart automations: Create and customize your own abandoned cart emails to encourage customers to complete their purchase.

  • Abandoned cart activity: Track the status of abandoned carts and see how your automations perform.

Order Management and Shipping

Manage, ship and track all your online store orders from one dashboard.

  • Print shipping labels: Connect to 3rd party shipping platforms and automatically update your tracking number and package status.

  • Split orders: Split orders into multiple shipments with separate tracking numbers.

  • New orders page: Group orders by fulfillment and simplify the way you manage your order.

  • Cancel and refund orders: Cancel or refund all or part of your customer’s order. Update your inventory and notify your customers.

  • Packing slips: Print a list of all products included in a shipment. You can even use this list to verify items in a package before sealing and shipping it.

Sales Analytics

Fully understand how your online store performs with specific insights, from site traffic to sales and more. Review your site traffic, revenue over time, top products and conversion funnel, most loyal customers, best email campaigns, and more to better focus your marketing efforts.

Wix Mobile App

Stay on top of your business 24/7 with the Wix Owner app.

  • App storefront: Let members buy products and view their order history right from the app.

  • Community invites: Allow customers to invite friends to your online store via the app.

  • Split fulfillment: Assign distinct tracking numbers to groups of products in an order.

  • Duplicate products: Add a new item that’s similar to an existing product. Duplicate the product details and adjust as you want.

  • Tablet support: Use the Wix mobile app on your tablet while working in your warehouse or on the go. With a larger screen, you can view more of your dashboard at once.

Here’s to a new year of features, shoppers and sales when you create a website with an online store builder. Happy 2020 from our team to yours!

Tamar Nevo

Head of Product, Wix eCommerce

Tamar has spent over a decade in product leadership with dynamic B2C companies, and is an established innovator in the field of eCommerce. As the head of product for Wix eCommerce, Tamar builds the tools that enable over 700k online stores worldwide.

Wix Stores eCommerce platform banner.

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