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Wix Users Showing Us How to Do eCommerce Right

Wix Users Showing Us How to Do eCommerce Right

eCommerce is an exciting but challenging field. Small business owners who decide to make an online store soon realize that while selling online has a lot of benefits, it also comes with a unique set of difficulties: How do you design a “Call to Action” button that increases sales? How do you convince clients to make a purchase without the benefit of face-to-face communication? How do you turn one-time shoppers into returning clients? How do you advertise your online store and get more traffic?

Our goal at Wix is to offer a platform that minimizes the difficulties and maximize the benefits of creating an online stores. Our eCommerce templates are designed to support our users in creating powerful and successful stores, and there’s nothing that gives us greater satisfaction than seeing this goal materializing on real sites created by Wix users! Of course, a website builder can only achieve so much. Without the ingenuity, innovation and commitment of store owners, we’d have no reason to create website templates to begin with.

Wix users all over the world are rocking eCommerce with gorgeous online stores that turn a profit. Today we are giving a serious shout out to a handful of these users. Let’s see what makes their stores so darn good.

Ever Yours Handmade Shoes

This online store has “style” written all over it. One thing that we love about it is the unique branding of each and every product. Each shoe design even comes with it’s own name like: Grace, Eva or Sophia. This type of attention to details is important when selling original handmade designs.

Ever Yours women's shoes website.

AR Learning Chinese

The difficulty of learning a new language can be very discouraging. AR Learning Chinese deal with this issue brilliantly by giving their entire eLearning platform a fun, playful look. The design fits perfectly both for the end-user group of children, but also for the parents who do the actual shopping.

AR Learning Chinese website.

The photos used on this store’s homepage are a sure win. They immediately steal the visitors’ attention and invite shoppers to envision themselves trying the Darzi vests on. In terms of sales, it’s extremely effective to help potential clients visualize your products in their own lives, and the Darzi folks do it wonderfully.

A really smart move that this online store implemented is uploading multiple images of each product, compensating as much as possible for the inability to examine them by hand and with a close inspection. This is not only useful in helping customers make an informed purchase, but also a big step in establishing trust.

Fasce e Marsupi mother and baby website.

Flow Pow Florists

What a beautiful online flower store! And you know what makes it stand out so nicely (other than the gorgeous flowers, of course)? The owners of the store very cleverly used photos with different backgrounds, different settings and different lighting styles. This creates a dynamic sense of diversity and allows each flower arrangement to really shine through.

Flow Pow bouquet website.

It’s all about the jewelry designs here, as it should be. They are just so unique and captivating that distracting the viewers away from them will be a mistake. That’s why the homepage is so low on text but so rich in images, and that’s why designer Alex Ozers chose to position his “About” page last, letting his works do the talking.

From the Reliquary jewelry website.

From the Ground Up Skin Care

To promote their nature-based products, this online store is consistent in its branding message: it’s all about natural beauty and health. We love how the visuals, the color scheme and the logo are all dedicated to establishing this atmosphere.

Ground Up health and beauty website.

Kingdom Culture Apparel Store

Urban, young and in-your-face. That’s how Kingdom Culture presents itself, and that is exactly what their online store is communicating as well. On each product page you will find icons that invite the shoppers to share the finds on Pinterest, Facebook and other platforms – a great tool for social marketing.

Kingdom Culture eCommerce website.

Omiyage Japanese Goods

There’s so much we love about this shop and how it brilliantly highlights its Japanese identity in the branding; but if we had to choose one thing to point out it would have to be the video gallery. These videos embed the products within a culture, show their origin, their use and their functionality. Sure, this shop could have settled for basic two-dimensional photos, but the videos go the extra mile to give each product life.

Omiyage Shop website selling bento boxes.

Claudette’s Charms

“Making the World a More Charming Place” is this site’s tagline, and Claudette’s really do deliver the goods with the charming design of this online store. The designs sold here are benefiting greatly from the layout design. The tranquil color scheme of the site accentuate the vivid colors of the jewelry works. Adding a separate page for products on sale is also a smart marketing move.

Claudette's Charms jewelry website.

Geraldine Feehily

Geraldine Feehily

Marketing Writer, Wix eCommerce

Geraldine is a marketing writer for Wix eCommerce. She uses her broad experience in journalism, publishing, public relations and marketing to create compelling content and loves hearing user success stories.

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