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Which eCommerce Solution Should You Use? 5 Best Options

Which ecommerce solution should you use?

Get out the red ribbon and scissors–it’s time for your grand opening! In today’s world of online shopping, virtually anyone can sell online, even if you have just one product you want to peddle. And since Wix makes it super easy to set up an free eCommerce website, you don’t need to be an internet guru either.

Launching an eCommerce business offers a fantastic opportunity to generate sales 24 hours a day, from customers around the world. Wix offers a variety of options for selling online–all of which require no heat, water, or rent be paid. To help you find the best solution for your specific needs, we’ve reviewed the top 5 eCommerce solutions below.

Peruse, choose and then get to the fun part: starting your online store!

Wix eCommerce

Want a gorgeous online store, but don’t have endless time and energy to waste setting it up? Wix eCommerce just might be the answer to your prayers. Whether you’re selling 5 objects or 5,000 – the Wix eCommerce manager will help you stay organized. You can easily update your products, manage your inventory, hold sales, offer coupons, set shipping rates and more.

To entice shoppers the moment they arrive on your site, you can feature sale items or best selling products right on your home page. This way when people click on the product image, they go straight to purchase. Wix Stores also offers secure checkout and several payment options.

Ready to set up shop and sell on Wix? Learn how to build an eCommerce website and how much an eCommerce website costs. Start browsing our eCommerce website templates to find some inspiration or create your own design from scratch. A free online store that matches the look and feel of your site will be sure to reel in that target market of yours. Did we mention the best part? Wix Stores is 100% commission free!

Wix Stores outdoor website example.

Did you know that you can sell more than just physical products online? With the ECWID Online Store app, you can sell digital files like music and pdf images, making it a smart choice for musicians, photographers, digital artists, online tutors and more! Oh, and they don’t even charge transaction fees.

Online Store by ECWID has some other bonus features up their sleeve that we think are pretty sweet. They have a shipping calculator that integrates directly with FedEx, USPS and UPS and you can let your users create wish lists of their favorite products in your store. Plus, Online Store by ECWID lets you set up a custom version of your store for Facebook, so you can flaunt what you’ve got on sale both on your website and on your favorite social media platform.

Online t-shirt store website example.

It turns out, you don’t need to set up an entire online store to sell just a few products. If you’re looking for a no-frills solution, check out the eCommerce app POWr. It lets you keep it simple and sell just a few products through your website and the app works for both physical and digital products. It’s a great option if you have a killer product to sell like your new e-book or even tutoring sessions that come in single, monthly or annual packages.

Wix Stores online clothing store.

eBay eCommerce

Why rely on your eBay store alone, when you can boost your exposure by promoting your eBay auctions right on your very own website? The eBay eCommerce app, created by the winners of the 2014 Wix Hackathon, lets you invite website visitors to peruse your eBay offerings straight from your site. And it looks pretty darn sexy, if we do say so ourselves.

The real selling point? Using this app means you keep customers on your website while they buy, making it more likely that they will continue to buy from your store rather than starting to explore other auctions on eBay. With the eBay app, the entire process from login to bid to buy takes place right on your web page.

eBay store website example.

Etsy Shop

Etsy is an international marketplace where any artist can sell handmade and custom-designed works of art. The website has helped millions of artists gain exposure and sell their crafts around the world. When you sell on Etsy, however, you don’t have full control over how your e-shop looks and what information you can include. Wix made the Etsy app so artists can integrate their Etsy store straight onto their Wix site–where you can decide the look and feel of your store and include any information you want. Details about your works of art, the story behind your biz and more, you get to decide.

Bottom line: creating a website featuring your Etsy store can help you gain exposure and increase your sales. The app is easy to set up and you can sell as many products as you want. Plus, you can keep visitors on your website, even while they shop at your Etsy boutique.

Wix Stores with Etsy Shop website example.

Brielle Gordon

Brielle Gordon

Marketing Writer, Wix eCommerce

Brielle is a Colorado native with a passion for innovation and helping to mobilize entrepreneurs. Brielle is a marketing writer for Wix eCommerce, which powers over 700k online stores worldwide.

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