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8 Tools to Sell Your Goods & Services Online

8 Tools to Sell Your Goods & Services Online

Online shopping has turned the retail market on it’s head. If you’re one of the millions of people who prefer shopping in the comfort of your home instead of bracing packed mall crowds, you’re not alone. In 2013, Amazon pulled in 37 million sales during Cyber Monday – that’s 426 items bought every second on one website – for one day only! Simply put, eCommerce has changed the way we shop and sell goods and services.

So what makes a successful online store? More than any other business, online retailers have the added pressure of earning the trust of their customers. A great online store creates a virtual shopping experience that leaves customers feeling confident. Because online shopping doesn’t have the instant gratification of leaving with purchase in hand, your customers really are taking a leap of faith that what they’ve purchased from your eStore will leave them elated when their package arrives. Read on to learn how you can set the stage for an outstanding online shopping experience.

Brick and mortar store vs. online storefront.

Designing Your Digital Shop

There are several ways that you can earn the trust of your online shoppers. Just like a favorite boutique takes every effort to create a unique ambience in their store, you can dress up your eStore to give it your own unique look and feel. Start by finding a favorite eCommerce template that captures your store’s vibe. Once you’ve got your look down pat, upload your products and start selling stat! Wix’s eCommerce package already comes equipped with necessities like shopping carts, inventory management, and easy payment options, but we’ve got a slew of hand-picked Apps so you can further customize your online store.

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Downloads to Dollars

Few industries have felt the sting of the progression of eCommerce more than the entertainment professionals. Gone are the days where crowds would form outside of record stores in anticipation of a hot new release; these days music lovers are more likely to flock to iTunes for their entertainment fix.

Wix music website selling downloads.

This industry game changer has meant that any artist looking to profit from their craft needs to be ready to sell their art in digital form. With this in mind, the Wix App Market has carefully selected tools to make selling songs, videos and even eBooks a breeze. Take the Sell Downloads by Sellfy app for example. This seamless add-on to your site is capable of selling anything from ebooks, to videos to even your own digital web designs.

Selling Services Online

If your business is based on your know-how, one of the smartest ways to cover your costs and keep your schedule full is to book sessions for your service online. Whether you run a yoga class or are taking appointments for your nutrition clinic, you can save yourself from scheduling mishaps by adding an appointment booking App to your site. Tools like Wix Bookings sync directly with your calendar to keep track of all of your time slots. Plus, the easy online payment options ensure greater commitment on your costumer’s end, meaning less cancellations and better time management for everyone.

Just like you’d sell appointments or classes on your website, you can also book tickets for upcoming events with Wix Events. With Wix Events, you can easily sell and keep track of tickets for your next big gala, concert or must-see event so that you can start counting heads and dollars long before doors open.

One of the biggest trends in the last 10 years has been the surge of hospitality based sites on the internet. Household names like Trip Advisor have totally changed the way we book and plan vacations. Unfortunately, the trends in virtual vacation booking has left many in the hotel and hospitality industry paying hefty fees just for the ‘privilege’ of posting their place on third party sites. Thankfully, savvy business owners can take advantage of Wix Hotels and create dedicated website for their getaway spots on their own terms.

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Tamar Nevo

Head of Product, Wix eCommerce

Tamar has spent over a decade in product leadership with dynamic B2C companies, and is an established innovator in the field of eCommerce. As the head of product for Wix eCommerce, Tamar builds the tools that enable over 700k online stores worldwide.

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