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Clothing brand name ideas to fit your vision

clothing brand name ideas

Starting a clothing business is like embarking on a fashion-forward journey where creativity and style intertwine. However, amidst the design sketches and fabric selections, there's a crucial step that must take center stage—the choice of your business name.

With this in mind, we'll explore why selecting the perfect clothing business name is a vital aspect of starting a business and establishing your brand. We'll dive into how it can influence the way you're perceived in the ever-evolving fashion industry and how it can lay the foundation for your business's future success.

Clothing business name ideas to inspire you

Explore this section for a handpicked collection of clothing brand name ideas, meticulously curated to ignite your creativity and inspire your quest for the perfect moniker for your fashion venture. Whether you're in search of something trendy, timeless, or entirely unique, these suggestions can assist you in finding the ideal name for your clothing business idea that resonates with your style and vision.

Unique clothing brand name ideas

1. VogueVista Couture

2. UrbanUrbane Attire

3. ThreadTreasure Creations

4. VintageVogue Boutique

5. ArtisanAura Apparel

6. BelleBliss Fashions

7. ModMosaic Styles

8. PoshPulse Wardrobe

9. EleganceEra Threads

10. VelvetVine Couture

11. MysticMood Apparel

12. EtherealEssence Wear

13. PrismPalette Styles

14. CoutureCanvas Creations

15. ChicCascade Attire

clothing brand names

Catchy clothing brand name ideas

1. TrendyTrinkets Boutique

2. CoutureCraze Styles

3. StyleSculptor Attire

4. VogueVault Wardrobe

5. Glamorama Creations

6. ChicCharm Threads

7. CoutureCraftery Fashions

8. StyleSynergy Boutique

9. ModMingle Wardrobe

10. BelleBoutique Bliss

11. RunwayRhapsody Attire

12. ChicCatalyst Couture

13. PulsePizzazz Styles

14. ArtisanAllure Fashions

15. VelvetVista Boutique

Funny clothing brand name ideas

1. ThreadTicklers Boutique

2. PunnyPatterns Attire

3. LaughingLabels Styles

4. WhimsiWardrobe Fashions

5. CoutureComics Creations

6. GlamourGiggles Attire

7. ChicChuckles Boutique

8. VogueVines Wardrobe

9. Smiles & Styles Fashions

10. BelleBanter Threads

11. RunwayRascals Attire

12. CoutureComedy Creations

13. LaughLines Styles

14. ArtisanAmuse Fashions

15. VelvetVanity Attire

Professional clothing brand name ideas

1. ProStyle Solutions

2. EliteElegance Attire

3. PrecisionPulse Couture

4. SignatureStyles Wardrobe

5. VogueVanguard Creations

6. UrbaneEssence Fashions

7. EleganceEdge Attire

8. PoshPalette Boutique

9. LuxeLoom Couture

10. CoutureCraftsmen Fashions

11. PrestigePatterns Styles

12. SignatureSuits Wardrobe

13. ProChic Solutions

14. BelleBlazers Couture

15. ChicCraftsmanship Attire

Inspirational clothing brand name ideas

1. InspireStyle Studio

2. EmergeElegance Attire

3. RadiantRaiment Couture

4. EtherealEnsemble Fashions

5. VogueVision Creations

6. BelleBloom Wardrobe

7. FlourishFinesse Attire

8. CoutureCanvas Inspirations

9. EnchantedElegance Styles

10. LuxeLegacy Couture

11. GracefulGarb Wardrobe

12. ReviveRuffles Styles

13. InspiredInfluence Attire

14. PoshPanache Couture

15. ChicChapters Wardrobe

Location-based clothing brand name ideas

1. [City] Chic Couture

2. [City] Elegance Emporium

3. [City] Vogue Vista Fashions

4. [City] Urban Urbane Attire

5. [City] Belle Boulevard Styles

6. [City] Metro Moda Creations

7. [City] Velvet Vine Couture

8. [City] Chic Central Boutique

9. [City] Vogue Vignette Attire

10. [City] Glamour Galaxy Fashions

11. [City] Mod Muse Wardrobe

12. [City] Posh Prism Styles

13. [City] Artisan Alley Couture

14. [City] Couture Corner Wardrobe

15. [City] Belle Boutique Bliss

Looking to start a business in Indiana? Check out these location-inspired business names.

  • New Harmony Vogue Vista Fashions

  • Columbus Chic Couture

  • West Baden Springs Elegance Emporium

location clothing brand name ideas

Timeless clothing brand name ideas

1. TimelessThreads Studio

2. ClassicChic Couture

3. HeritageHues Attire

4. VintageVerve Wardrobe

5. PrestigePulse Styles

6. AntiqueAdorn Couture

7. EnduringElegance Fashions

8. LegacyLoom Wardrobe

9. Time-HonoredHabits Styles

10. PerennialPulse Couture

11. VogueVirtuoso Fashions

12. VintageVista Attire

13. TimelessTrends Studio

14. CoutureClassics Couture

15. EvergreenEnsemble Wardrobe

Clever clothing brand name ideas

1. CoutureCrafters Collective

2. ChicChameleons Attire

3. ThreadThesaurus Styles

4. VogueVirtuosos Fashions

5. BelleBlend Wardrobe

6. StyleSymphony Couture

7. CraftyCouturiers Attire

8. ChicChicane Fashions

9. ModeMosaic Styles

10. ArtfulAdornments Couture

11. BelleBlend Boutique

12. FashionFusion Collective

13. CoutureCraftsmen Styles

14. StyleSculptors Attire

15. ThreadTrends Couture

Modern clothing brand name ideas

1. UrbanUptrend Styles

2. ModaMatrix Couture

3. TrendyTextures Attire

4. VogueVista Collective

5. ChicCircuit Fashions

6. PulsePalette Styles

7. ArtisanAllure Attire

8. ModeMingle Couture

9. BelleBoutique Bliss

10. MetroModernity Styles

11. VelvetVibe Fashions

12. GlamourGrid Collective

13. StyleSpectrum Couture

14. LuxeLoom Attire

15. CoutureCanvas Creations

Classic clothing brand name ideas

1. TimelessTrends Studio

2. ClassicChic Couture

3. HeritageHues Attire

4. VintageVerve Wardrobe

5. PrestigePulse Styles

6. AntiqueAdorn Couture

7. EnduringElegance Fashions

8. LegacyLoom Wardrobe

9. Time-HonoredHabits Styles

10. PerennialPulse Couture

11. VogueVirtuoso Fashions

12. VintageVista Attire

13. TimelessThreads Studio

14. CoutureClassics Couture

15. EvergreenEnsemble Wardrobe

Minimalist clothing brand name ideas

1. CleanCouture Collective

2. PurePulse Attire

3. SimpleStyle Fashions

4. ZenZephyr Couture

5. LogicLine Styles

6. BareBlend Attire

7. NeatNexus Couture

8. ThreadThrive Styles

9. StreamlineStitch Attire

10. MinimalModa Fashions

11. PurePalette Couture

12. ChicCraftsmen Styles

13. EffortlessElegance Attire

14. BasicBlend Collective

15. SleekStyle Couture

Clothing brand real-name examples

Sometimes simple names have the most impact, especially, if like this example, they manage to effectively convey the fun simplicity of your clothing business. This brand sells comfy, casual classics and its name portrays that perfectly.

There’s nothing like a funny, quirky, grab-your-attention business name for your clothing brand. This business specializes in fun, topical designs printed on t-shirts and their name captures this essence so well.

How to choose a creative clothing brand name

In your pursuit of the perfect name for your clothing business, follow these practical steps to discover a name that genuinely mirrors your brand's identity, captures attention and establishes a lasting presence within the fashion industry.

01. Decide on your clothing brand niche

Start by identifying your clothing line's style, target audience and what you plan to offer that’s unique from competitors. Understanding your brand is key to choosing a fitting name that will best represent it and your clothing. For example, if you plan to sell children’s clothes, you’ll need to think about the energy and youthfulness your name will need to convey.

02. Think of important and relevant topics and words

The next step is to create a list of keywords and concepts related to fashion, style and your brand's identity. You might want to consider collaborating with designers or colleagues to generate creative ideas that relate to your clothing business.

"Focus on creating a name that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. Additionally, conducting thorough keyword research can help you identify relevant terms to incorporate into your business name or domain, without sacrificing originality."
Adi Avraham, SEO Growth Specialist at Wix

03. Use a business name generator

Consider using a clothing business name generator to come up with new ideas, either to use or draw inspiration from. Business name generators are a great way to generate unique names, fast.

04. Confirm the availability of your business name

You can do this through online searches, running the name through a domain name registrar and checking with the USPTO. You need to make sure that your proposed name is not in use by anyone else and not registered to another company when you start making your website. Changing a name later can be time-consuming and confusing for your customers.

05. Gather feedback and shortlist name ideas

Then narrow down your list to a few favorite names and share them with fashion-savvy friends or colleagues for feedback. You could run polls or competitions to encourage people to give their feedback. Then it’s time to make a final decision, make sure it’s one you know aligns with your business values and future plans for your clothing brand.

How to create a clothing brand name with AI?

The best way to choose a clothing brand name with AI is to use an AI business name generator. There are several AI business name generators available to use online, including Wix's business name generator. AI business name generators analyze criteria you feed it such as industry, keywords and other business related preferences. It then uses algorithms to generate customized and appealing business names. It's a fast and efficient way to generate lots of potential names, although you'll then need to manually review each one to make sure it works for your business and aligns with your brand.

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Clothing brand names FAQ

Should my clothing business name reflect my clothing line's style?

It's always beneficial if your name aligns with your brand's style but it's not a strict requirement especially if you plan to expand your clothing business style and offerings down the line.

Can I change my clothing business name later if I need to?

Should I choose a trendy or timeless clothing brand name?

What are some luxury clothing brand name ideas?

What are some streetwear clothing brand name ideas?

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